Review of Skilhunt H02

I bought the Skilhunt H02 from Gearbest.

Skilhunt specs:
XM-L2 led
HA III black anodization
Working voltage
3 – 9 Volt (18650, 2xRCR, 2xCR)
Water Resist Rating IPX-8
ANSI Lumen and runtimes: 820 lumen (1h), 550 lumen (1h45’), 280 lumen (4h), 5 lumen (120h)

The light comes in a cardboard box, containing the light itself, clip, spare orings, and instructions. The headband is also included, but not in the box because there isn’t enough space for it.
The H02 is well made, there aren’t milling or anodization imperfection.

The light is rather compact: 11 cm of length, 3,1 and 2,3 cm of diameter (head and body), 60 g of weight,

The knurling on the body and on the tailcap allows a good grip.

Orings are thick and offer quite a lot of resistance when tightening the light.
Threads are anodized, allowing a physical lockout.

H02 has a magnet in its tailcap. it is possible to remove it and put a thick oring to replace it (provided with the accessories)
The magnet has enough strength to keep the light in place, both in vertical and horizontal position.

The switch gives a great feedback, not too hard or too soft.
When the light is off, a single click will turn the light on at the last used level.
When the light is on, a single click will change level of the light, in cicle (l1, l2, l3, l4, l1, l2…).
To turn the light off, you need to click and keep pressed.
When the light is off, it is possible to turn it on at L1 by keeping the switch pressed, and on L4 with a double click.
There is also a strobe mode (10Hz), to get it you need a double click when the light is on.
there is memory for each mode but the strobe.


The optic

You can take apart the H02 completely, from the optic to the driver and emitter, to the switch.

The light is a bit larger than a H600 MKI and a Wizard

Level spacing, using 18650 battery.

Runtime test, using 18650 LG MJ1 3500mAh

During my test I found that the light will discharge the 18650 under 3.0 volt (level 3 test was stopped when the light was at 2.84 v, L2 2.86). However the light will drastically decrease (not shown), and the light will blink to notice you that you are running low.

The regulation is flat. The big stepdown and the overall brightness are a good compromise for not heating too much the LED, which is not in an ideal position for the dissipation (it is placed on a thin metal sheet).

The headband

The light is kept in place quite tightly, less than the wizard, more than the zebralight.

There are 3 extra elastic loops, to mount additional flashlights.

I tried to use the extra loops on a different headband, never again thanks.

I use L shaped flashlight for illumination during bicycle, working, illuminating a room. For these purposes, I prefer floody light, for this reason I like flashlights with optic. They have a wide and clean beam, without spot, but still mantaining a bit more throw than a completely floody light.
Regarding this aspect, the H02 is superior to each of my headlamps (Zebralight H600w, Armytek Wizard Pro Wide, Armytek Wizard Pro HiCri). it uses an optic which is very easily swappable.
I find the UI ok. Personally, I miss another level and I will put it between L1 and L2. I’ll also lower L1 intensity.
Runtime for my purposes is good, 3,5 hours + of runtime at (skilhunt specs) 550 lumen with a single 18650 is good for me.
What drove me to the H02 was the overall ease of modding: you can replace everything.

Thanks to: AntoLed for providing the luxmeter.
Thanks for reading.

Please note that this review was done long time ago, so it is not comparable in many aspects to my current reviews standards.
Also, I modded my H02 with ease, changing the factory emitter with a XM-L2 Hicri on Noctigon.

Still OK review IMHO!

Do you know where to buy those tiny screws and maybe even the diffuser they used?

Excellent review! For the current sale price it is an absolute bargain. I plan to mod mine with an zebralight H600 driver.

I don’t know where to get the scews, my light is a recent model that has screws (the old one had a bezel I believe).
About the diffuser, I think I got a link somewhere…

One thing that bugs me about this light is that the headband rings do not meld with the flashlight. It feels weird… One ring winds around one of the gaps in the knurling and the other rides right over the knurling or vise versa. Why not make two gaps in the knurling the width of the headband rings and separated so that the rings both line up with a smooth unknjrled gap. It just feels like the bands need a place to go.

Just bugs me :slight_smile: it’s a wonderful little light though. Don’t want to take away from that…