Review : Odepro TM30 | Double Switch "Tactical Flashlight"

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A few words for Odepro TM30 :

Odepro TM30 police security flashlight uses one CREE XM-L2(U4) LED and can reach max 560 lumens output. This flashlight is powered by one 18650 battery with max 20 hours run time.The tail-cap switch and side switch design, it’s easy to operate. IPX-8 standard waterproof features and 500 meters long beam distance, TM30 is one of your best choice for military, security, hunting and outdoor lighting.

Overview/Specifications :

  • Lamp Type:CREE XM-L2 (U4), mucn brighter than T6 and U2
  • Working Voltage:3-4.2V
  • Lumens (brightness) :Turbo(560 lumens)-High(250 lumens)-Middle(34 lumens)-Low(10 lumens)-Strobe(280 lumens)-SOS (280 lumens)
  • Irradiation Distance:636 feet
  • LED Runtime:50,000hours
  • Waterproof Level:IP68, can prevent rain and living water
  • Size:1.33*0.97*5.7 in
  • Flashlight Set Weight:365g

First Look :

Flashlight in it’s box , a brown box with just an odepro label sealing it :

Everything is safe in there :wink: :

Package Contains :

  • Flashlight
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Warranty Card
  • Lanyard
  • 2x O-rings
  • Extra grease for o-rings and threads

A closer look :

You can see the flashlight :

The head pf the flashlight has some nice cooling fins , a nice design overall :

Flashlight has an OP reflector , and as you will notice uses a CW xm-l2 :

And now something quite interesting . It has both the e-switch and the regular clicky (forward clicky) switch on the tailcap . We will talk about it later …

A closer look at the body . It has a “tactical ring” :

…and a clip :

Anodizing is great , not shiny or matt , feels great in hand and not cheap . It is the anodizing you would expect from an expensive flashlight .

Back side with battery orientation :

Smooth threads , not “square” i think but they are anodized :

Inside the tailcap :

Here is an example , how the stock battery fits in there :

And , driver of the flashlight . It has a really brass? button :

Charger :

Charger is a well known charger , not something expensive or premium but does what it is designed to . Charges battery with 1 amp and stops at 4.19V .

Battery fits nicely :

(Logo) and (info on the backside)

When :

  • there is no battery , led indicator is green (photo)
  • battery is charging , led indicator is red (photo)
  • battery is full , led indicator is green (photo)

Battery :

The battery is a 3000mAh one (protected) , i will ask which brand/model it is :

And button top :

How it works (&modes) :

While flashlight is off , if you press the e-switch , flashlight enters Strobe mode (momentary ! if you release the switch it will switch off) .

Clicky switch switches on/off the flashlight , and now e-switch helps you navigate between the different modes (Turbo-High-Medium-Low) . It also has mode memory .

A few more words for the dual switch system :

In this light , e-switch is positioned in the tailcap , something unusal i could say . The reason , is easy access to the e-switch without re positioning the flashlight in your hand , but moving only your thumb .

While you press the clicky switch :

With 1 move you can access strobe , or change mode if flashlight is already ON :

Measurements :

Odepro 3000mAh battery was used in all measurements

Lumens :

  • Low - 15 lumens
  • Medium - 48 lumens
  • High - 309 lumens
  • Turbo - 703 lumens

My runtime tests :

Turbo mode :

At the end of the runtime , led indicator started blinking and batterry was at 3.04 Volt .

Intensity :

Odepro TM30 : 11.9kcd

Beamshots :

Wall @ 12m , Iso 100 & S speed 1/4

Turbo :

High :

More beamshots tomorrow :slight_smile:

Conclusion :

A nice light , and quite interesting ! Build quality is flawless , the e-switch location is something unusual/new , and helpful in some occasions i think . Output is a little bit over the claimed lumens and beam profile is great too (domed emitter and OP reflector gives a nice beam with a deep and fairly big reflector) . Runtime on highest mode is over 2 hours , and for about 100 minutes runs with over 50% of the max output .

Comment if you want me to check something on the flashlight , or tell your opinion . Thanks !

Flashlight was provided for review by Odepro . Be sure to check the flashlight here : Odepro TM30

Interesting button arrangement. How are the ergonomics with the side button?

Review looks great already. The side switch doesn't seem to make sense, but looking forward to hearing what you think about it after you spend some quality time using the light.

Ironically, for me it makes perfect sense. I hold my lights at eye-index, “icepick” grip. I push the tailcap button with my thumb. Any side-switch in the usual position (by the head), I have to activate with my pinky.

At least in the tail, the side-switch can be activated with my index-finger.

Of course, if you hold your lights in a “sword” grip, it all seems backwards.

Turbo mode has only 560 lumens is no good!

Thanks for the review, interesting light.

If it has massive runtimes it makes up for lower then 1K lumens (that usually steps down or gets too hot anyways)

I would advice you to take a look at the review please :slight_smile:

As Lightbringer mentioned , it makes sense If you hold the flashlight at eye-index (ice pick grip).
With the e-switch facing down or in the side , you can easily reach it with your thumb .

I will try to explain this better with pictures.

Fixed 2 pictures’ links , updated flashlight’s intensity , and added some words for the dual switch system (and the position of the e-switch) .

> side button

And if you hold the flashlight in your mouth, just bite down on the button ….

You see ? One more way to use it :stuck_out_tongue: