Review - Sipik SK68 Zoomie clone

There has been a lot of reviews and mods of this legendary flashlight, but I figured, it can’t hurt to have another one, especially very short one.

When this light came out, it was just a marvel of a budget flashlight 1xAA light it also takes 1xAA or 1x14500 batteries, which is good for both for newbies and pros as well.

My lights came with variations of 3 modes.
H-L-Strobe - this one is not bad
L-H-Strobe - this was my favorite one
Strobe-High-Low - my last purchase, which I can’t really stand and it must have been a clown who programmed it that way.

Price paid was around $4-5 for 3 mode versions, there are some 1-mode versions being sold as well.

Reverse Clicky has an Orange Rubber Button

Next to a “Mystery Zoomie”

In general it has a nice throw and a projection of the LED can be see when zoomed-in (on the RIGHT)

Name of seller?Pill is hollow or solid?
Thanks for your review

these things never go out of style, i dont think.

the “trend” was gone on these being fashionable, and, by the time i got here? was late at the end of the “98” phase, the tail end of the 501502 craze.

but, all they DID was go from “must have fashion trend”? and into “we all have one or more already”. They became like SALT, as in everyone has one.

flashaholics? and even NON flashaholics that “discover” the flashlight world? buy these things 10 and 20 at a time off ebay and amazon, and hand them out like soda pop on hot days.

they would probably be even MORE popular still?if we could all “count” ona HALF decent build…

1) switch that doesnt need replaced at the drop of a hat
2) half decent body
3) does 14500, not just AA
4) a HALFWAY decent hollow pill we can at least “meat up”
5) for ME, i hate it when a cheap zoomie “stops” short of showing the EMITTER at full zoom.
6) a CLIP, and a clip that doesnt break the instant you clip it to a piece of paper,let alone your pocket or hat.

I mean, if i could have a decent clip oriented right? i wouldnt really need a head light, honestly.

i would probably buy 10 of the TOMORROW for gifts and to have a few laying around? if i knew for SURE the pill was moddable and the emitter focused up without modding it to extend it. I hate that, its like taking away the whole POINT of havng a cheap zoomie, for me.

even when someone reports a decent one? the NEXT batch form the same seller? might be worse.

these are “not important” but really they ARE, they are like SALT… everyone has to have one.

like a compulsive property

You are welcome.

I think the pill is hollow and aluminum. Will post a picture soon.

you are completely right, I couldn’t even get these delivered with the same modes. Can’t remember the seller’s name but it was on Amzn and this was after they “cracked down on the fake fakes”.