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The Nitecore TM39 was sent to me directly by Nitecore for the review.

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Nitecore TM39 is the top model of the Nitecore Tiny Monster line. Nitecore TM39 is a high performance flashlight with an integrated battery pack and remarkable light power.

The TM39 updates the previous TM36 of 2013 and the previous TM38 of 2017 reaching a greater beam distance, up to 1500 meters, bringing with it a more intuitive interface with a double button design, ideal for any night operation.

It has a battery pack with a large energy of 98Wh (3400mAhx8) which allows it to be used continuously with 800 lumens for 10 hours in a row. The larger and more readable OLED multifunction display has also been updated in the new Nitecore TM39.
The TM39 can be recharged via the built-in socket on the flashlight or independently directly on the NBP68HD removable battery pack.
The TM39 has IP68 protection degree (2m submersible and waterproof) and 1m of impact resistance and is recommended in particular for control, search and rescue.

Main features:

  • Uses a LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED with a maximum output of 5,200 lumens
  • Maximum beam intensity of 562,500 cd and maximum launch of 1,500 meters
  • Multifunctional OLED display in real time for lumens, voltage, autonomy, temperature etc.
  • The thermal regulation function prevents overheating
  • The intelligent charging circuit ensures a safe charging process
  • The highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output
  • Double side switches control 4 brightness levels and 3 special modes
  • A combined optical system with crystal coating and "Precision Digital Optics Technology" (PDOT)
  • Excellent heat dissipation to improve overall performance
  • Optical lenses with anti-scratch coating on both sides
  • Built in aviation grade aluminum alloy
  • Military grade HA III hard anodized finish
  • Classification according to IP68 (submersible of 2 meters)

Dimensions and weight:

Length: 276mm (10.87”) Head Diameter: 90mm (3.54") Tail Diameter: 50mm (1.97") Weight: 1361g (48.01oz) (Battery Pack Included)


The sales package:

The Nitecore TM39 comes in a cardboard box with a carrying handle. Inside, the TM39 is protected by a foam that secures the torch from possible blows during transport. A yellow adhesive label is applied to the cardboard which reports the main features of the new TM39.

Included in the Box:

- TM39 Flashlight

- AC adapter (3.5mm)

- Quality adjustable sling

- Lanyard

- Spare o-ring

- Spare charging port cover

- Multilingual manual

- Warranty



Nitecore TM39 is a very well built fantastic light. The design and shapes make this Nitecore of a unique beauty. Despite its size and weight, it can be carried well in the hand, or over the shoulder with the strap supplied, and does not slip.

Starting from the reflector you immediately notice the important dimensions (90 mm) and the SMO parabola with the imposing LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED in the center.

Equipped with a combined optical system with crystal coating and "Precision Digital Optics Technology" (PDOT), it emits a maximum power of 5,200 lumens and can reach a peak beam intensity of up to 562,500cd. This combination is ideal for wide-ranging research in all fields where this type of light source is needed.

On the head of the Nitecore TM39 we find many cooling fins important to dissipate the heat produced by the LED when we use the highest light levels. This well-designed system, which is also very attractive to the eye, and the excellent thermal regulation with which the TM39 is equipped, allows you to avoid possible burns due to excessive heat in any situation.


At the top stands the OLED display, now larger in size, and the two switches that the new Tiny Monster has.

The OLED display has excellent visibility and provides all the most important information when using the flashlight. We viewed the battery level and voltage, beam distance and temperature, light level and output and the remaining runtime.

Once the battery pack has been inserted, the word NITECORE appears on the display and immediately after the battery voltage (± 0.01V) and the charge level before turning off and entering Standby mode after about 10 seconds. With the display off, just press the Mode button to reactivate it.

Let's see some display views:

Under the OLED display we find the two switches with which we will manage the TM39. Immediately below the display we have the "Mode Button" while still below we find the "Power Button".

With the Power Button we will switch the TM39 On and Off as well as having direct access to the Low level and special levels (Strobe, SOS and Beacon). The button is made of rubber and has an audible click.

With the Mode Button we will manage the 4 available levels as well as having direct access to the Turbo level.

The Nitecore TM39 has 4 light levels: Low, Mid, High and Turbo and 3 special levels: Strobe, SOS and Beacon.

LEVEL1: 200 lumens - 36h - 300m
LEVEL2: 800 lumens - 10h - 600m
LEVEL3: 2000 lumens - 4h - 950m
LEVEL4: 5200 lumens - 1h30m - 1500m
Note: The runtimes for Turbo and High are tested without the intervention of the regulation according to the temperature.

Power On / Off

Ignition: With the torch off, briefly press the Power button to switch it on.

Switching off: With the torch on, briefly press the Power button to switch it off.

Selection of Light Levels

With the flashlight on and the display on, quickly press the Mode button to cyclically select the brightness levels: LOW - MID - HIGH. (The flashlight has a memory mode. When turned back on, it will automatically offer the user the level of light previously used before switching off.)

