REVIEW: ROFIS R3 Multipurpose flashlight

This light was kindly provided by ROFIS for review.

ROFIS R3 is the latest addition to their R series multipurpose product line. While previous models R1 and R2 use smaller batteries, R3 is a full-sized model powered by single 18650 cell. It is designed as multifunctional flashlight featuring adjustable head angle, magnetic charging, reverse polarity protection, low voltage warning, magnetic tail cap, lockout mode and included headband.

Packaging and its content

ROFIS R3 arrived in a well-made book type box, where the front can be flipped open. It has nice graphic design and there is basic information on the packaging about main features, accessories and output levels. It would indeed look good on any store shelf and is very presentable, when given as a gift.

Front side

Back side


Apart from the torch which came with clip installed, the packaging contains magnetic charging cable, one 18650 ROFIS branded battery, headband, spare O-rings, lanyard, user manual and warranty card. As everything is included, the ROFIS R3 can be operated right out of the box.

Included battery is a protected ROFIS branded 18650 3400mAh Li-Ion type, mine arrived charged at 3.6V. During transportation, the battery is inside the flashlight, protected by a plastic tab, which needs to be removed.

Design and initial impressions

Although the ROFIS R3 is the largest model in the R series, it is still very compact and would be perfectly fine for EDC. Overall quality of machining is excellent, there were no burrs, scratches, rough spots or any flaws in anodization. The circular knurling pattern provides very secure grip and is significantly easier to clean than the classic diamond pattern. Laser engraving is also very crisp. Thanks to its futuristic design I find the ROFIS R3 highly aesthetically pleasing.

Size comparison with similar sized flashlights - Nitecore MH20GT and Astrolux S1

In right angle configuration

The tail cap is flat allowing the torch to be used in candle mode or for ceiling bounce indirect illumination. There is a strong magnet in the tailcap and hole for lanyard. The magnet is significantly stronger than the one in Skilhunt H03. Threads are square cut and were heavily lubricated, there is an extra dab of grease near the sealing O-ring.

The “business” end of the ROFIS R3 has a polished smooth reflector housing a XM-L2 U3 LED. Again, there was no dust or dirt in the reflector, and the LED was perfectly centered. The lens has AR coating applied and is sealed by a glow in the dark silicone ring. The head assembly is protected by a polished stainless-steel bezel for additional protection. Due to a rotary mechanism, the angle of the head can be adjusted freely in the 90 degrees range allowing to direct the light as needed. During operation I did not run into any problems, but only prolonged use will tell how the rotary mechanism holds up in the long run.

Reflector comparison, ROFIS R3 in the middle

There is also the magnetic charging connector which allows for external charging with proprietary cable and any USB port, for example a powerbank. This is especially useful while traveling or hiking. When charging, the R3 can be used in low mode, therefore minimizing downtime without light. According to manufacturer, the charging current 1.5 A, taking around 3.5 hours to fully charge the included battery.

To my surprise this connector also works under water. Test was performed for one hour in regular tap water.

The only switch on the ROFIS R3 is located under the head assembly on the body of the flashlight. It has short travel distance and solid click is needed for operation. It is also quite small, so operating it with gloves could be a bit tricky. It has a status led in the center, which serves as an indicator:

  • Upon battery insertion – short green flash means battery capacity is between 100-40%. Red flash means capacity under 40%
  • When charging – red continuous light. Green continuous light when charging is completed.
  • Upon wrong battery insertion – indicator will flash red and green

There is also a sturdy clip available, which allows to attach the ROFIS R3 to a backpack, pocket etc. Due to the adjustable angle head design, the positioning of the clip is a bit limited. Personally, it fits me best as it came installed.

The headband

As a true multipurpose flashlight, ROFIS R3 can be used as a headlamp with the included headband.

The headband is of good quality, easily adjustable, with center strap for extra support. The ROFIS R3 can be inserted to the orange silicone holder even with the clip still on, but then the head must be on the left side, otherwise it is hard to point the flashlight downwards.

If used without clip, I would insert it with head to the right, allowing for right hand operation. Due to the adjustable head, it can be also worn on the side of the head (firefighter style).

User interface, output levels, runtimes and other specifications

ROFIS R3 has very user friendly interface. As there is mode memory, single click will turn on the last used mode, but not moonlight or turbo. For moonlight there is a 2 seconds press from off needed. For turbo use a double click instead from any mode or from off. To cycle between the low medium and high mode, just hold the button pressed. Single click will turn the flashlight off. Triple click will activate Strobe mode, a long click from there will change to SOS mode. Long press from off will initially activate moonlight, if being held it activates lockout mode. As the tail threads are anodized, mechanical lockout is possible as well.

