Review request for HKJ [Rechargeable Batteries]

Lithium Ceramic Batteries from ProLogium

It appears that Klarus has added the same cell to their catalogue now:

Again, I don’t know where to buy it yet.

It’s interesting that they claim to use a Panasonic cell inside.
I don’t see any 16* cell on the Panasonic site…

The following are only a few suggestions, first two LiFePO4 cells for which I'd like to se how accurate are their ratings (33A continuous and up to 1800mAh in 18650 cells is interesting):

Finally the much acclaimed Samsung 20S, theoretically tested before in a Vapcell wrap:

Various other interesting cells in nkon's lineup.

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Hello? :}

I remember having suggested the Samsung ICR18650-32A in the past here (#384) and there (#465), guess it was forgotten and/or something went wrong… :???:

How about the above LiFePO4 cells? Heter is a quality cell manufacturer, but I have seen next to no reviews of its cells.

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Good question with the 32A, I have tested them long time ago, but did not publish it when I found out it was at the wrong voltage (4.2V charge, they are only about 2700mAh at the voltage).

I have some cheap LiFePO4 in queue and I may also look at your last suggestion, but 20S is not in stock.

The following is a few suggestions from a seller in AliExpress who is rewrapping some kind of chinese/korean OEM cells or whatever. Noticed the ukrainians behind the video in the thread “Testing 18650 Safety - Russian Style” were using EAIEP 26F pink wrapped cells, cells which totally look and seem to behave like some fake 25R cells I got months ago. Decent and cheap stuff:


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Mmm, none of those EAIEP offerings look appealing?

We can be glad we can buy lots of first OEM batteries in their original industrial wraps, which is because brave retailers manage to get and market them. However, due to the li-ion battery OEM to consumer sales reluctance/reticence I do not see an easy way to buy non-first OEM (LG, Murata, Panasonic, Samsung) cells except with a non-OEM wrap.

China is still a bit of an isolated land with certain good OEMs and products. Since the unit price of these cells is super affordable they could be top candidates for a large battery pack, of course for as long as their performance and consistency are decent at the very least. The aforementioned ukrainians were building e-bicycle battery packs with them.

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I have ordered two of them.


May we know which ones? A little birdie told me the wide triple leg pink wrapped “26F” cells come from BAK. I may delve in a more detailed identification if I can find some chinese indigenous lad willing to cooperate.

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EAIEP 18650 2500mah INR18650-25R discharge lithium batteries electronic cigarette Battery 18650 2500 25R
EAIEP New Original INR18650-33E 3300mAh Li-lon Battery 18650 3.7V Power Rechargeable batteries Max 30A discharge

Finally sources for Klarus 18GT-36UR start showing up.
Pricey beast. :confused:

LoL thanks. I'd have likely chosen the same models. Both 33E and VTC7 seem to use the same cell underneath and I wonder if they could be rewrapped LG MJ1 cells. With respect to the penta-leg top 25Rs, no idea.

That cell is likely to use one of the top OEM available high capacity cells, maybe an LG M36.

Steep pricing. I'd look for alternatives.

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I believe there are no alternatives of equivalent quality.
It seems that most of usb-rechargeable 18700 cells use 18650B or similar cells, low discharge and OK capacity.
Klarus has used 18650GA in their cells before in their “3600” cells and I expect that’s what’s inside this one; better at both discharge and capacity than others. Though yes, it may come with a M36 or something similar.
Aside from a better cell this might have a lower-resistance protection circuit as well.

If they aren’t already in the test queue, would you please test the Liitokala 21700 4000mAh 5C discharge

from Aliexpress store 133859 (Edit: Reality is bent*. I have no idea what is real anymore)

You can get them at the 11/11 sale price.


sharply curved or having an angle.
“a piece of bent wire”
synonyms: twisted, crooked, warped, contorted, deformed, misshapen, out of shape, irregular
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As real as any other AliExpress seller.

Lishen LS21700SA OEM cell, true 3C rating. Already reviewed in their yellow Lii-40A wrap.

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I agree. It is hopeless. There are too many Liitokala stores and websites to know what is what. I edited my post.

Liitokala’s website at links store 217753. < sigh >

217753 has the yellow 21700s and the black and gold 26650s.

Store No.217753
shenzhen, Guangdong, China

LiitoKala Power Co.,LTD(DongGuan battery factory)
Add: No.38 Changsheng Road, Tiantangwei, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong,523690,China
Contact: ZhangNi
TEL: +86 13760394452
Email and Skype :
Office hours: (HK Time) Mon - Sat: 9:00am - 22:00pm

The “other” LiitoKala website at links store 133859 < big sigh >

This one has the pink 21700s that might also show up in red or blue. They also sell the blue 26650s

Add: 6th Floor,Ling wu industral Road 8 D,Shenzhen Guanlan Junzhibu,Guangdong province,518110,China
Tel: +86-13417331508
Office hours: (HK Time) Mon - Fri : 9:00am - 6:00pm

Purchase link:

Just found this fairly priced sale for Panasonic NCR18650BM cells:

Couldn't find any meaningful review besides this video:

SKV89 mentioned this cell back in January.

Maybe a high quality cell for small electric vehicles.

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The cells that you propose have the same specifications as this model: Panasonic NCR18650BD 3180mAh - 10A - 18650 - Li-ion - Rechargeable batteries | NKON

What are the differences between these two cell models (both from Panasonic)?


There's the “BD” and the “BE”, and now this “BM”. All I can say is the capacity figures that guy in the video gets, even if at 0.25A discharge rate, are rather beefy.

I miss some formal Panasonic cell reviews.


You forget the BF and BL too, lol, it’s really unclear their name, it seems to me that the BE and BL are 7-amp cells, the BF meanwhile gives 4.9 amps it seems to me?