[Review] Nitecore TINI (keychain, 380lm, usb)

Hello everyone, today I'll be reviewing the Nitecore TINI who kindly sent me by Nitecore , whom I thank for the confidence afforded to me.
The TINI was sent to me as a preview before its official release, then the Nitecore not sent me the box with any accessories. But the reviewed product is 100% what can be purchased.

CLICK HERE to go to the official page on the Nitecore website.

I want to clarify that the reviews are done at the amateur level and without the aid of scientific instruments or test in secret cutting edge Labs therefore, between the lines that follow, there will also be my humble impressions.

Official features taken from Nitecore:

- mini metallic kechain light
- utilizes a CREE XP-G2 S2 LED to emit maximum 380 lumens
- utilizes bead surface optic lens for uniform and soft light
- built-in 280 mAh Li-Ion battery
- intelligent Li-Ion protective circuit supports micro-USB charging
- demo mode and daily mode operation
- 4 brightness levels selectable, with an instant access to turbo
- intelligent memory function
- high efficient constant current circuit provides constant illumination
- integrated ATR module
- integrated power indicator light display remaining battery power (Utility Model Patent, No. ZL201220057767.4)
- aero grade aluminum alloy
- 1,5 meters impact resistance

The Packaging and Accessories
The TINI wasn't sent to me in its official packaging, so i can't tell you how it is and what is included inside it. I can only suppose that maybe like the TIP's one.
Online there is already the manual. Alternatively, you can view it or print it from the website of Nitecore by clicking HERE.

The Flashlight

The TINI is the smallest flashlight keychain with integrated battery ever built by Nitecore.
The entire body is made of aluminium and, as its "noona" TIP, can be purchased in different colors.
Is really small and, on one side, there is a niche where there are two metal buttons which control the UI.
The niche is only present on this side and helps us to find the keys in the dark, as long as we don't wear gloves.
Between the two keys was put a blue LED that will give us the information (we will see later).

On the opposite side, the body is completely smooth. There are the inscriptions Nitecore, TINI, and both CE and RoHS certifications.
Both in this part of the body than the other, there are 3 torx screws (6 in total) that allow you to disassemble the flashlight. To avoid losing the warranty we do not recommend to do this.

On his head there is a large (considering the overall dimension of the flashlight) TIR lens beneath there is a CREE XP-G2 S2 with a CW tint that, in my TINI, does not seem to have strong dominant.
The lens is held in place by a smooth metallic bezel.

On the opposite side from the LED, there is a metallic ring that is sticked in the middle inside the flashlight body, free to rotate, on which you maybe will attack the accessories (such as small carabiner that the one came out from the TIP).

Along the side of the body is a banker who, being of the same material and color of the bezel, creates a nice contrast with the color of the body.

On the last side of the flashlight, instead, there is a microUSB port for charging the
lithium-ion battery of 280 mAh.

The connector is built into the flashlight and is protected by a small silicone cover that guarantees waterproofness as IP54 standard.

The cover comes off easily and those who eat the nails
like me, won't have any difficulty. To avoid loss, remains attached to the flashlight through a small strip of silicone.

Recharging can be done by using any device that is capable of yielding power. The flashlight, with the battery completely discharged, will absorb initially 0,32A (the speed will drop quickly enough) and will take about 2 hours to finish the charging process.
During the charging process, the blue LED beneath the buttons will flash while will turn on when the battery is fully charged.
I want to clarify that you have to plug the cables with care to allow contact with the cables because, with multiple operation behind, sometimes won't start charging. This problem does not occur with the new cables.

How Does It Work

The TINI has four selectable modes, three in the ordinary manner and one (the Turbo) to be invoked. There are no special modes.

According to official data of Nitecore, the modes have the following characteristics:

- Turbo-> 380 lumens
- High-> 145 lumens
- Mid-> 38 lumens
- Low-> 1 lumens

The flashlight has 2 keys: one above, on which there are four horizontal lines, has the task of cycling modes while the one below, with a long click, turns on the flashlight or, with a single click, turn off.

The TINI has two modes, the Demo mode (DeM) and the Daily mode (DaM).
The only difference between these two modes is that in DeM any modes turned on will automatically turn off after 30 seconds. Turning on the flashlight within 3 seconds after turning off, will enable automatically the DaM.
There is also the option to switch from DeM to DaM (and vice versa) manually. To do this, simply hold down both buttons of the flashlight for a second, the LED will Flash 1 time to report the insertion of the DaM. The inclusion of the DeM will be indicated by 2 blinks.

Like I said, with a long click on the button at the bottom will light the flashlight.

To cycle the modes in ascending order just press once the key on top, 1 click per mode. By turning off the flashlight with the button at the bottom, the mode will be stored.

With the flashlight turned on or off, press and hold button above for more than one second to access the Turbo in momentary-on that will be turned off when you release the button.

