[Review] Skilhunt EC300 || 4 x SST20 + RGB, 1 x 21700 || Output Measurements and Outdoor Beamshots

The flashlight was sent to me by Skilhunt for review.
Here's the product's link for more info: Skilhunt EC300

The EC300 comes in a very nice, textured cardboard box.

The following accessories are included:
- Skillhunt 21700 Battery
- Wrist lanyard
- Type-C charging cable
- Pocket clip
- 2 x replacement o-rings
- User manual

The flashlight comes with a very nice gunmetal grey anodization.

The body of the light contains some nicely machined grooving for added grip.

Some thick heatsinking grooves are part of the head.
Those will be get handy when you run the flashlight on Turbo

An head mounted e-switch is used to operate the flashlight.
It's secured in place via a metal retainer.
The switch's rubber boot contains little dots, which provides a nice texturised surface.

The e-switch is backlight and will shine to indicate the battery's level during normal operation (at turn on) or during charging.

Opposite to the switch we find the charging interface of the light.
The interface uses a type-c port which is covered via a rubber flap.
Notice how the flap is attached to the light via the black rubber ring.

A metal, lightly crenelated bezel is in place to protect the lens of the flashlight.
The bezel is anodized in the same colour as the switch retainer.

The EC300 comes with a frosted TIR lens setup. 4 x Luminous SST-20 emitters are used (either CW or High-CRI).
The unit I was sent was the CW one.
Additionally, there's an RGB emitter in the center of the reflector.

The tail side of the light is flat, which allows it to tailstand.

Some very fine vertical grooves are machined on the tail to allow for better grip whenever the user tries to tighten/untighten it.
Additionally, there are two drilled holes to allow for the installation of a lanyard.

The tail includes a thick copper spring.
The head and body are glued together, so the only way to insert the battery is through the tail.

The tail's threads are anodized and arrived lubricated.
Thanks to the anodization, the flashlight can be mechanically locked out.

As already mentioned, a detachable pocket clip is also included with the flashlight.
The clip is two-way and provides great retention.

Finally, a Skilhint branded 21700 cell is also part of the bundle.
The rated capacity of the battery is 5000mAh.

User Interface

The EC300 uses Skilhunt's propriatary firmware, which is slightly altered to fit the RGB functionality.
You can see all the supported actions in the following diagram.

Overall I'm a long time fun of the UI, as it provides a great set of features while maintaining a slim footprint.


Here's my output measurements along with the current draw for each output level.
The measurements were taken using the included 21700 cell.
Please note that my measurements are for the CW variant of the light.

As we can see, the EC300 pushes 2300 lumen OTF lumen at turn on.
The manufacturer's output ratings seem very close to what I measured.

Thanks to the TIR setup, the flashlight produces a very wide beam.
Mode spacing looks great.

Outdoor Beamshots

Finally, here are some outdoor beamshots.

Todo: In the upcoming 2 days I'll also be uploading my thermal regulation graph.

Wow, looks very nice.

Thank you for the review. I like the Skilhunt went with a high CRI option. This light is definitely on my list to buy.

That’s indeed a good choice :smiley:
Too bad that the unit I received is with the non CRI emitters. I think I might be trying to mod this one!