Review: Nitecore T360M

I received the Nitecore T360M from BangGood for the review. Here’s the purchase link

The T360M comes in this simple plastic and carboard box.

The T360M is a small flood light, that can be effectively oriented thanks to the joint that connects the light to the base. The base is big and wide magnet, so the T360 can be attached to metallic surfaces.
The base is big and heavy enough that the light can be kept steadily inclined even when resting on non metallic surfaces.

Everything but the magnet is made of plastic (polycarbonate).

The base is wide and heavy enough to make the light stand even when inclined and resting on non metallic surfaces

The T360M has a micro USB port for charging the integrated battery, and that port has a rubber cover.

The only switch on the light has a rubber cover and can easily be found thanks to the texture of the plastic around it and the grippy feel of the switch cover.

Even with the metallic base the light is small enough to be carried in your pockets. The base can’t be removed without taking the light apart.

Size comparison with a Nitecore Tube and a Fenix UC01.

Keep pressed to turn the light on.
The light turns on at low mode. Press again to switch to medium, again for high, and again for low, in loop.
When the light is off a double click switches to strobe mode, cycling between 1 Hz-2 Hz- 10 Hz (strobe) with a single click.
A long press turns the light off.

When the battery is charging, the battery indicator will be solid red;

When the battery is charged, the battery indicator will be solid green.

The light can function while the battery is charging.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall
I have used the magnetic base to get in the pic the whole beam.
I have also used different camera settings and not the usual ones because this is not a 700-1000 lumen light, but a “dim” 45 lumen light and starting with my usual setting of 1/60 won’t allow you to see pretty much anything.

Don’t get fooled by my camera, it is a CW tint slightly on the blue side.

Output and runtime
Tested both with the integrated battery.

My thoughts
This light is a small, compact working light.
I gave to my father to try for 10 minutes and he started taking it to all the places where he has work to do: under the sink to check some tubing, inside the car to check the level of the cooling liquid, and attaching upside down in the house.
I personally used it to fix some tubing and connection inside the case of my pc.
The various strobe levels available, that go from 2 locators to a full speed strobe, increase the possible uses of this small light (I prefere different strobes-beacon instead of SOS).
The output is reasonable for a light of this size, and I would like to see a better regulation on high mode (at least it doesn’t have any massive stepdown).
This light is so small and compact that an increase in size to accommodate a larger battery, capable of greater runtimes, would be an improvement.
I’d like to see this light also available with a NW tint.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera and the luxmeter.

Thank you, very nice review.