[Review] - Olight Warrior X - XHP35 HI NW - 2000 lm, Vibrating Indicator - by Lock

Hello everyone ... Today I have the pleasure to review the Olight Warrior X: tactical flashlight in 18650 format with 2000 lumens of max output and Neutral White tint.

Packaging and content

The Olight Warrior X comes in a beautiful white cardboard box with all the main features of the product printed on it. The flashlight arrives already inserted inside the holster. The belt clip and the metal cigar grip come already mounted on the flashlight, the battery already inserted inside but with an insulating tab that prevents contact.

The package is complete. There are:

• The flashlight (Olight Warrior X)

• Nylon holster

• Belt clip

• Metal Cigar Grip

• Tactical Grip

• Charging cable MCC 1A

• Olight 18650 3000 mAh battery

• User manual

Technical specifications

• LED: Luminus XHP35 HI NW

• Max beam intensity: 78400 cd

• Max distance: 560m

• Max Output: 200 lumen

• Magnetic USB Charger

• Battery 18650 3200mAh (included)

AR Coated/ Smooth reflector

• Tail Switch

• Magnetic Tail

• 2 Normal levels + 1 Special Level (Strobo)

• Waterproof IPX8 (2m)

• Weight: 98.5g (batteria inclusa)

• Dimension: 23 mm (Ø Testa/Corpo) x 100 mm (Lunghezza)

Main features

• The world’s first tactical flashlight that produces 2,000 lumens, throws 560 meters and endures harsh 2-meter drop test.

• The world’s first tactical flashlight that connects to a remote pressure swith magnetically.

• The world’s first tactical flashlight that let you know the battery level at any point without seeing it.

• Easy Operation with softlly and deeply pressing the tail switch to easily change between 2 output levels.

• Magnetic rechargeable by charging directly from the tailcap via the Olight MCC USB charging cable to avoid frequent battery change.

• A wide array of available accessories.

• Use: hunting, tactical, military, security and protection, police, EDC, outdoor, professional activities, police;

Output Levels e Runtime

The Olight Warrior X has 2 levels of normal brightness + 1 special level (Strobo) divided as follows:

Turbo: 2000-600 lm declared(measured 2016-600 lm) – 1.5+80min

Low: 300 lm declared (measured 308 lm) – 4h40min

Strobo: 2000 lm declared (measured 2016 lm)

The measured data are to be considered peak and all have proved to be consistent with what was declared by the manufacturer. Following are the runtime tests on the "Turbo" and "Low" levels using the supplied 3000mAh cell as power source.

User interface

The UI is very simple: there are two modes of use (Mode1 and Mode2) managed entirely by the magnetic soft switch present in the queue.

Mode 1: by pressing the switch lightly the torch will light up on the low level of 300 lumens, while pressing fully it will access the 2000 lumen Turbo.

Mode 2: by pressing the switch lightly the torch will light up on the Turbo level, while pressing fully will switch to the strobe.

To switch from one mode to another, simply unscrew the tailcap, press the switch and re-tighten the tailcap.

The body and the materials

The Warrior X is a linear torch characterized by great strength and extreme ease of use. It is equipped with a powerful XHP35 HI (decupulate) available for this model only in the Neutral White version and able to emit a real 2000 lumens at Turbo.

Among its features there is the presence of an innovative vibrating system for low battery signaling.

The Olight Warrior X has an aggressive design. On the head presents a series of very deep dissipation fins, the central part of the body has a well done knurling and on the tailcap there are small vertical milling that help in the grip.

The electric blue bezel, easily unscrewed. Thanks to a series of spikes it can also be used as a glass-breaker if necessary

The lens is of quality, tempered glass with anti-scratch and anti-reflective treatment, the mirror polished smooth reflector. The LED is well centered thanks to a centraled white color.

The flashlight comes with the metal cigar grip and the belt clip already mounted. The cigar grip allows you to hold the flashlight in cigarette-style and can be disassembled and replaced with the silicon tactical Grip Ring.