Note: When the display is off, reactivate it by quickly pressing the Mode button. With the display active, quickly press the Mode button to select the light level.

TURBO activation

With the flashlight both on and off, long press the Mode button to immediately access TURBO mode.

Direct access to the LOW level

With the flashlight off, long press the Power button to directly access the LOW mode.

Special Modes (STROBO / SOS / BEACON)

With the flashlight on, press the Power button twice to access the STROBO mode. With STROBO mode on, quickly press the Mode button to cycle through the following special modes: SOS - BEACON - STROBO.

With any special mode active, quickly press the Power button to exit special modes and turn off the flashlight. (When one of the special modes is selected, it will be indicated on the display).

Charge function

The TM39 / TM39 Lite is equipped with an intelligent charging system.

  • During the charging process, the display will show the battery voltage and the charge level reached. When the battery is fully charged, the charge level reached will be shown as full.
  • If the charging process has problems, the display will show the text "ERROR".
  • If you connect the torch to the power supply, the light will go off starting the charging process. By unplugging the cable the torch will turn on again proposing the previously used brightness level.
  • The electric charger supplied in the TM39 package can also charge the NBP68HD battery pack independently. As illustrated in the image, use the charger directly in the charging port (2A, 3.5mm) of the battery pack to begin the charging process. During the charging process, the blue light indicator will flash rapidly to inform the user. When the charging process is nearing completion (98%), the blue light indicator will begin to flash slowly. When fully charged, the blue light indicator will remain on permanently.
  • The approximate charging time of the NBP68HD battery pack of the TM39 is approximately 15 hours.
  • The NBP68HD battery pack can also be recharged with an optional quick charger, which can be purchased separately, through the quick port (4A, 4.0mm). In this case, the approximate charging time is reduced to 8 hours, half the standard charging time.

Lock / Unlock

Lockout: With the flashlight on, press and hold the Power button until the light flashes once and then goes off and the display will signal the text "LOCK" to indicate that the lockout has taken place.

Unlock: In Lock mode, press and hold both the Mode and Power buttons to unlock the flashlight and re-propose the previous level of brightness used before switching off.

Notes: 1. During lock mode, pressing one of the buttons will display the text "LOCK" to inform that the torch is locked.

  1. When the product is kept in a backpack or left unused for a long period, we suggest you remove the batteries to prevent accidental activation or acid leakage from the batteries.

Thermal regulation

The TURBO / HIGH brightness levels produce a very high level of heat during prolonged use and could cause difficulties for the user during use, who would perceive the heat on their hands. We therefore do not recommend prolonged use at TURBO / HIGH brightness levels. The thermal regulation of the TM39 can automatically lower the level of light proposed to the user when its temperatures reach 60 ℃ (140 ℉) or higher temperatures.

Note: DO NOT immerse the hot torch in liquid substances. By doing so, you could cause irreparable damage dictated by the pressure difference between the internal and external air to the torch barrel.

On the head, at the bottom, we find the charging port and the standard tripod connector.

The charging port is protected by a rubber cover offering good resistance to water and dust.

In the sales package we find the power supply with 3.5mm connector that we will insert into the socket on the head. The OLED display will show the progress of the charge and the current voltage.

The standard tripod connector allows the Nitecore TM39 to be easily mounted on a tripod for use as a fixed light.

The NBP68HD lithium-ion battery pack supplied with the Nitecore TM39 is precisely controlled by a battery management system with an ultra high capacity of 98 Wh, equivalent to 8 3,400 mAh batteries. It is independently rechargeable and is also compatible with the quick charge AC adapter (4A / 4.0mm plug) sold as an optional accessory. At the base of the threads, which arrive well lubricated, there is an O-ring for sealing against water and dust. NBP68HD is CE and ROHS certified.

The Nitecore NBP68HD battery pack, compatible with other Tiny Monster series torches such as TM15, TM26, TM36 and TM38, has replaced the previous NBP68 and NBP52 battery packs.


- Lifespan of the torch doubled (TM series) with 8 built-in 3400 mAh 18650 batteries.

- Two ways to charge: charge through the flashlight, charge yourself using the A / C power adapters.

- Overload protection and discharges and automatically selects the appropriate charging mode (CC, CV).

- DC port 3.5mm to 12V and DC port 4.0mm to 12V.


- Capacity: 98 Wh

- Voltage: 3.7 V.

- Charging current: 2A or 4A

- Weight: 20.7 ounces (587 grams)

- Dimensions: diameter 2 "(50mm), length: 6.2" (157mm)

Contact with the ring system of the head also takes place via 10 pogo pins on the battery pack.

NBP68HD is equipped with a blue light indicating various states of charge. Under normal charging conditions, the blue indicator will flash quickly. When the charge is almost complete (98%), the blue indicator will flash slowly. When charging is complete, the blue indicator will illuminate constantly.

