Review of XANES 1305 - An excellent auto/emergency budget light -possible 21700 fitment

Short review of XANES 1305

I bought this light from Banggood several months ago and I really like it, so I thought I’d post a short review.

I paid for the light and was not asked to do a review on it.
I got it on sale for $7.69, but it’s currently $11.69 ($9.98 on Aliexpress)

It makes an excellent auto/emergency light, I leave it in my car.

It’s very similar to the NEBO “Big Cryket” light, which has stepless dimming, however the Nebo doesn’t have the flashing mode for the red COB light, which IMO makes it less suitable for use as an auto/emergency light. It also is not advertised to accept a Li-ion (it runs on 3xAAA), and it’s 3 times the price.
Main features:

  • Adjustable head for any position, including straight and 90 degree angled.
  • Tail magnet to stick on the car body, under hood, trunk etc.
  • Dual LED system for Flood/Throw and Dual Color (white/red) modes.
  • Steady-on or flashing modes for the red COB ring light.
  • Regular XM-L reflector LED for general use and longer throw.
  • Circular COB LED ring light (red or neutral white) provides a floody beam for close up use.
  • 1x 18650 battery or 3xAAA with the included adapter. (may also fit 21700 see details below)
  • Rubberized Hand grip

Things I like:

  • The flashing red COB LED’s are useful as a electronic “road flare” or traffic warning light.
  • Compared to the main XM-L LED the white COB LED has a noticeably warmer tint, more towards neutral.
  • It has a top/side switch that works extremely well and has a great feel for a budget light. Not sure if it’s an e-switch but it may be.
  • The tail is a wide flat base that makes it stable to set on the ground and angle the light directly to where you’re working to change a flat tire, etc.
  • The tail magnet is strong enough to hold the light securely in any position, including upside-down.
  • The rubberized textured inlay on the body tube provides an excellent grip.

It has a sturdy removable pocket clip, and although it’s a larger light the clip can be employed for hands-free use when clipped to the front of your jacket, pocket or belt. (with the head angled)

The main XM-L LED (Lattice Bright) has a pretty good white tint, it’s a cool white but I’ve seen a lot worse. The COB ring light on the other hand is a more neutral tint, noticeably warmer than the main LED. Of course the output is not real 1500lm but it’s fairly bright for it’s purpose. I’m guessing around 500-600lm for the center LED, maybe about half that for the COB ring.

The light does not have USB charging.

My measurements show it should also fit a 21700 cell, or possibly with only a minor modification. (I do not have one to try yet)
The I.D. of the battery tube is over 23mm, and length is about right (a 69.8mm 18650B fits snugly, but no problem, tail cap fully threads on)
A 21700 Samsung 48G is listed as measuring 70.15mm and at 4800mAh it rivals the capacity of some of the better 26650’s.
Worst case scenario is maybe clip off some of the super long (+) spring to shorten it.


User Interface:
(Single Click ON and continue Single Clicks to Scroll through all modes and back to Off)

From Off: Main light - COB White - COB Red Steady - COB Red Flashing - Off

(Stock photos):



Mfg. Specs:

  • Emitter Type: XM-L T6+COB
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Mode: T6 White, COB White, COB Red, COB Red STROBE
  • Lumens: 1500LM
  • Battery Configurations: 1x18650 Battery (Not included)
  • Voltage Input: 3.7v
  • Switch Type: Clicky
  • Switch Location: Head of the Flashlight
  • Max Output: 1500Lumens
  • Range: 50-100m
  • Carrying : Pen clip
  • Waterproof: Life waterproof ability (Not diving)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 164g (without battery)
  • Size: 14cm x 4cm x 3.5cm (Length x Head x Tail)

The driver measures aprox. 26.5mm……………………………………………… It’s secured by a threaded retaining ring….Super-Size (+) spring!

The reflector for the center LED is a “Hybrid” type; half textured / half smooth:

I haven’t tried to remove the bezel or disassemble the light any further.

Tail threads are standard I.S.O metric type and work smoothly after lubing.
Length of the tail cap threading is a bit short (photo below) but it’s not a problem.