The belt clip is well made, it has an excellent grip with clothes. It can be disassembled but only after removing the cigar grip which keeps it locked to the torch

The lettering is precise and clean, present on the central part of the body with the name of the flashlight, the serial number, the Olight and the CE logo. Anodizing is perfect.

In the package we also find a beautiful rigid nylon holster, drilled both in the upper and lower part. Here the torch can be inserted in both directions and in any case the tailcap will remain exposed outside the holster. There is also a side elasticized pocket, to use for example for auxiliary battery.

In the hand the Olight Warrior X is comfortable, it handles very well.

The threads are anodized so physical lockout is allowed.

At the negative pole (side of the head) we find a small spring while at the positive pole (tailcap side) we have a small golden protruding button.

The tailcap is flat, so the Warrior X can be used in tailstanding. The switch is very simple to activate.

A 18650 3000mAh ORB-186S30 is supplied

To charge the battery, simply use the MCC 1A magnetic USB cable to connect to the switch. A status LED shows the progress status of the charge. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

The low battery warning system is activated when the battery reaches certain power thresholds:

• Power less than 30% we will have a vibration every 5 minutes

• Power less than 10% a vibration per minute

• Power less than 5% the warrior will vibrate 6 times per minute

Beam, Tint and Beamshots

The beam of the Warrior X is devoted to shooting with its 78400cd and a theoretical throw of 560 meters. Tested in the field I could appreciate how you can illuminate well at 200 meters away with an active and exploitable spill nearby. The tint is beautiful, homogeneous throughout the beam, without an excellent color rendering

Here a wallshot ...

... and here are some night shots on the middle/long distance ...

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Final Consideration

The Warrior X is a product of the highest quality with interesting features. Treated to the smallest detail, you immediately feel the sensation of absolute robustness in your hand. The grip is excellent in any condition of use.

Beautifully aesthetic, has a particularly aggressive design given by the deep finning on the head and the nice knurling on the central part of the body.

The double stroke soft switch is well done, simple to activate and very responsive.

Convenient the integrated charging system and incorporated directly on the switch.

The interface is very simple, two modes of use, direct access to the Turbo, the low level and the strobe. I feel the lack of a Moon level and an intermediate level between 300 and 2000lm.

The adjustment is excellent, the driver is efficient and always tries to maintain a constant output. If the temperature increases too much, the brightness is automatically reduced to preserve the LED, the battery and the circuitry.

The beam is perfect, geometrically very clean, with a well-defined spot very bright and an exploitable spill to illuminate the walking surface.

The neutral color is beautiful especially during use in nature.

The package is really rich, Olight has equipped this Warrior X of everything: battery, charger, holster, belt clip, cigar grip and tactical cigar grip.

High quality product, to be recommended!

Main features

• The world’s first tactical flashlight that produces 2,000 lumens, throws 560 meters and endures harsh 2-meter drop test.

• The world’s first tactical flashlight that connects to a remote pressure swith magnetically.

• The world’s first tactical flashlight that let you know the battery level at any point without seeing it.
vibration yes but battery voltage readout is a very old feature

so what comes next 3 inch Oled screen and Adroid phone in first worlds Communication flashlight?

Thank you for the nice review!

Does the flashlight have reverse polarity protection? I hope it does since all the current lights use the battery the other way with the positive side towards the head, I can foresee lots of people inserting the battery the wrong way just by habit without thinking about it.

Is that Olight's info claiming a "Luminus XHP35 HI NW"?

Great review. I use mine daily on my early morning dog walks. Super bright with excellent throw. I love the two speed tail switch.

Olight shop


It’s a dedomed XHP35 HD.

Thanks for the detailed review and pictures. So there’s only two brightness levels? 300 and 2000 lumens? And if your in mode 2, you only have 2000 lumens and strobe?
It’s a nice tactical type light and love the pouch.
Are there any sales or GB on this anywhere?

I do not like the looks of this light, but you made a great review with beatiful pictures !

Too expensive for 800lm light.

It needs two things

  1. Lower mode (10-50lm) instead of strobe (can be switchable for the ones who prefer strobe).
  2. 21700 support.

To make things worst they are using old 18650 battery (3Ah) instead new 21700 (5Ah).
I will pass.

Beautiful pictures