Review: Rofis TR20 AngleLight

I received the Rofis TR20 from Rofis for the review.

The light comes in this box.

Inside the box: the TR20 with a 3400 mAh 18650, holster, micro USB cable, lanyard, spare o-rings.

The TR20

XP-L Hi emitter with smooth reflector

The distinctive feature of the TR20 and many Rofis light: a metallic joint that allows to “tilt” part of the head, so you can have a linear flashlight and a L shaped light in one single light.

Pics from another side of the moving part.

Under the tilting part of the head there’s a micro USB port that can be used to charge 18650 batteries. The port is protected by a rubber cover.

Magnet feature
The hole that holds the magnetic tailcap doubles as tripod screw

On the head there are 2 switches, they barely protrude.

They are easy to reach even when the light is “twisted”.

The clip is not reversible, but the body is, meaning that you can reverse it and have the clip in both positions.

Threads are well made and anodized on one side of the body, so you can physically lockout the light.
At the positive pole there’s a spring, so button top cells are welcome

There are 2 switches, one closer to the body (lower) and one closer to the LED (upper). Press the lower switch to turn the light on and off. When the light is on, click the upper switch to cycle between the modes (lower, low, medium, high, turbo, lower…).
When the light is on, press the lower switch for more than one second to turn the light off and activate the locator (the green LED under the swtich blinks twice every few seconds).
When the light is off, keep pressed the upper switch to turn the light on at turbo mode.
When the light is off, keep pressed the lower switch to run the light on at moonlight mode.
When the light is off, double press of the upper switch to turn the light on at strobe mode.
When the light is on, keep pressed the upper swtich to activate strobe.
When the light is turned on, the led under the switch will blink indicating the power: green(>50), red(<50), red flashing(battery almost empty).

The sheath is MOLLE compatible and allows to carry the light in both positions.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall

Output and runtime
Output and runtime have been tested with the provided Rofis 3400mAh 18650 battery.
I tested the cell discharging at 2A until 2.8 volts are reached in my SKYRC MC3000.

My thoughts
The light is well built, and the head tilting feature is functional and solid (it requires quite some force to activate). The magnet in the tailcap is a nice touch.
The integrated micro USB port for charging the light is welcome.
The UI allows have quick access to last used mode, lowest and highest output, something I look for in every light. Also, it allows to change level easily, and works fine both when the light is in linear or L shape.
The sheath is well done and allows to carry this light both in linear and L shape.
The clip works well in both position. The battery indicator feature is simple to understand and does not bother you. The free 18650 battery allows to power the light right out of the box, making the TR20 good for a gift since you won’t need a separate charger and separate battery.
The beam on the TR20 is a bit tighter than I’d thought for a L shaped light, considering that they are often used to walk around without holding the light with the hands, and thus doing the spill will start a couple of meters from your feet. So, I’d like to see this light with a flooder beam, with a softer hotspot that would also help not disturbing the vision in the close tasks. Maybe replacing the emitter with a domed one, or using a satinated glass/diffusion film would do the job.
Except this minor flaw, I can’t find anything wrong on the TR20. The price to pay for the tilting feature is a bit more lenght, but this has to be expected.
I’d like to see a NW version of this light.

Thanks to AntoLed for the luxmeter and the camera.

1. When the light is off, double click the upper switch to activate strobe.

2. No memory for moonlight mode.
Moonlight mode activate only when the light is off and keep pressed the lower switch.
You can not click the upper switch when light is on to cycle moonlight.

Great review as always :beer:

Fixed. Thanks.