Review of X-tronic 8050-XTS soldering station. My first video!

Guys and Gals, this is my second X-tronic soldering iron. The first was the 4040 and I like it for it’s size and features. The 4040 is a 60 watt iron and I wanted just a little more power!!! The 8050-XTS is a 70 watt iron, I did say 75 in the video, oops.

Please let me know how good or bad this video looks. This is my first attempt at a video. Shot with a Panasonic G5 as an MP4.

Enough of that, off to the video!

Nice video! Crisp and clear, subbed!
Does this station heat up so fast?
Nice features

Yes, it does heat up that fast. I intend to get a little use time and post a follow up video. It is not that much different from the cheaper Chinese units, but the fact that it is 70 watts, has autosleep, heats very quickly, uses Hakko tips and has a couple of extra features makes it for me. This is my second iron from them and I am very happy with both. Jim at the Mercantile Exchange has them built overseas, but add some extra features that I appreciate. I will likely end up with their hot air reflow unit at some point.

That was my first YouTube video ever, my 14 yo daughter was just ecstatic that her 51 yo Dad was doing a video. She thought I was crazy!


Love the new addition Matt. Thanks for the review. Your daughter has every reason to be proud of her dad. :THUMBS-UP:

Now i know what Santa does with his downtime, Ho Ho Ho

Nice Review :)


I'm looking to buy a new soldering station, Matt. I found your review here in the forum.

What's your unbiased thoughts of this particular one, being your second from the manufacturer?

I'm watching your video now, and am liking the package contents. The magnified light stand is a must have.

Great review Matt. Looks like a really nice unit. Does the display show real time temp while you’re soldering? My Weller WESD51 does, while my Hakko FX888D doesn’t.

I like it. It has features that I like and use. I like the sleep timer with rapid heating and I like a programmed auto off. It is nice to have programmed set points so that one can jump the heat up or down at the touch of a button. Their US support is excellent, I have broken the iron on my old unit and it was replaced without question. I have a mix of their tips, Hakko tips and Radio Shack tips that I use and all work about the same. The magnified light would be good if you have better eyes than I do, I find it hard to use anything and I have to have magnifiers.

I am not sure, have not found it to drop while soldering something. It is a 70 watt iron and I am not sure I would see it drop… My guess is that it is showing the programmed temperature, but it does have a 3 wire heating element so there could be feedback.

I am happy with the unit, and their support. I am considering one of their reflow units. They are very similar to other Asian imports but with direct support stateside, I will likely stick with them. I cannot justify a full on production iron or reflow station for hundreds of bux more and these guys seem to fill the bill.

Thanks Matt

John, I get that all winter long. That is my winter beard, now it is a goatee and my hair is very short.

I was considering getting the reflow station incorporated into the all-in-one unit. I look more into them fro feature differences.

Thank You

They have all in one stations as well, do not have one.

I saw that. I've been oooing and ahhing all over myself at their website.

It's hard to keep my composure, when my needs go beyond flashlights.

I have an 18+ year time/money investment in the Radio Control hobby.

Which is my reasoning for wanting a complete station. It will get used A LOT.