Review Olight S10 R III Baton

This is the Olight S10 R III Baton , sent for review from Olight and NO other compensation for my review other than the light.
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Price at time of this review $47.96 direct from Olight site. (regular $59.99)

I forgot to mention in the video portion of the review that this light has BOTH electronic and manual lockouts. There is also a strobe feature that is activated with 3 quick clicks of the switch.
Also I did not mention that the light has an “auto shut off” that can be programmed by a quick press followed by a long press and hold until the light blinks. It can be set to go off at 3 minutes or at 9 minutes either one. When configuring the timer you will get a single blink for the 3 minute shut off or you can repeat the quick press and long hold and get a double blink for the 9 minute auto shut down to turn the light off automatically.
I have been carrying this light for a few days now and using it when I have the chance. So far it has performed flawlessly and the little light is surprisingly bright for such a compact package. The moon mode is a very useable moon and is not too bright to my eyes , when dark adjusted , to bother anyone else that might be sleeping. The overall look and construction is also very attractive to me on this one.
The clip where it is made to go over the tube , does stick up just enough from the tube , underneath the clip , to catch just a little when putting the light in my pocket. After I learned how to put the light into my pocket a little differently though , it is not a real problem and absolutely not a deal breaker for me.
Other than the clip , I don’t have any complaints at all about the light itself.

Here is a chart with the 3 lights I did comparisons on………

Video followed by the listed specs………… Again I will mention the Video footage outside does not show near as true to life as the still beamshots do in the slide portion as to what my eyes see. The stills of the light and the beamshots start at 6:33 for those who do not want to see the whole video.

Light Form concentrated spot , very bright.
Light Intensity (candela) 3,500
Max. Performance (lumens) 600 lumens (~300lm) - 60m
Beam Distance 118 meters


Level 1 600 lumens (~300lm) - 60m
Level 2 120 lumens - 2.5hr
Level 3 12 lumens - 33hr
Level 4 0.5 lumens - 15 days
Strobe yes


Compatible Batteries 1 X CR123A or 1 x RCR123A (rechargeable battery)
Waterproof IPX8
Weight 58 g / 2.05 oz
Length x Body Diameter 68.5 x 23 mm / 2.70 x 0.91 in.
Packaging Plastic box
Package Contents Flashlight (with stainless steel clip), Customized 650mAh 3.7V RCR123A battery, 4.2V 1000mAh Desktop Charging Dock, 50cm Micro-USB Cable, Lanyard with Perforating Tool, Instruction Manual
Use for general purposes , gift, everyday carry , keychain , outdoor.

Warranty 5 years