Review: Olight HS2 Headlamp (2x XP-G2, LiPO Battery Pack)

Olight HS2



2000mAh LiPO (Included)

Can Also Utilize USB Battery Packs

Switch: Electronic Side Switch

Spot + Flood (High & Low)

Flood (High & Low)

Spot (High & Low)

Mode Memory: None
LED Type: Dual XP-G2
Lens Dual TIR Lens
Price: $69.95 (Official Olight Ebay Store)
$69.95 (Official Olight Store)
Provided by: Olight
Official Olight Store

Function / User Interface:

The Olight HS2 headlamp is operated by a electronic switch that is attached to the dual XP-G2 head/housing with a wire.

The switch has a soft rubber cover that provides a small amount of grip. The switch itself has a nice tactile feel when pressed which makes it very easy to perform the double clicks to enter the different output modes.


From off:

A single press turns the headlight on with both XP-G2's on at max output.

While on:

A single press changes the brightness level between High and Low.

A double press switches to the single LED with the TIR optimized for a wider beam or "flood".

Another double press switches to the single LED with the TIR optimized for a tighter beam or "spot".

Another double press will switch back to using both LEDs. Another double press switches to "flood" and so on.

A long press turns the headlight off.

When changing between the 3 different types of beam profile the current brightness level (High or Low) will be sustained. For example, double pressing the switch while in Flood (Low) will change to Spot (Low).

The HS2 Utilizes a very nice ramping feature when turning the headlight on or off which makes a much nicer transition when turning it on in the dark.

Affixed to the rear of the headband is the 2000mAh LiPO battery pack. It has 4 small little lights that indicate the charge level while charging and if the little blue button is pressed.

The pack has a small micro-USB port on the side near the indicator lights. It is covered by a rubber tab.

Data & Measurements:

All throw measurements are lux values taken at 7ft and calculated back to 1 meter (Rounded to the nearest hundred). Estimated Max Output (Lumens) values are calculated based on measurements taken 30 seconds after turn on and are obtained through a DIY 'pvc lumen tube' in an effort to achieve diffusion of dissimilar beam profiles. As such, these values should be taken as "rough approximations."


The Olight HS2 headlamp comes in a small retail box and inside the box is this nice little soft, semi-hard container.

Inside is a bunch of goodies.

The user manual, micro-usb charging cable, cable clips, and the Olight HS2 Headlamp.

The headband has 2 cable clips pre-installed. It has 2 points of size adjustment.

Just beyond the electronic switch is the attachment point for the micro-USB connector. The micro-USB cable coming from the LiPO pack fits very tight. A USB battery pack can also be used, but some cables are not able to make connection due to the design of the cable.

The overall fit and finish is excellent. Very rigid plastic was used for the LiPO housing, switch housing, and the attachment point for the head.

The back side of the LiPO pack has a piece of foam for comfort against the back of one's head.

The attachment point for the head of the light is solid and the angle adjustment is as simple and easy as lightly pressing down/up on the head. While changing the angle is easy it holds the set angle very well.


From left to right: Olight H1 Nova, Samsung 30Q 18650, Emisar D4, Olight HS2 Headlight.

The HS2 Headlight is teeny tiny. The head is about the same size as a 16340 cell.


As with all beamshots in my reviews, every shot is taken using the same settings in manual mode.

In this location the central tree trunk is about 50 yards away. The water line is about 35 yards away. The hanging tree limb in the upper left quadrant of the pictures is about 10 yards away.

Olight HS2 High Modes - Spot & Flood, Flood, Spot.

Olight HS2 Low Modes - Spot & Flood, Flood, Spot.


The Olight HS2 is marketed as a light being "specifically designed for extreme sports and running," which I would definitely agree with. It very well built and solid. The light angle adjustment holds solid while running or otherwise moving about quickly. The size adjustment allows for fine tuning the fit on one's particular noggin. The headlights small size and light weight allows for extended periods of use and little to no strain is put on the area contacted on your head. The UI and modes are straightforward and easy to access.

The beam profiles created by having 3 modes (Spot + Flood, Flood, and Spot) at two levels of brightness for each profile allow for a fair amount of versatility in use. I especially like that the ramping when turning on or off that we've seen on past Olight flashlights has been upgraded to a full fledged feature in the HS2. The cool white tint is good with no unsightly artifacts or odd tint shifts though I would love to see a neutral white version.

If you're looking for a light weight headlamp with good runtimes the Olight HS2 headlamp might just be the headlamp for you.

All wrapped up. Excellent little headlight. :+1: