Review request for HKJ [USB Power Devices]

I would love to see a review of the YXYZStudio ZY12 or/and the USB 3.0 version YZXstudio ZY1231.
The USB 2.0 version is currently offered with 19% off at AliExpress.

please review this XTAR U1 Six-U 45W 6-Port USB Charger

I have ordered stuff from the 3 last entries and hope I have time to review it when it arrives.

very cool, thanks :bigsmile:

Would appreciate if you could test this


Theres a new version for both red and green YZX studio meter with lcd screen (not oled), it now comes with a microUSB input port to measure the resistance of the Usb cable under load. I also uploaded and tested the 2015 version of the YZXstudio meter, although not as complete as HKJ would test.

I’m interested in one of these Allocacoc Powercube usb/power outlets extenders
Could you consider doing review?

Ordered power bank and power cube. My usb stuff queue is getting very long.

Thanks HKJ!

I do believe this :wink:

A days work:

I did most of the testing on these today, I do still need a few tests and to write the review and do a tear down.

Looking forward to the review!

Maybe you should open a patreon site :slight_smile:

For your TODO queue, a “USB meter/tester” UP LCDV02/LCDV03 (listed at ebay, banggood and aliexpress) :


- cw3002d - Buy cw3002d with free shipping | Banggood Shopping

PD: It was tested in a chinese forum:

Thank you.

HKJ do you already have this one pending for review?

Tronsmart/AUKEY 3-port QC2.0 wall adapter, I have both versions and they are identical, I have been testing mine with 25W of load and it works fine.

I think HKJ has already reviewed that meter… or a very similar one

XTAR U1 USB charger

I may test this one, but for now I am looking at YZXStudio.

I do have some Aukey and Tronsmart in queue, but I do not remember if that model is included.

I hope Xtar will send me one for review, but I have not heard from them yet (I may buy it when I find it in a shop).

Which ones ?

PD: new table with new models.

ZY1266 is the latest and greatest model, so I vote for that.

I do have the ZY1266 on order, I do also have a few others, but it is probably the ZY1266 that is most interesting and with the minor price difference there is no reason to consider any of the others, except for USB3.
But the first review will probably be their load.