Output levels and runtimes as per manufacturer’s specification:

Turbo -> 1250 - 560 lm / 1 + 199 minutes. There is a time based stepdown to prevent overheating.
High -> 560 lm / 205 minutes
Medium -> 230 lm / 10.5 hours
Low -> 20 lm / 83 hours
Moonlight -> 0.25 lm / 63 days
Strobe -> 900 lm / 6.5 hours
SOS -> 900 lm / 5.5 hours

Maximum intensity -> 9410 cd

Maximum distance -> 194 m

The moonlight mode is on the low end of the range, many may prefer slightly higher output for example 0.5-1 lm. There is also quite a big jump from low mode with 20 lm to medium with 230 lm. While the 20 lm may be too low around a campsite, the 230 lm medium mode might be too bright. An extra level for “general use” of around 70 lm would be great addition.

I did not detect any PWM flickering. According to manufacturer, ROFIS R3 has a constant current driver. There is also low battery warning – the indicator led will flash once per second to remind battery change.

ROFIS R3 is waterproof according to IPX8, 2m underwater submersible, impact resistance is 1m.

Weight of the flashlight without battery is 70.9g, length 121.8mm, diameter at head 24.5mm, 22.7mm at tail.

Beamshots and field testing

Beam profile:

The small diameter smooth reflector has medium range throw with larger, round hotspot in the center. There are no significant artifacts or imperfections in the beam profile. Overall, I would rate the beam profile as mixed beam with some throw and decent spill.


There are two tint options available, cool white and neutral white. My example has the neutral white tint, which should be around 5000K according to the sticker on the packaging. This is where I see area for improvement though. I have multiple neutral white flashlights and the ROFIS R3 has quite some greenish hue especially in the lower output modes. However, when used outdoors and on any of the higher modes, this is not a serious issue.

Apart from obvious use as handheld flashlight and headlamp this light works amazingly well for stationary illumination. This is due to the combination of flat tailcap with strong magnet and angle head design, which allows to fasten the light to nearest metallic object and turn the head so that the light shines where needed. I can imagine using it at late night barbecue, during emergency car tire repair, at a campsite or during power outage. Thanks to this design I would also recommend this as a long running work light for industrial use.



  • Excellent product bundle with all accessories including high capacity Li-Ion cell – great as a gift even for non-flashlight enthusiasts
  • Presentable packaging
  • Overall machining quality and attractive design
  • Magnetic charging option
  • Truly multipurpose flashlight with angular head design and headband
  • Flat tailcap with strong magnet and lanyard hole
  • Possible electronic and or mechanical lockout


  • Greenish tint on lower modes in the neutral white version
  • Big jump between low and medium mode

Possible improvements:

  • Better neutral white tint or different LED emitter (for example XPL HD)
  • Slightly higher moonlight mode around 0.5 lm
  • An extra power level between 20 lm and 230 lm, for example 70 lm would work fine for general use and long runtime
  • The orange silicone holder loops could be a bit beefier, offering stronger hold of the flashlight

For full specifications, visit manufacturers web here: ROFIS R3

Dioda, good review.
Fully agreed , this light looks promising if there is another level between the low and the middle mode .
Anyone organizing GB for this light ?

Nice review for a nice light. I would be down for a group buy also.

Thanks for the review!

What do you think, is it easy to remove the bezel and swap the emitter to something more pleasing? Also is the MCPCB your standard affair which could be replaced by a KD or a Noctigon one?

I tried to remove it by hand, it didnt move. Will try with pliers, but gotta find them first in my shed :smiley:

There is high chance that the bezel is press-fitted. I assume so due to its shallow depth and its look from the side.

Thanks for the review. Interesting to see Rofis stick to their guns with the rotating head!

Noticed any drop in output?

Slight drop is present at the high mode, when battery is getting almost drained. Otherwise the output is pretty stable.

I bought the NW version but it’s around 5500k, I guess they sent me the CW version

I’d love to remove the bezel and swap the led for a XML2 U3 3D 5000k one

Thanks for the review! :THUMBS-UP:

My MR70 needs a partner.

Nice review!
I want to gift one of those to my dad, but the proprietary cable is putting me off :(( and the TR20 has no moonlight :TIRED:

There is no issue with the proprietary cable. In any case, you can use a regular charger.

I think the issue is that the magnetic charging cable is proprietary.

Yes, and I really like the idea of the magnetic charger, but having to take another cable to travel is a bummer.