[Review] - Nitecore TM9K 9500 Lumen, Strobo & Turbo Ready, TypeC - by Lock

Hello everyone ... today we will see the Nitecore TM9K: the new Tiny Monster from Nitecore, with an extraordinary Turbo of 9500 Lumens in just 12cm in length. The light was provided to me directly by Nitecore for the review.Here the link of the company and here the link of the product

Packaging and content
The Nitecore TM9K arrives in a black cardboard box with some of its main features written on it. Inside the package we find:
• The Flashlight TM9K
• Holster
• Belt Clip
• Laynard
• TypeC Cable
• Instruction Manual
• Warranty card

Main Features
• Utilizes 9 x CREE XP-L HD V6 LEDs with a max output of 9,500 lumens
• Maximum beam intensity of 18,000cd and maximum throw of 268 meters
• An optical system combined with crystal coating and “Precision Digital Optics Technology” (PDOT)
• Lightweight and rigid CNC machined unibody design provides superior heat dissipation capability
• Built-in 5,000mAh 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery
• Intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit with a USB-C port
• Highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output for up to 60 hours
• Dual tail switches enable intuitive operations for tactical applications
• TurboReady™ Technology (9,500 Lumens)
• The power indicator beside the dual switches indicates the remaining battery power
• The power indicator can display the battery voltage (±0.1V)
• Optical lenses with double-sided scratch resistant coating
• Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy
• HA III military grade hard-anodized finish
• Rating in accordance with IP68 (2 meters submersible)
• Impact resistant to 1 meter

Here you can download the User Manual of the TM9k

Dimensions and measured weight
• Length: 125mm (4.92”)
• Head Diameter: 40mm (1.57”)
• Tube Diameter: 26mm (1.02”)
• Tail Diameter: 28mm (1.1”)
• Weight: 218g (7.69oz)

Level Outputs and runtime
The Nitecore TM9K has 5 normal levels (including Turbo and UltraLow) and 1 special stroboscopic level:
• Turbo: 9500 lm (measured 9790 lm) – nd.
• High: 1900 lm (measured 2020 lm) – 3h
• Mid: 460 lm (measured 480 lm) – 4h30min
• Low: 130 lm (measured 150 lm) – 14h
• Ultra-Low: 30 lm (measured 35) – 60h
• Strobo: 9500 lm (-) – nd.

The runtime schemes are shown below..

The body and materials

The Nitecore TM9K is a small and powerful linear torch, with reduced dimensions and incredible Turbo Power: 9500 lumens. Very compact and with a generous weight (about 220g) in the hand it is comfortable and well balanced.

The optical part of the TM9K is made up of 9 Cree XP-L HD V6 LEDs with a cool tint, a mirror-polished aluminum multi-parabola, and a lens with double anti-reflective treatment. The bezel is in burnished stainless steel and effectively protects the lens.

In the tail there are two switches: "Power Button" and "Mode Button". The first is mechanical, rubber, particularly protruding and simply serves to turn the torch on and off. The second is electronic, metallic, not protruding and allows the variation of levels and direct access to the Turbo or the Strobe.

Both switches are easily detectable even in total darkness or if, for example, gloves are being used.

Near the Power Switch there is a small blue LED that informs the user about the battery charge status.

The only part of the flashlight that can be unscrewed is the tailcap for the physical block of the interface. Unscrewing it completely you can see the presence of 4 pins. By making contact with the 4 concentric contacts in the tailcap, these allow you to manage the interface using the switches in the queue.

The TM9K has two sets of fins near the head. These ensure good heat dissipation at high levels, but they can do little when the light is used in the Turbo Level.

The fillets are anodized, they arrive well lubricated and are very smooth.
The lettering is well done, smudged and well centered. The anodization, smooth and opaque, is perfect. In the central part of the body, a semi-knurled ring increases the grip.

In the side there is the TypeC charging port covered by a rubber cap not very thick but which protects it well from water and dirt. A small tab helps in opening.

The belt clip can be installed in both directions. Its grip is excellent both on the side of the flashlight and on clothes. Thanks to the presence of two small holes it is also possible to install a wrist strap directly on the clip (on the torch there are no holes for the laynards).

The holster provided is thick and rigid. On the back it has a belt loop with velcro closure and a large metal D-ring.

TM9K power is supplied by an internal non-removable 21700 5000mAh cell.

User Interface
The Nitecore TM9K has two different switches in the queue. The "Mode Switch" allows the variation of brightness levels and direct access to Turbo and Strobo, while the "Power Switch" allows you to switch the light on / off.

With the flashlight off, press the Power Button until it clicks to turn on. With another click the flashlight will turn off. The TM9K has the Memory Mode so every time it is switched on it will automatically access the last level previously used.

Mode Selection
With the flashlight on, a pressure on the Mode Switch will allow the output levels to change according to the order: Ultralow-Low-Mid-High.

