[Review] Olight S2R Baton II

Following the recent release of Olight S1R Baton II, it's inevitable that the bigger brother, S2R Baton, will follow suit with an update: S2R Baton II. First, let's take a look at the specifications:

S2R Baton II box... I'm thinking of doing away with these box shots in future as it doesn't serve much purpose for review... coz nothing special about the box. not like we can fold it to become a display case for the light or something... you know what I mean...

what's included in S2R Baton II package:

S2R Baton II flashlight, MCC II charger, User Manual, small pouch, wrist-yard, an extra black clip (for if you dislike the aesthetic of the blue clip). Note that the battery is pre-installed in the S2R Baton II and you need to remove the insulation film before charging or using.

the User Manual

and a few random pictures of the S2R Baton II...

the blue clip is aesthetically pleasing to view at for yours truly. I like it.

the bezel is slightly protruded, although I still prefer the bezel like S1R Baton II or the one on S30R III where the bezel diameter is as wide as the head itself.

engraving on the bezel ring is now a standard feature for all new Olight flashlights... CCT 7500K, CRI-70, and 1150 lumens.
(note: I'm not too sure about that 7500K... to my eyes, it seems to be 6000-6500K than 7500K)

according to Olight datasheet, this S2R Baton II is using Luminus SST-40 CW LED instead of CREE XM-L2 in the older S2R Baton.

the tailend.

S2R Baton II has do away with tailcap, the body and tail is a uni-body, like S1R Baton II, although it's still a 2 part flashlight. Olight has also "fixed" the fire-starting capability of previous magnetic rechargeable contact, they have limited the current flow at the exposed contacts to ~4.3mA for S2R Baton II and ~2.4mA for S1R Baton II.

a couple of notes about UI on this S2R Baton II:

  • utilising the trial and tested S-series UI, no surprises
  • Single click to switch On or Off the S2R Baton II
  • The main mode cycle is Low, Medium and High, mode are cycle through long press of the side switch
  • Direct access to Turbo 1150 (I tested higher) lumens by double-clicking in any mode (including from Off)
  • Direct access to Strobe by triple-clicking in any mode (including from Off)
  • From Off, long press (~2 seconds) to access Moon-mode, 0.5 lumens [*]From Off, long press (~3 seconds) to activate Electronic Lockout. If you think counting to 3 seconds is not cool, then you can continue to hold the side switch when the light turned-on in Moon-mode and let go when it turned-off.
  • To deactivate Electronic Lockout, long press (~2 seconds) until you get Moon-mode. Or you could loosen the body half turn and tighten it back, the Electronic Lockout will be disengaged due to current cut-off.

There are 2 off-timer functions on this S2R Baton II:

  • A single flash signal a short 3 minutes off-timer is in effect, while double flash signal a long 9 minutes off-timer is in effect.
  • From On, double-click and hold the side switch to engaged one of the two off-timer.
  • Repeat the double-click and hold to alternate between the 2 off-timer
  • The only way to deactivate the off-timer is to turn the light OFF and ON again.

the two parts construction of S2R Baton II

inside the body is the positive and negative terminal contact

The new MCC II charger in action...

red while charging in progress

green when charging completed.

Olight claimed faster charging for this MCC II, although it is true for S1R Baton II, but on this S2R Baton II, the increase in charging rate is not significant and it's definitely slower than using cradle charger like XTAR SV2 charging at 1A.

a small LED at the switch to indicate the battery charge level

green means all is ready and good...

yellow means you have approximately less than 50% of juice left...

red means don't carry this light for any tactical application until you recharge it fully...

Like S1R Baton II, this new LED indicator is On automatically whenever you ON the S2R Baton II in all modes [B]EXCEPT[/B] the Moon mode. I'm again don't know why would Olight left out the Moon mode but it is what it is. Guess this is one of those Olight mystery that we will never know...

The battery included with S2R Baton II


the dual polarity at the button top end (positive terminal in normal battery)

like many rechargeable series from Olight, you need to insert the battery with the button facing the tail and the flat negative contact facing the head.

Comparing with S1R Baton II

and comparing the clips that is used in a few Olight flashlghts...

