Review: Romisen RC-N3

This is another small review......again not going to bore the members here with lux readings and runtime graphs since i dont have any way of measuring both. But what i can tell you is my experiences with the light. This is a Q5 version that i bought from Shiningbeam since he was the only person that was carrying the Cree Q5 at that time unlike Dx which was selling the P4 version. The N3 is a versatile light taking 2 AA's and one primary cr123 and also will handle rcr's of the 3.7 volt variety. I have used this light in the rain but have not submerged the light in a dunk test. In 2AA configuration i get about 3hrs of runtime, this of course depends what cells are used, in pocket rocket mode i get about 30-35 minutes which is not bad at all for me.

Battery: 2 AA Or Cr123-RCR 3.7volt cell
Switch: Forward Clicky
Modes: 1
LED Type: Cree Q5 XRE
Lens: Glass Lens
Tailstands: No
Price Payed:

In Cr123 format its small, the other lights in the pic are also of the same variety except for the last light on the end which is an AA light.

And i would like to post a good tip on the battery rattle which is caused by the first chamber since its the part of the light that accomodates the cr123 cell. You can put two o-rings on each end of the cell, and insert the cell into the chamber but please make sure that you have the barrel off that fits the second cell.

I will be posting beamshots later on tonight.....just as soon as it gets dark. Here are the beamshots on a whitewall, they seem to be the same brightness too my eye on an AW and two AA's. Batts were fully charged of course. The shot on the left will always be the N3 on an AW 3.7volt cell, the shot on the right will be the N3 on 2 AA Duraloops. The last two pics are stepped down.

Looks cool bud, nice review..

Thanks man......


what is the blue tape on your lights

It is tennis grip, my hands tend to sweat and if a light does not have aggressive knurling then the light just slips if i push the switch in.

i have cure for that

So whats the

Beamshots have been posted.

I agree with you completely Al, the RC- N3 is one of China’s bargains, either from DX or better still from Bryan.

I got around the rattling battery issue in a less ingenious way than you did, I made a small tube from card stock of a suitable size and dropped it into short barrel before I screwed on the longer section.

It seems to work well enough and costs little, which is good considering how cheap I am.

Hey you use what works, right. I used the o-rings because they were right in front of me, so i was like hey i'll try and use those somehow.

We obviously think along the same lines Al, use what you have at hand and waste nothing.

come to Scotland in winter sweat wont be a problem

Dude its in its twentys now......and we keep our house in the 70's and my hands still seem to sweat. lol It doesnt happen all the time but for some reason it happens when i hold a light.

Very nice review Al, thanks for the details! Beautiful beamshots there too. I turned on the 5-star rating widget for you too btw.

Thanks again!

For brightness on both battery configurations i gave it a 4, because i know the N3 on DX's site would have been cheaper to get since now it comes in a Q5. Another thing that i like to mention is that with Bryan he will actually test out the light before he ships it out to me.

That is an advantage, DX would save a lot of money and time if they did a simple test of their products before blindly shipping them out.

Yes it would, there RMA traffic would be on the low side. Its a bummer when you open the package, install the batts to realize that the light doesnt work.

Especially after waiting 40 days!

If i were to order from DX right now it would take up to a month for me to get it....of course it depends if the light was in stock.