When the torch is on/off, pressing the Mode Switch will access Momentary-On on the 9500 lumen Turbo level.

Special Mode (Strobe)
With the flashlight on/off, quickly press the Mode Switch twice to access the Strobe. Another press on the Mode Switch will switch the output to the previously used level or turn off the flashlight.

With the flashlight on, press the two switches simultaneously and release them after a few seconds for the electronic lock. Triple click on the Mode Switch to unlock.

Thermal Protection
The TM9K has a thermal protection that adapts the output power according to the circumstances, thus maintaining optimal performance and avoiding overheating.

Beam, Tint and Beamshot
The beam of the Nitecore TM9K is flood, wide and with an almost totally absent spot. Although the multiparabola does not show strange artifacts, the beam is particularly uniform. The tint is cool but not very cold, homogeneous over the whole beam. At Turbo you have a real wall of light to illuminate up to 70-80mt per day.

Following some night beamshots.

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Final considerations
The Nitecore TM9K is a small and powerful little monster. Just one click is enough to have a huge amount of light that can be used, however, for a few seconds before the inevitable thermal stepdown. Used on normal medium / high levels, the high-performance 5000mAh battery ensures an excellent runtime. Too bad that the internal cell 21700 is not removable.

The interface is very simple, I like the possibility of direct access to Strobo and Turbo. However, a real Low level is missing, the lowest one in fact has 30 lumens.

The strobe has variable intermittent times to ensure an effective "stun" action useful in tactical applications.

It is comfortable in the hand, holds well, the dimensions are extremely small. The weight is abundant compared to the size.

Comfortable the two switches in the queue, easy to detect in the dark and to use even when wearing gloves.

There is a TypeC port for fast charging that allows you to bring the battery to 80% charge in just over 1 hour and 30 minutes (if the charger used can provide the necessary current).

Good supply of accessories that includes nylon holster, charging cable, belt clip and laynard. Definitely recommendable product!

Thanks for reading...

My E07 steps down at 22 seconds and it whilst it’s quite warm it isn’t too hot to hold at that point. This has more efficient LEDs and more thermal mass. I was expecting at least 20 seconds. I guess the 5000mah cell is preventing it from lasting more than 7-8 seconds on turbo. Should’ve just made the cell removable. Nightwatch did it so why can’t they?

Nice review BTW.

Thanks for the review and especially the runtime curves! :+1:

I tested the Nitecore TM9K using the Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights and a Sekonic C-800-U spectrometer. Output taken at 2s from turn-on.

Nitecore TM9K Turbo 8,190 lumens 6637K 0.0017 DUV 69.7 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 1.00 -25.2 R9 44.2 R12 65 Rf 96 Rg included battery
Nitecore TM9K M4 1,879 lumens 6247K 0.0057 DUV 69.0 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 1.00 -34.7 R9 41.2 R12 66 Rf 95 Rg included battery
Nitecore TM9K M3 446 lumens 6109K 0.0072 DUV 69.2 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 1.00 -37.1 R9 40.0 R12 67 Rf 95 Rg included battery
Nitecore TM9K M2 124 lumens 6121K 0.0066 DUV 69.1 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 1.00 -35.9 R9 40.5 R12 67 Rf 95 Rg included battery
Nitecore TM9K M1 33 lumens 6543K 0.0025 DUV 70.0 CRI Blue light relative amplitude 1.00 -26.6 R9 41.7 R12 66 Rf 96 Rg included battery

Note: the TA lumen tube gives lower readings for mules and extremely floody lights. I think we can add 5-10% to the measured output of this light.

The light looks good and it is extremely floody with a somewhat noticeable hotspot at the center. Makes for a great indoor light especially for large spaces. The output is really limited by the 5000K battery in it. I think it is a 50E or M50T rated at 10A continuous. If they used the brand new Samsung 50G rumored to have 15A continouous, it should be able to hit 10k lumens. I'm sure if it used a high current battery like the P42A or 40T, it can do 12k+. I know this is meant as a tactical light but I just wish it could tail stand. I don't like the CCT and tint though so probably won't ever use it as a tail stand light.

Those are XPL2 LEDs not XPL

Because of the tail cap design they need a sort of ribbon cable or so going to the head
making the cell remove able may result in people damaging their light

it looks like the MCU is in the tail there are pads for a programming key, so another option would be whole driver in the tail, but also need positive battery in tail,
they could have made a special battery like Olight does

most likely thing is a tabbed and soldered battery just to avoid resistances there

This is why i wouldn’t buy this light even if i had a ton of money. Isn’t the point of making a compact light with nine emitters so you can have maximum output in a small size? 7 seconds on turbo and it cant even sustain 1900 lumens. Would’ve made a lot of sense to lower 1900 to 1300 so it can be sustained and use a high drain cell for maximum output. if they done this I’m sure they would’ve sold a lot more of these.