My measured output of S2R Baton II

The usual disclaimer: I do not claim the above measured lumens as authoritative nor an indication of over/under-stating the number given by manufacturer. It's calibrated against some known light output (e.g. SureFire, Elzetta, etc.) so take it with a grain of salt and just as a relative reading.

and Turbo runtime test

Review conclusion: A short, small-size 18650 light that is comfortable to hold and use. The new blue clip adds no new functionality to the light, but it sure is aesthetically pleasing. What I would really like to see is: [list] [*]include the 3500mAh higher capacity battery (included in S30R III) instead of the 3200mAh [*]longer Turbo runtime than just mere 2 minutes. I strongly believe a 5 minutes Turbo before step-down is reasonable for S2R Baton II [*]Introduce a gradual step-down for Turbo, e.g. 1,150 -> 900 -> 600 -> 400. [/list]

last... I'll leave you with a section of the user manual to ponder upon...


Thanks for the review. I just ordered this light today on Olight flash sale. I didn’t realize it was gonna have the 3200mAh , ( didn’t pay attention ). How much longer Turbo runtime do you think th 3500mAh would do ?

Flash Sale??

Where ?

Flash Sale Here: OLIGHT Tactical Light & EDC Flashlights & Headlamps

I gotta try and not throw it into anyone ,even though I don’t recall having to fight the urge

Have been seeing this advertised all over YouTube and thought I´d wonder back to BLF to see what the fuss is about… It looks like a pretty crappy light, annoying proprietary battery with an average amount of lumens and runtime for a lot of money.

I think an Astrolux S42 is a much better alternative with it´s higher lumen output and standard USB charging for the same form factor.

Or our very own BLF A6 with a USB rechargeable 18650 would give similar output for about a quarter of the price, yet with more flexible re-charge options.

Just me?

Edit Should have read “propretary battery charger”

Your right , that’s all true . But , have you ever had an Olight in hand ? It just makes me smile.

If what you care about is lumens per dollar then this is obviously not the light for you.

Between my other 18650 battery Olights (M2R, S30RJavelot, S30Riii) and several other 18650 torches the S2R are still the most compact of them all, it just have the right feel in my pocket and hand , but it also have the worst beam with artifacts and rings .

If it wasn’t for that and and not so favoured beamcolour it would have been my favourite pocket torch .

It seems the new version have a much smoother beam .

Besides that their is not a at least a neutral white option as in the M2R and Novas, I’m still going to get the new version.

The existing older S2R can be utilize as a lamp with a Olight TW10 cone which btw works excellent .

I have not tested the runtime with 3500mAh, but my guesstimate is probably another 30 minutes or less in the 400 lumens range.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh you are sooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Right ” It just makes me smile.” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I do not know where you see the artifacts and rings?
The beam of the new S2R is fantastic with the spill that completely covers the walk plan.

No I haven’t have the new one yet, speaking of the older version.

Mine (older version) definitely have defects in the TIR lens which is clearly visible and show up as artefacts in the beam with definite rings.
Maybe I just be unlucky with defects in the lens.

The new S2Rii appears from yesterday on the SA website


I don’t, particularly, but I don’t want to pay 4 times as much for something which is less lumens and has annoying proprietary chargers.

I just got mine. Roma58 is right . No artifacts, no rings , nice spill. I like it .

Ok cool, then don’t. Nobody is forcing you to.

you don’t have to charger the battery in the flashlight!!! and you even get a charger… is a little annoying but thats one of those things…Have yet to buy a flashlight that is PERFECT…… and I have around 100 different ones.

Partner now has her new S2R She LOVES it and have to say it is dam sexy…the flood on this things is brilliant and no hard edges!!! Feels very nice in the hand…… Oh it is sooooo sexy!

I hadn’t noticed it in that way before , but , your right !

I realise that, I realise I don’t have to buy it, I’m just trying to understand what the fuss is - if people like it then good for them, enjoy, I’m just bemused by what the fuss is all about and trying to understand :slight_smile:

no worries…And to be honest I rarely ever charge my batteries in my flashlights or headlamps that support it as I prefer to charger them in my nitecore I8 chargers.I do this as always a little worries they may go boom whilst charging so would loose a flashlight etc. cheaper to replace battery and a charger…