Review request for HKJ [Chargers]

This thread is for review request for battery chargers. This means:

Chargers for round LiIon batteries, i.e. 26650, 18650, 14500, 10440, 16340, etc.

Chargers for round NiMH batteries, i.e. AAA, AA, C and D

Chargers for 9V square batteries.

When posting a request, please post a link to where I can get it, i.e. a shop that ships to EU.

It will usual be more than a month from I order the charger, until I can publish a review, sometimes a couple of months, when I have many in queue (My record is about 10 chargers in queue).

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Charger I will consider when my queue is smaller:

LiitoKala Lii-NL4 working on it

LiitoKala Lii-402 done

Panasonic BQ-CC65 done

Nitecore F2 done

Sofirn 8xNiMH done, not published yet

Armytek Uni C2 done, not published yet

Nitecore i8 working on it


As always, many thanks to HKJ for sharing his reviews with us!


Sold by All Battery in the states.

There was a couple of posts of a cheap usb powered single cell 18650 charger which I cant find that sounded interesting. It was something like Roche but different. I cant find it. I'm sure HKJ commented about it at the time. Price was around $6.00 from memory.

This is an interesting charger that is offered at gearbest that would be interesting to have a fine review made by you HKJ!

There is this other new brand offered by fastech that would be nice to have it review

Thanks Candil. Its this one.

Hmm… how about the Sanyo NC-TGU01 “universal” charger? Changes from AAA to D sizes. I have one, it appears to be individual channels. The slots are basically like the MDU01 USB charger… flip up or down for the appropriate cell type. Just like the MDU01, it will charge faster with 1 cell in a bank. You can also cheat by putting AAs into the C cell banks. It appears to do smart termination and is far more capable than what the new Panasonic BQ-CC25 can do (except for the fact that it can’t charge 9V… not that it matters to me).

It’s available on, but it’s not cheap… You might have some luck finding it within EU too as it was available in Europe as well as Asia (not just Japan). I don’t know about you, but this charger is certainly a keeper for me, based on its claimed capabilities (old Sanyo catalog states it is a fully smart charger, as opposed to the BQ-CC25 in the current catalog)
good pics can be found on the Thai Charger site

I have reviewed that one.

Another new charger that a member just found on Aliexpress that might show promising results

Yes, I saw the discussion and have already ordered the charger.

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant wait to see the Klarus CH4S review. I recently bought a VC4 and I’m pleased with that although I regret not waiting for the CH4S review to see if that was a better choice. HKJ thanks for all of your reviews I find them very imformative and honest. Keep up the great work.

EDIT: Totally missed that HKJ had ordered one already. Sorry to bulk up the thread for nothing.

Now HKJ is going to kill me…

SkyRC MC3000

If it ever becomes available. :wink:

The NC-TGU01’s replacement is the BQ-CC25, but it does not have the same capabilities as the NC-TGU01… slower, not as fast… no “quick mode”
The current catalog is a little confusing: it doesn’t list it as a smart charger, but it does list it have charge termination controls… overall, it made me weary of getting the BQ-CC25 (relatively easy to get), so I found a NC-TGU01 (for a good price) and haven’t regretted it since

I don’t think Panasonic will bring the NC-TGU01 back, the way this charger is built appears to be a lot more expensive than what the BQ-CC25 costs… the flip up terminals like the NC-MDU01, dual color individual bank LEDs, full control logics, etc doesn’t appear to be too cheap….

The BQ-CC25 appears to just be a BQ-CC15 with updated firmware to officially support Eneloops. Both of these instead has simple spring loaded terminals (not fixed like all the Sanyo Eneloop chargers), has only 2 charging banks, making it incapable of charging more than 4 cells… the only thing that’s better about it is its official Evolta support (which can simply be done with any new Panasonic charger, because there isn’t any C and D Evolta cells, only Eneloop) and 9V charging (no charge termination controls)… the 9V battery is not an Eneloop, not Evolta, and expensive (MSRP about $20 USD)… so it’s not something to be missed

Anyhow, the NC-TGU01 can be found relatively easily used in Japan, but not so much in other countries due to far lower sales volumes…. maybe ChibiM can help you with this?

Interesting new 1*18650 charger from BG:

Gearbest has the same (I believe) and has promised to send me one.