The tube walls are very thick and strong (slightly over 4mm thickness).
The battery compartment inside is very wide (slightly over 32mm I.D.)
I Installed silicone “Vape bands” on the cell for better fit and prevent rattle, which worked great, you could also use a few O-rings instead.

I’m happy about the larger I. D. because the of the possibility to fit a 21700 cell.

For the light to be used as a traffic wand I created a makeshift diffuser cone using a mouthwash bottle cap and a wide rubber band to hold it on.
(broccoli band)

The only real cons I can see so far:

  • The head has a slight amount of play when in the straight position, however it’s very tight in the angled positions.
  • It’s somewhat lacking in overall brightness.
  • Tail cap threads are non-anodized (so no lockout).

Lockout isn’t really a big deal since it’s not really a carry light, and the switch is stiff enough that it’s not prone turning on by accident. I’m not sure if it’s an e-switch or “micro” clicky, (if there is such a thing) it feels more towards an e-switch compared to the tail clickys. I have to look into how to check for parasitic battery drain, I’ve not tried that before. I’m guessing just put the meter in series with the battery and set it on one of the lower DC voltage scales?

For the price this is a very useful light with a lot of features. I highly recommend it for keeping / leaving in the car as a back-up light and and for roadside emergencies. It has also been very reliable, I haven’t had any issues at all and I actually use it a lot. (going on 4 months) I like that the white COB light is more towards a neutral tint. The adjustable angle head, floody COB light, extra wide base and magnetic tail make it a great work light, I’m also happy about the possibility to fit a 21700 cell.

USB charging would have been a nice feature, however it would add to the cost. Keeping a spare cell in the car is probably best anyhow since it would take (3-5?) hours to recharge with USB. A strobe function for the main LED would have been nice as an added “emergency” feature, but only if its activation was a “hidden” mode, I don’t mind scrolling through the four modes, but I wouldn’t want a bright strobe to be part of that. Overall the outputs could be brighter but it works okay for what I use it for. Maybe output could be boosted by stacking or bridging one of the resistors, but I wouldn’t know which one.

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More listings (search) on Aliexpress:

This appears to be a clone of the Nebo Cryket. The major difference is the Cryket is 4xAAA. They also make a “Big Cryket” version that uses 3xAA.

Good review . Looks like a perfect car light.

Yes it is, sort of…but more of an upgrade than a clone…

When I bought the XANES I also checked out both the Nebo Crykets.

But they do not use Li-Ion cells and apparently the red COB light does not have a flashing mode, both big cons for me on those. The red flashing mode on the XANES makes it viable as a roadside emergency light, to use as an electronic “road flare”.

And of course the Nebo’s were 2 to 3 times the cost, I figured I may end up trying to mod mine so better a low cost in case I screw it up :slight_smile:

I did wonder if the Big Cryket would fit and run on an 18650, since it uses 3x AAA.



Yes, it may have a few shortcomings, but it’s great for the price, especially when it goes on sale.

I like your snap ring pliers.

They are great, it’s part of a set of 4 bought maybe 25 years ago. Can’t remember where I got them but IIRC they were a generic brand, way better than the generic ones of today.

BeamO does this light have dimming like the Nebo?

No it does not.

Thanks, I didn’t even realize the Nebo had stepless dimming.
Here’s a video on the Big Cryket:

IMO for the XANES dimming would be nice, but isn’t really needed, the COB ring light serves as the “med” mode.
Plus I will typically have another light, for me the XANES is a “back up” light that resides always in the car.

I would gladly give up dimming for the red flashling mode. If the Nebo Big Cryket had a flashing mode for the red light it would be a good competitor for the XANES as an auto/emergency light, otherwise I still like the XANES better for the car, regardless of the dimming feature. As I’ve stated previously the red flashing mode on the XANES makes it viable as a roadside emergency light, to use as an electronic “road flare” if needed.

Personally I’d rather use NiMH cells for a car light.
First, because they don’t suffer when fully charged.
Second, because they don’t suffer in heat.
Third, because they are cheaper. Here each 48g cell costs as much as the light. Have one inside, another spare…that becomes expensive.

