[Review] Olight Array 2S Headlamp (1000lm white, 200lm red)

I’ve just published a review of the very interesting Olight Array 2S headlamp.
Compact Light Module with 3 emitters
Rear battery pack (2600mAh 18650)
Flood+spot (1000 lumens)
Flood (500 lumens)
Red (200 lumens!!!)

Review >> https://www.stephenknightphotography.com/post/headlamp-review-olight-array-2s

Battery is not user replaceable - poor sustainability? More like controlled obsolescence.

Sadly the way things are moving with commercial grade brands.
Still, the 200 lumens red light makes up for it!

if ppl need this light right now then okay.
otherwise wait and you’ll see that it’ll be discontinued within 2.0yrs, I’m gonna bet

personally i am not interested in new products which get discontinued after 2.0yrs. it’s just me. ppl who need this light right now don’t care about discontinuation, so all is good.

carry on.

I don’t see an issue with a light being discontinued in 2 years, it’s not like there are any replaceable parts anyway. It’s the iPhone of headlamps.

You need to purchase lights based on whether they meet your current requirements.