Review request for HKJ [USB Power Devices]


It would be interesting to have a test on this tiny charger :sunglasses: Thanks

AUKEY Ultra Mini USB Charger 2.4A

I have ordered the EU version of it.

:+1: Super :laughing:

I’d like to suggest this USB power tester:

That Kickstarter was a couple of years ago.

Yea, now it’s available for preorder. But i wouldn’t pay $160 if i don’t know when and if the shipping take place.

ripple testing...don't know how is realistic....

Aliexpress have a big sale, that means it is the right time to post review ideas for discounted stuff from them.

i have 93 items in my cart on aliexp and usually i buy them evaluating price fluctuation and EUR/USD forex variation.... beware that there are legit sale but many prices are also rised few days before and marked as sale when they just have the normal price, or less discount...sometimes the price is even few cents more than usual discounted price.

This is the lowest i found 38.96 on Aliexp General Sale

My 2 cents

Sound like an invitation for links (;

POWER Z USB PD Tester Voltage and Current Double Type C Instrument FL001

POWER Z USB tester QC3.0/PD Digital voltmeter

POWER-Z USB PD Tester QC3.0 2.0 Charger Voltage Current Ripple Dual Type-C KM001

RD UM24C USB 2.0 Color LCD Display Tester voltage current meter Voltmeter amperimetro battery charge measure cable resistance

Kotomi+Pro High Precision Color USB Current Voltage Meter Capacity Coulometers PD QC Trigger Line Resistance Test

35W constant current double adjustable electronic load + QC2.0/3.0 triggers

2018 LiitoKala Lii-S1 18650 Charger battery for lipo rechargeable battery aa ni-cd 26650 AA AAA,Auto-polarity detection 5V 1A

Support Type c MiNi Micro usb iPhone5s/6s Lightning protocol Single wire clamp USB data transfer test board USB adapter plate

High quality CAR USB tester voltage current capacity testing voltmeter Battery tester Monitoring Crocodile wire Alligator clips

USB Alligator clips Crocodile wire Male/female to USB tester Detector DC Voltage meter ammeter capacity power meter monitor, etc

1Pcs/lot High Quality 2 X 18650 Battery Holder SMD With Bronze Pins Battery Storage Box TBH-18650-2C-SMT


After the Fonken Qc3 test, there is a basic version “Smart 2.4A”
Very inexpensive 3-4 euros.
It would be interesting to have a test


I have other Fonker chargers on the way (One review is already written) and now I have also added this to my queue.

:+1: Great Thanks,searchweb201602_2_5722916_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_5722816_10342_10547_10343_10340_10548_10341_10697_10696_5722616_10084_10083_10618_10307_5722716_10059_10534_100031_10103_441_10624_5722516_10623_10622_10621_10620,searchweb201603_19,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=877766f0-18b4-4e2e-bf9d-85d63ec11786-23&algo_pvid=877766f0-18b4-4e2e-bf9d-85d63ec11786&priceBeautifyAB=0

i posted wrong topic, i hope you take a look in this

I will.

Polaroid PS100 power bank with AC output.

This actually looks pretty cool, I wonder if the refresh rate is high enough to properly test ripple. HKJ will you be buying this to test?

Is ripple testing something that look like this?

it’s looklike that, but an oscilloscope would be better to capture some peak

XTAR USB probe
“XTAR USB probe is specially designed by XTAR engineers, with good conductivity, perfectly connected to DRAGON VP4 Plus for testing voltage and internal resistance of battery”