But I’ll be watching for deals on this light, maybe I’ll get one too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review mate.

Is it a real XML? What is the actual lumen numbers?

I don’t think so.

Xanes never uses original Cree LEDs. I think he does not even use Lattice Bright.

What does this mean “suffer” when fully charged?

All of my flashlights use Li-ion’s and I use the heck out of them daily for years and years, I’ve not had any suffering that I’m aware of.


For anyone who want to use them this light will run on 3x AAA NiMH.


I guess that depends on where you live. Here in the Northeast USA I leave Li-ion’s in my car all summer and have never had an issue with heat, at least not that I’ve noticed.


Of course this light does not require to use 48G’s, that was only an idea for a higher capacity option. It works fine on a regular lower cost 18650, for instance 2600mAh Samsung 26JM ICR18650 ($3.27 ea.)

Cheaper or not depends on the person and what cells they have already. For me NiMH would be more expensive because I’d need to go purchase them vs the many Li-ions that I already have. (I do have some AAA Eneloops but I’m using them for something else)

The batteries I’m using in my XANES cost me nothing, they’re 2000mAh Samsung 22F laptop pulls (12pcs.) salvaged from a recycle bin. :partying_face:

I’m not saying Li-ion is better or worse, I’m no expert on batteries, just relating my personal experience YMMV. NiMH may be an excellent choice for this as an auto light, especially if you already have them, I don’t think it requires much current, but I haven’t tried it on AAA’s to see if it’s output is lower.

I am curious how run time would compare with NiMH vs Li-ion’s, my AAA Eneloops are 750mAh each, so 3x would be 2250mAh, would that provide the same run time as a 2250mAh Li-ion?


There’s a lot of listings for it on Aliexpress, but the lowest right now is $9.96
There’s even a THORFIRE branded one, in the THORFIRE “Official” Store. :slight_smile:

(10) listings on Aliexpress:

How do you tell it?

I tried looking at it with a magnifier using the photos in the fake cree thread, but I couldn’t make out if the bond wire pads were square or round:

Fake-Cree LED Awareness Thread: - The Fake-Cree LED Awareness Thread - The new "low" in Budget lights.

I can’t be sure from the pics but I find the dome on fake cree XMLs is usually hard while it’s fairly squishy on the real XML. I am not saying go and poke random leds but that is how I can tell. If I can’t tell from looking at it. If you have a real t6 around you might able to tell by looking at them side by side.
How’s the tint the lattice bright usually have a crud tint? But this may have changed.

This is by no means the original Cree.

I’m not saying it’s Cree, I’m asking how do you tell it if is or isn’t?

I tried looking at it with a magnifier using the photos in the fake cree thread, but I couldn’t make out if the bond wire pads were square or round:

Fake-Cree LED Awareness Thread: - The Fake-Cree LED Awareness Thread - The new "low" in Budget lights.
This is by no means the original Cree.

At least they aren’t advertising as Cree, the word Cree is not anywhere in the description. But they are calling it “XM-L T6”

My pleasure!


I don’t have a lux meter currently, I’ll reply again after I do some more comparing with some other lights to get a closer estimate.

It definitely could use a “boost” I’d like to know how that could be done, I’ll try to post a better photo of the driver in case someone might be able to advise on that.


The problem is I can’t see it that well, I’ll try to get the bezel/lens off and try to get a closer look, I’m sure it’s not real Cree but I wanted to know how to tell, others are saying they can tell by looking at my photos I’m just wondering what they’re seeing.


Overall it’s s a pretty good white tint, not that angry blue, it’s a cool white but I’ve seen a lot worse. To pick it apart, beaming on a white wall at about a 4 Ft. distance I see a slightly yellow-ish hot spot, surrounded by a slightly purple-ish corona, and slightly bluish in the spill. I’ll try to add some white wall shots later and a comparison for tint.

Hopefully I can get the bezel off, then I’ll see if an emitter swap will be possible, it would be fun project to upgrade the main LED for a nicer tint. The white COB is already leaning towards neutral, it’s noticeably warmer than the main LED…