At the end of the battery pack there is a hole for inserting the supplied lanyard.

The sales package includes a very useful shoulder strap in case of long displacements. The belt anchoring system is good, safe and easily removable.

The Nitecore TM39 near other shooting torches including the Nitecore TM26GT. These two torches have an interchangeable body with relative power supply.



The Nitecore TM39 has a well-defined spot and a very bright wide spill. The beam has a nice color, not too cold without aberrations and dominant details.
In the shooting test (candles) I was surprised by the value found far greater than that declared by the house. I was able to make a comparison with the Acebeam K70, which I had at home, which has the same diameter as the head but mounts the Cree XHP35 High Intensity LED. The value found by the TM39, with my LX1330B, is almost double that of the K70. Of course it's just a test, a comparison. For torches of this type, the right measurement should be done outdoors at a distance of 20 meters and 50 meters, but unfortunately at the moment it is impossible for me. Indoors at a distance of 10 meters I measured about 800000cd.
Turning to the levels available with the TM39 they are in my opinion well spaced and already at level 1 of 200 lm, the shot is remarkable.

Test the beam at a distance of 40 cm from the wall together with the Acebeam K75 (same LED as the TM39) and the Acebeam K70.

The Runtime were made indoors at a temperature of around 20 ° C.

I want to clarify that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laborato

Excellent runtime. The declared value from the 10-hour house of level2 of 800 lumens is widely exceeded in my test.

The first test was made by placing the Nitecore TM39 in level 4 (Turbo 5200 lm). I remember that as power supply I am using the NBP68HD battery pack with which the TM39 is sold.

From the graph, in particular that of the first 30 minutes, there is a sudden drop to level 3 (High 2000 lm.) After 4 minutes from ignition. We have another stepdown near minute 20 where the light beam drops to level 2.
The test was stopped near 12 hours with the display showing 2.80V.

Nitecore TM39 at level 4 (Turbo 5200 lm) the first 30 minutes.

Another test was done by placing the Nitecore TM39 at level 4 (Turbo 5200 lm) with the help of a small fan.
The descent to the lower level occurred after 8 minutes. You can clearly see the influence of thermal regulation on runtime. After just over two hours from the start of the test, I tried to reactivate the Turbo (level 4) successfully even if the light output was lower than the initial one.
The test was completed by me with the TM39 display which marked 2.60V.

Finally the test made with the Nitecore TM36 at the average level of 800 lumens. The runtime far exceeds the value (10 hours) declared by the house.



The latest addition to the Tiny Monster series, the TM39 is a beautiful, well-built and very powerful flashlight. It is sold in the classic version with the high-performance NBP68HD battery pack (removable) or in the short version TM39 Lite. The Nitecore TM39 updates the previous TM38 version bringing significant innovations such as the double switch on the head, the larger OLED display, very easy to read, and the LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED in the center of the parabola to replace the previous CREE XHP35 HI. This LED brings the light output to 5200 lumens with a beam distance of over 1500 meters. From the tests done in these days I was favorably impressed by the duration of the runtime, in particular on the average level of 800 lumens which far exceeds the value declared by the house, and above all by the peak distance of the beam which from my measurements is approximately 1800 meters .
At home I have other "shooting" torches that exceed the TM39 over distance, but this Nitecore is certainly the most beautiful in addition to having a solid construction and cutting-edge technology.
The Nitecore TM39 is definitely recommended for night operations such as hunting, exploration, search and rescue.
Thanks for reading the review.

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Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. Maybe you can’t put it in a jacket or jeans. :smiley:

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Very nice review roma58! Looks like a great flashlight. I remember seeing the Tiny Monster TM26GT way back when and thought it looked so cool.

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The TM39 holds well and does not slip. The Lite version, I had the previous TM36, it perhaps holds better but of course it is a little unbalanced forward.

- YouTube measured 889Kcd which is 1885 meter ansi throw with 5850lm after 30 seconds. Much better then the advertised 1500 meters.

My measurements
Startup: 907Kcd

30 seconds: 889 Kcd

Measuring distance was 10 meters.

Modded Nitecore TM39 lite

Measured 2550 lux at 20 meters. 1.02Mcd at 2 seconds switch on.

how does this compare to tm28

As for thrower the TM39 is definitely in its own class. Got few SBT90.2 throwers and I must say for its reflector size and heat dissipation the TM39 is the best in its class.

Proprietary battery is the deal blower. The price tag is equally a deal blower. The design is unnecessarily busy.

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Well, it’s now under $400 given a little aging… The build quality looks amazing. I had been flirting with the idea of picking up a used TM26 or TM28, as the quad array of totally isolated emitters looks so damned cool… but Nitecore figured out it wasn’t an optimal design. Integrating the emitters into one reflector was a smart, natural move. I’d rather wait another year or two for a TM39, given all the wonderful improvements made.