Review Nitecore TIKI

The Nitecore TIKI was sent to me directly by Nitecore for the review.
For the purchase:
For the house's technical data:


• Utilizes a primary OSRAM P8 LED with a max output of 300 lumens
• TIKI: Utilizes an auxiliary high CRI white LED (CRI290, Calor Temperature: 4500K) and an auxiliary UV LED (Power: 500mW, Wavelength: 365nm)
TIKI LE: Utilizes an auxiliary red LED and an auxiliary blue LED
• The primary white light utilizes a total reflective optic lens for a uniform and soft beam
• Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
• Built-in Li-ion battery charging circuit with a Micro-USB port
• Advanced Power Cut-Off (APC) technology for an ultralow parasitic drain
• One hand operable interface controls 3 outputs with a single switch
• Head constructed from metallic materials with a superior heat dissipation capability (TIKI: Stainless Steel; TIKI LE: Aluminum Alloy)
• Body constructed from durable PC (VO) materials
• Rating in accordance with IP66
• Impact resistant to 1 meter

Length: 55mm (2.17") Head Diameter: 14.7mm (0.58") Weight: TIKI: 12g (0.42oz) TIKI LE: 10.5g (0.37oz)
Key Clasp


The Nitecore TIKI comes in a blister sealed with the classic Nitecore colors. Inside the package we find the Nitecore TIKI and a small carabiner to attach it, for example, to the key ring.
The manual is only available online. In addition to the main features of the TIKI, the QR Code is available on the back of the blister to go directly to the manual page.

Nitecore TIKI how it's made

This review talks about the Nitecore TIKI, but a twin with the substantially similar TIKI LE name is also produced, having different, in particular, the two auxiliary LEDs on the torch body.

The Nitecore TIKI is a small, light and powerful keychain flashlight built well, with a transparent body in durable PC (VO) material, which uses a primary P8 OSRAM LED with a maximum power of 300 lumens.
The dimensions are really tiny considering the 55mm in length and the 14.7mm in diameter.
In addition to the primary LED we have two auxiliary LEDs, a high CRI white LED (CRI≥90) with a color temperature of 4500K and a UV LED with a power of 500mW and a wavelength of 365nm.
The Nitecore TIKI has an integrated 130mAh lithium-ion battery rechargeable via a Micro-USB connector.
The TIKI has only one button to manage the 4 available levels; it is IP66 classified and is impact resistant up to 1 meter.

The only accessory that we find in the package (besides the TIKI) is a small carabiner to be inserted in the tail of the torch.

On the head the TIKI has a very beautiful stainless steel bezel that helps to dissipate the heat produced by the P8 OSRAM LED which reaches 300 lumens in "HIGH".
Equipped with a TIR lens, the beam of the TIKI is soft and uniform but can also be used at short distances.

On the central body of the TIKI we find, from the top, the rubber button for the management of the UI (user interface). The Nitecore TIKI does not have an electronic lock but the fact that to activate it you need to make two clicks makes it safe from unintentional ignition.
TIKI's neutral white high CRI auxiliary LED is able to reveal the true color of objects suitable, in particular, for short-range lighting such as reading or for camping.
TIKI's auxiliary UV LED (500mW, 365nm) has the ability to excite fluorescence in materials and can be used, for example, as a detector of counterfeit banknotes and false documents or as an insect attractor.
On the TIKI the NITECORE written in legible black is visible on the side.
The button is raised and has an audible click in addition to the right shape to be pressed easily.

To turn on: when the light is off, press the power button twice to access ULTRALOW of the primary white light.
To turn off: when the light is on, long press the power button to turn it off.
When the light is on, briefly press the power button to scroll through "ULTRALOW - LOW - MID - HIGH".
Note: The TIKI will adjust its output to avoid overheating and extend the life span when accessing HIGH for more than 1 minute.
To access the "HIGH" level directly when the light is off, hold down the power button; release to turn it off.
For auxiliary lights, when the light is off, press the power button three times to turn on the UV light.
When the UV light is on, briefly press the power button to switch from Constant White Aux to flashing White Aux to UV. Long press the power button to turn it off.



