Review request for HKJ [USB Power Devices]

Maybe YZXstudio 8th Gen 8-cell powerbank?

Or tthe Vinsic VSPB303B with LCD numbers:

Found this USB 3.1 Type-C Power Delivery Sniffer:

Seems to have a good reputation on amazon:

That is a Indiegogo project, I may look at it when I can get it from a shop.
Now production seems to start in november, so maybe in 2018 some copies hit online shops.

Again some interesting power/cable metering/indication devices:


This Xiaomi ZMI 20000 mAh?

It supports QC 3 and USB PD 2.0 protocols. It means you can charge some USB-C notebooks (like Mi Notebook Air or Macbook Pro) or QC powered devices. Seems really good. Price is even better (40€ right now). Would appreciate a review!
Thank you

Here’s a “Big Clive” video teardown of one of those rectangular five-port-USB power supplies (this one labeled “Swees”) that leaked a potentially lethal mains 220v onto the USB side:

Bad assembly QA — transformer winding insulation had been scraped off during assembly, allowing the transformer to short internally, then the fault had been taped over.

Here’s the Amazon page:

Looks identical to 5-port power supplies sold under a lot of different names, doesn’t it?

Here’s another description of the thing: The worst gadget ever supplies mains power over USB | Boing Boing

That is “only” a QA problem, not a design problem with the charger.

> not a design problem

Yep. The reviewer made the point that it was well laid out with good components, just poorly or carelessly assembled leaving a gap in the insulation on the transformer winding wires that put mains voltage on the USB side.

When I google ‘USB charger electrocution’ I see a surprising number of reports where the mains power somehow got to a person via a USB cable that should have only been carrying 5 volts.

I’m glad my utility only supplies 110v rather than 220v.

It is not really surprising when you look at some of the cheap chargers, some of them are very bad in safety.

Kaidomain JN 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC 8.4V 3A Battery Charger

I found another fancy UPM.

Can't find a real manufacturer name for it, but it comes in two models apparently
WEB-U3SE and WEB-U3MFi. Or WEB- is the brand, I don't know :)
But The MFi model looks like an affordable way to check lightning cables...

I found a link to the first one here :

Also found some more info : for the WEB-U3MFi for the WEB-U3MFi for the WEB-U3SE

IIRC, there are 2 ways to check ‘certified’ MFi cables:

  • without connecting any load, the Lightning cable should have around 0.0004A (not sure how much tolerance allowed)
  • when switch to QC2/3 mode, and changing a voltage > 6.xx volts, the Lightning cable will not allow it (something like that, I can’t remember the details where I found it… will check)

So, the MFi likely uses one of the above methods.

The ZY1276 with latest firmware (Oct 2017?) is supposed to also add the MFi-checking feature…

New ideas for reviews:

3D-printed Smartphone Supercharger with USB-C:

Tesla Desktop USB Charger:

Tesla 1x 18650 Powerbank:

another one (USB monitor) but from RD tech (also BT communication version)

User manual and PC software download link:

Power bank supporting PD3.0 and QC2.0, have three ports, micro USB for input (QC2.0), USB C in/out (QC, PD3.0), USB A for output (QC3.0, PD3.0)
price is about 25 USD

ROMOSS PIE20 PRO 20000mAh Power Bank QC3.0 PD3.0 External Battery For iPhone8 iPhoneX Type C Two way Quick Charge PD3 Power Bank

I guess DodgeReviews did a video review of this:

FYI They now got the new UM25 & UM25C version

I have a Lenovo P2 smartphone. It has a very large battery (5100mAh) which is charged very quickly when using the supplied charger (rated at up to 12V - 2A). This phone is sold in Germany and thus the charger supposedly meets all the safety requirements here (GS, TÜV Rheinland).

The phone does not have quick charge, but instead Mediatek Pump Express .

Now the interesting thing is that this charger can be bought cheaply on aliexpress (same model for different phone model from Lenovo called sc-10, mine is called sc-13 and looks the same except for the additional German markings like GS and TÜV).

Interesting with EU in the name for a charger with US/Chinese plug.

I don’t think the Chinese sellers pay too much attention to that kind of stuff.

I found another seller on Aliexpress selling the same model and here somebody wrote that it indeed charges the P2 just as fast as the stock charger.

EDIT: I just noticed that both sellers state that it isn’t available anymore. :frowning:
EDIT2: Here is the actual EU-model, also not available anymore.