Review of ThruNite Ti with measurements and outdoor beamshots

ThruNite Ti firely and regular version

ThruNite started a few years ago with a small light, then they added a very good thrower (Catapult) and has lately added lots of other lights to their range. The light I am looking at here is their first AAA light. This light is a two brightness level light, where the two brightness levels is selected depending on how tight the light is twisted together. The light is made in two versions with different low level. The light is made of aluminum with hard-anodized (Type 3) finish.

The light is delivered in a cardboard box with a window. Some of the specifications are printed on the front of the box.

The box contains the light, two o-rings, a split ring and a user manual.

The light has a OP (Orange Peel) reflector with the XP-E led at the bottom.

The inside of the head is made in brass, this gives a very good quality thread. There is a foam ring on the head, this works as polarity protection, reduces battery rattle and is part of the switch mechanism. The level switch is the small piece of metal in the center, when the battery touches the metal the light will turn on in low mode, tighten the light a bit more will bend the metal and the light will switch to high mode. From low to high is less than 1/8 turn of the head.

Both the head and the body is covered with ample knurling. The light does not have a spring in the body tube, this is not possible with this type of switch.

On the tail of the light is a hole for the o-ring. This makes the light bad at tail standing, but makes it very good for keychain use.

Here is all the part the light can be disassembled in without tools.

The light is a nice simple to use keychain light that works well on alkaline batteries and has a good performance for the price. The model with the firefly settings is useful for navigating indoor, without disturbing other people or it can be used as a night light. The regular model with a 3 lumen low gives a better light for navigating without night adapted eyes.

Technical specification and measurements

This light is designed for 1.5 volt AAA batteries (Alkaline and NiMH).

Measured size and weight:
Length: 74 mm
Diameter: 14 mm to 14.4 mm
Weight: 28 gram with eneloop

The light uses a Cree XP-E led.

In the above table I have collected all modes for the firefly model, measured at both 1.2 volt and 1.5 volt. All the estimated runtimes are with 800 mAh eneloop batteries. The estimated lumen is scale from the specified maximum. The brightness is a relative measurement from a lux meter.

The light does not stabilize brightness, instead the brightness is directly proportional to the battery voltage. This keeps a more moderate current draw on the batteries and with alkaline avoids the fast brightness drop when the battery is empty. It is interesting to see that the power consumption does follow the brightness very closely, this means that the driver keeps a nearly constant efficiency.
This light can use all the energy in a AAA battery.

This curve is from the other Ti light, it has a higher brightness at low voltage (This might or might not be related to its higher low level).

On the runtime curve the lack of stabilization is obvious. This lack of stabilization does make the light very useful on a alkaline battery, it will have a very long runtime while slowly reducing brightness.

I did a temperature test to see how well the light handles the heat from the led. I did run the test at 1.5 volt, this is higher than a alkaline or NiMH will sustain. The light does not have any problems with heat, it only warm up a little and then keeps full brightness while staying at this temperature.
Note: My test does not simulate actual usage conditions, but are done on a test bench with only the head of the light and no cooling airflow, i.e. the light will get hotter than during normal use.

The light does not use pwm and only has a small amount of high frequency noise in the light and no flashing modes.

Comparison to other Flashlights

ThruNite Ti, Olight i3, 4Sevens Preon:

Fenix E01, Fenix E05, Fenix LD01:

For the full comparison to other lights with graphs and beamshots see here.


The light was supplied by ThruNite for review.

Sadly I had an accident when testing, a probe slipped and I destroyed one of the lights, before I was finished with the technical analysis.

HKJ which is the best light out of all your aaa lights for use with normal AAA batteries?

That is difficult to answer.

I like lights with some settings, from moonlight to very bright and for best performance with alkaline you need a unstabilized light. That means the Preon/Titanium innovation/ITP A3/Olight i3 group of light (They are close cousins) and of them I prefer the Preon.

For using with NiMH batteries I prefer stabilized lights and my favorites are the ReVO and Klarus X6, the LD01 does also score high, but it is bigger.

For people that just want a simple keychain light the ThruNite Ti does look like a very good candidate, but there are many other light at that price point that I have not done a full analysis on (I do not run all my lights through the test bench).

Very nice review and an impressive light for the money.

Nice review.

I just wanted to add that the foam ring is also very useful as a QTC holder. And despite of my fears, this two-mode light works really nice with QTC mod.

Knowing that the QTC pill will break if I would use it without any protection, I took an old magnet, which came loose from my DQG Tiny II, and put it on top of the QTC pill inside the foam ring. Fits perfectly, keeps the QTC on place and protects it well.

Nice little light. Highly recommended (especially with QTC mod)!

Thanks for the review .

The voltage sweep does show a smooth regulation with varying input voltage, that is probably the reason. But I would expect it to be easier to control if you short out the regulation switch, i.e. disables the low mode.

Great review, man. Thanks :bigsmile:

And great light too :D I like that design and it seems to be more powerful than I3, but lack of regulation is a no go for me :(

How much?

I just received mine (the blue model). It’s nice looking, works well so far. I don’t know how well the mode switching will work over time (some have had issues with the metal tab) but I have nothing to add there.
The only thing I’ll mention is that compared to my other 1AAA twisty lights the gap between the head and body is noticeable on this one. The only time you don’t see the silver threads between the blue head and body is when it is on (twisted in completely).
So this means that most times the light will be where the threads will be showing in a different color than the body.
In my other lights this is dealt with (as I recall) by having the threads the same color as the body.
This isn’t a major issue but it is quite obvious and I’m surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned before.

Just got my Thrunite Ti last night from; the black 3/60 lumen version. First impressions: very good. the light is pretty well made for such a small thing. As the above poster have mentioned the gap between the head and body is pretty noticeable. However that was the reason why I took the black coloured version. It actually looked pretty slick with the black body and golden looking ring which is the brass of the internals. Knurling is wonderful and the overall size of it is no bigger then my car keys which is a one piece key and fob.

I got the 3/60 lumen version because I was worried that 0.04/60 version was going to be too dark, turns out the 3 lumens is still a little bright for well adjusted eyes. Comparing it to my Jetbeam PA10, this would be better with 1/60 lumen setting, however this is just me being picky.Another thing, the emitter doesnt seem to be properlly centered. This is a small issue and I have yet to notice any inconsistency with the beam pattern, and even if I did i wouldnt bother.

Overall: very happy with the light.

from the 6 beamshots i would think that the brightest is LD01, then Preon P1.

Olight very weak (as expected), Fenix E01 a joke (no offense).

Real life runtimes on NiMH on HI/LO?

High runtime I did specify at 1.2 hour for NiMH and you can also see in in my runtime curve.

I do not have patience to measure low runtime.

Thanks HKJ, I should have been more specific, I wanted to hear CocoMonGo's numbers :)

If ThruNite made a similar version with a clicky and pocket clip I think they would sell a lot of them.

Switch it on and off with the clicky and change modes by twisting the head, that would be the only AAA light that could do that.

Sorry veer, but i dont have the equipment to test the light as well as HKJ did.

Actually i was pleasantly with the twisty heads. I think if it was with a clicky it would be longer and harder to EDC on a keychain.

CocoMongo, you might have misunderstood me - I really meant to hear only real life experience with how long the battery lasts, not tail cap reading or light meter Lm data :)

Does anyone know if the brass pill can be taken out from the head of Thrunite Ti?

Who has the best price with shipping?