[Review] Nitecore TIKI UV (EDC, 365 nm UV, 4500 Hicri, micro USB)

I received the Nitecore TIKI UV from Nitecore for the Review.

The Nitecore TIKI UV it’s a keychain light with a 1W Luminus SST-10 UV LED with a wavelength of 365nm, and has 2 HICRI 4500K Flood emitters. The TIKI UV is powered by a 130mAh li-ion battery, rechargeable via micro USB. The TIKI UV is rated IP66.

The TIKI UV comes in this box, with a key clasp.

The TIKI UV body is made of translucent PVC, with a black anodized aluminum bezel at the head. On the end of the light there’s a big loop for keychain or lanyards.
The TIKI UV is definitely an atomweight: measuring 10.5 grams and measuring 55 mm in length and with a 14.7 mm head diameter.

The translucent construction allows you to see the inside of the light, including the 130mAh battery inside. The micro USB port is protected by a rubber cover.

The 2 HICRI LEDs are under a portion of plastic with a frozen texture.

The UI

Due to the low output nature of the HICRI emitters, rated for 35 (low) and 70 (high) lumens, I could not measure the output.
Since my luxmeter is calibrated for the visible wavelength of the spectrum, I couldn’t measure the output or the runtime of the UV LED (rated for 180mW at low mode and 1W at hight mode).

Beamshots will have to do.

Output and runtime

My thoughts
Compared to other UV light, the TIKI UV features a solid UV emitter, with only a small violet visible light coming from it (due to the lack of filters), and the amount is so little that it doesn’t bother during use.
The beam of the UV LED, due to the TIR lens, is a big spot that helps focusing the light on a small area.
Regarding the HICRI LEDs, due to the translucent construction of the TIKI UV, the beam is very wide and homogeneous; I believe it’s the perfect beam for the intended purpose (for example illuminating homogeneously a small area), and I don’t mind the flashing mode.
I like the interface, with the double click to turn on the light to avoid accidental activation.

If you like the concept behind the TIKI UV, but you need mostly visible light, there’s the regular TIKI, which has a visible led instead of the UV one, and a UV LED and one HICRI on the body.