On the back, on the body of the TIKI, we find the Micro-USB port protected by a rubber flap. Even if small, the door can be easily opened having the final part not recessed.

During the charging process, the blue charging indicator located under the switch lights up constantly. When the battery is fully charged, the charge indicator will be off.
The charging time is approximately 1h and 20min.
The Nitecore TIKI has multiple charging safeguards; Overload protection, over discharge protection and short circuit protection. It is equipped with APC (Advanced Power Cut-Off) technology
that reduces the parasitic drain to just 1 Microampere allowing the TIKI 365 days of standby.


The Nitecore TIKI near other keychain flashlights:


Beam and Runtime

The beam of the small Nitecore TIKI is alluvial in nature with a beautiful white which is not too cold and without particular artifacts. The side lighting is adjacent to the walk level.
PWM is present less than in the high level of 300 lumens.

The runtimes on the high (300 Lm.) and medium (60 Lm.) levels were made in a closed environment at an ambient temperature of about 19 ° C and with the TIKI battery fully charged.

I want to clarify that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.

In the high level after 1 minute there is a sudden drop in brightness which then settles at one third of the maximum brightness for about 30 minutes before resuming the descent.

Let's see the medium level:



The Nitecore TIKI left me a good impression. It is very small and light but it holds well in the hand; i particularly like the materials with which it is built. The TIKI is perfect to always carry with you in your keychain or purse or backpack.
It has 4 main levels with white light and a maximum beam power of 300 lumens. Comfortable the auxiliary UV and High CRI LEDs and practice the Micro-USB charging socket.
I would have added a small clip to the sales package to be able to wear the TIKI, for example, over a cap.
Thanks for reading the review

So does it have noticable pwm in lower modes?

according to these two reviews, yes

The PWM on the lower modes is very bad.

I do not buy lights w PWM
some people dont care

those reviewers did not buy the light,
it was sent to them for free,
in exchange for a review

Yes there is PWM but nothing dramatic. In normal lighting it is not seen.

[quote] The PWM on the lower modes is very bad [/quote]

The author of that article called the PWM "very bad". Is it? The scope captures don't show frequency, but the time scale is 1ms, and the waveform period looks like about 1.9ms.

The frequency would be approx 525hz.

I don’t have any problems with my Tiki.
u cant see the pwm with the naked eye, you only see it on camera.

I will get a second one for sure, maybe even more :sunglasses:

Hi. I received my tiki from Nealsgadget a month and a half ago and after little use I figured out there is problem of my light. If I don’t used it for long time like a week or two, the battery is completely discharged. If someone have the same problem?

After 8 months of edc use on my keychain I have only recharged my first tiki maybe 4 times…
I have the GITD tiki on order now… I hope the battery is the same quality

I think there is problem with standby current consumption and not battery itself. For that I will need to dissamble my tiki and measure current, but stainless steel bezel is glued :frowning:

I would definitely contact Neal. Because I don’t think it’s normal

I have bad experience with him from of beginning of my order. I write email to him 12days ago and didn’t have any answer. Only hope is if he respond me only via FB. Neal have worst CS ever.

Very strange, I always get same day respond via FB messenger.

How long would you say you use it and on what mode? its a tiny battery that isnt made for beeing used very long periodes of time.

I use it every morning to walk from the back door to my car, usually on lowest mode sins it’s still dark at that time. The battery lasts me almost 2 months that way.
For longer periods I just take out my fw3a

I had a problem with a Nitecore TIP CRI (I think around 3 years ago, from Gearbest). It auto-drains in about 2-3 days, without unit being used. Reported to Gearbest and they sent replacement which didn’t have the problem. (I believe that faulty TIP CRI still works up to now, last tested it maybe several months ago, as long as it’s charged, it will work, but auto-drains in about 2-3 days).

I also have a Nitecore TINI with the same issue, unfortunately I think it was at first working, so I hadn’t reported to the seller. I had not used it much, but it also has auto-drain issue, similar to the TIP CRI I mentioned. :frowning: I wonder if there’s some quality issue with parasitic drain with some Nitecore keychain lights or just bad luck… I’m testing the TIKI GITD and TIP SE now, so far they don’t seem to have the auto-self-drain issue (yet)…