Review: Olight S1R Baton II (1000lm, IMR16340)


This review will be dedicated to Olight S1R Baton II flashlight.

Link to the flashlight page on Olight website

What’s interesting about this light?

Well, there is plenty.

1. New knurling. This time it’s really rough looking, resulting a very not slippery surface. Plus - really nice to hold, different from any other light. The knurling looks and feels very similar to knurling on Olight SR96, but in miniature.
2. New battery level indication integrated into the power button.
3. New even smoother magnetic charger.
4. Some cool features like a two timer modes - 9 min and 3 min - for any brightness level.

Well, lets start!

The light comes in a small carton box, styled similar to all recent Olight models.

There are plenty of accessories inside: a lanyard, magnetic charging cable, carrying pouch and even a box for batteries (one comes pre-installed).

The magnetic charger now looks like smoother and overall more modern. The cable is flat and does not get tangled easily. The light can be used while charging - a definite plus. Short circuiting the contacts on the tailcap makes absolutely no effect on the light - it keeps working without problem.
The charger includes a red indicator that indicates charging and a green indicator (obviously) indicating that the battery is fully charged. I measured a maximum current of 1A while using the charger.

The light is … really nice to hold. It’s amazing that such a small device has a brightness of 1000 lumens, while being really tiny and light. The quality is as high as we expect it from Olight.

The light can operate with any high quality 18640 battery, but will only be able to charge a battery from Olight, with the proprietary connections. The battery is connected to the light with springs from both sides.
The electronic side switch now features a battery level indicator, that lights green if the battery has more than 60% power , yellow if it has 10–50 left and red if the charge level is below 10%.

Operating the light

Well, I can add that the light turns on and off smoothly (not in an instant) on high and turbo modes, and operation is very intuitive.


Will be added tomorrow

Summary, conclusion

Well, the great got greater. Like VW Golf that gets more and more advanced from year to year, so is the Baton line from Olight. Higher brightness, more modes, more features, bundled extras - no going wrong here, it’s a real monster, a pleasure to own, use and behold.