There is also the possibility to know, approximately, the % charge of the cell.
With flashlight turned off, you will need to press the button above. The blue LED place beneath the keys will flash 3 times to indicate a charge > 50%, 2 times to indicate a charge between 50-10% and 1 only blinking for a charge < to 10%.
With flashlight turned on, if we have a low battery voltage (< 10%), the LED under the keys will flash to warn us that we will get light till a short time.

Dimensions and Weight

The TINI measure 4 x 2.38 x 1.15 cm. The head has a diameter of 1.5 cm. Weighs 15 gr.

To follow, a dimensional comparison with a big BIC lighter and CR123A,

with Cooyoo
Quantum TI

and with the TIP and NU05 which, though the small size, has been built to perform other jobs and cannot be attached as a keychain.

To conclude this section, here is a comparison between the lenses. The TINI is great at least one and a half times that of the TIP.

Lumen, Runtime, Candles and Beamshot

N.B. The tests to follow were made with the battery integrated in the flashlight. The whole thing was done in a homely environment at 21° without forced ventilation.

The following values were taken with the charged battery and are considered peak.

The following values were taken with the charged battery and are considered peak.

N.B. Discharge curves are obviously indicative, the result may vary in either positive or negative depending on the batteries used by the end user or by the conditions of use that may vary from mine during my tests.

Any read discrepancies relating to tests made on the same mode are due to a different positioning of the measuring equipment.

The following values were taken with the charged battery and are considered peak.

Photo was taken at a distance of 20 cm from the wall.

Beam width

Beamshot in Turbo and High modes. The tree line is at 25 meters. The spill, with the spot facing the infinite in the horizontal plane, part from about 30 cm from the feet.

Personal Considerations

This TINI is Very small, even more than the compact TIP .
The differences do not stop only to dimensions, of course. In fact even the UI, although very similar, is different from that of the "big sister".

This TINI no longer has the shortcut to the Low mode and, due to the small battery, also lost the ability to keep the Turbo turned on for a few seconds.
We find again the dual mode (with one of the two, the LED turns off after 30 seconds), even with differents names.

About Turbo light, even if briefly, it has to sell. And won't expect ever from an object so small!
The beam is also well spreaded thanks to TIR lens.

For the rest, it is the ideal purchase for lovers of things very small and light, just look at the picture below where you can clearly see that it is slightly larger than the top joint of my thumb, but very powerful.

What do you think about it? Would you to buy it?

I like it…. :smiley:
Thanks for the pic Vs the TIP , TINI is smaller than my first impressions with the web pics.


And yet another $ thief goes onto my wish list, even while my TIP is still in the post……

I guess now we know why there have been so many discounts on the TIP recently.
At least this addiction is cheaper and slightly more conducive to mental health than becoming an alcoholic.


Nice job Neil!

I’m such a sucker for tiny lights and I need another one like another hole in my head but sometimes it’s not what you NEED but what you WANT. This looks like another must have and I WANT!

Anyone know who has the best price or is it too new for any competitive pricing?

Grazie per la recensione.

Thank you for the review.

Looks like $29.99 is it on pre-order. At least if you buy it from the NITECORE store you get free shipping.

EDIT: Guess I’ll hold off ordering until I see what Trevi’s group buy comes up with.

Nice review.
Didn’t realize it was that… Tini.

$23.99 pre-order at Banggood.

So good.

Thanks a lot for the compliments, they are a encouragement to make ever better and more interesting reviews <3

So I decided to open IT… dum dum dum
And I discovered that only the blue shell and buttons are made of alluminium. The remain parts are made by genuin plastic (even I don’t know the kind).
But doesn’t matter, still be a good and cool life companion :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t think that this Tini is really that tiny! :open_mouth:
Thanks for the review!

looks like a mini spycam :stuck_out_tongue:

Very tiny :smiley:
Thanks for review.

The TINI started shipping last Wednesday (Nov 22nd), arrived at my home in Oregon today:

30% off until Sunday at midnite - so it’s $21 with free shipping!

code is: blackfriday2017

There are 3 torx screws (6 in total) that allow you to disassemble the flashlight. To avoid losing the warranty we do not recommend to do this.
Yeah right……
Nice little light. I’d get one if I didn’t have so many already.

They are their own worst competitor.
I can’t see an upgrade from the TIP.

Hadn’t seen this review yet.
It’s very very cute.
I like the (relatively) big optic, the asymmetrical design and the tiny size.

But (there’s always something to complain, isn’t there…) the chrome trim is just chromed plastic, which will likely chip or rub off in time…

It should end up being cheaper than the TIP though, since the optics are a lot cheaper on this TINI.
Just one TIR optic in stead of an aluminium bezel, an AR coated lens and an aluminium reflector.
The battery is smaller too, and it uses 2 screws less. :wink:
But, the plastic is chrome plated and there’s a cover for the USB port.

I’ll probably buy one when the hype is over and the prices are lower.
Maybe sooner, because it’s very cute.

There seems to be a trend towards built-in batteries that are not easy to replace :frowning: