Review Skilhunt H03 TIR lens - COUPON UPDATED


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Hi everyone.

Earlier this month, I received a Skilhunt H03 from Gearbest. It’s a 1200 lumens headlamp powered by a 18650 battery or two 16340 batteries. It can be used independently as flashlight by detaching it from the headband.

The main shape of Skilhunt H03 reminds me to Xtar Warboy and Nitecore HC30, but they’re not exactly similar. It comes in three models as following:

H03: Using TIR optic, resulting a flood beam pattern
H03R: Using reflector and clear lens, for thrower lover
H03F: Using reflector but has flippable diffuser

All models are available in both cool and neutral white. The model I receive is neutral white and it’s pretty impressive.

Here’s what I got, packed in a nice looking (and strong) yellow cardboard.

Here are what I got inside the box:

  • Headlamp

  • Rubber holder

  • Headband

  • Pocket clip

  • Spare o-rings

  • Operating manual

  • Lanyard (not pictured, I sat on it and didn’t see it there :D)

No battery is included in the package.

First Impression

The shape of the headlamp itself is nice. The metal bezel that keep the TIR optic gives a strong look and secured by four torx screws. The switch is located at the side of the LED part when I stand the flashlight up.

Here’s the switch details, it’s translucent and look strong. The fins design is also impressive, they’re deep and thin, designed to help heat dissipation during the flashlight usage.

To help you estimate the dimension, here’s Skilhunt H03 posing together with the famous Manker E14 and an unprotected 18650 battery scrapped from an old Sony laptop’s battery.

Components Detail

I’m unable to open the head so here’s the best shot I can get for the driver.

Behind the spring on tail cap, there’s a strong magnet that will help this headlamp easy to mount to any ferrous metal surfaces.

Skilhunt H03’s body is made from what they call aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It’s a lot thinner than Manker E14’s body but feel strong.

The diamond knurlings on the body is decent and comfortable on my palm.

The company’s logo and brand is printed on top of the flashlight and there’s a hole where we can attach a lanyard on it.

And here’s the highlight, Cree XM-L2 U4 is seen beneath the TIR optic below.

With the working voltage from 2.7-8.4 Volts, we can use a single 18650 battery or even two RCR123 batteries.

It’s a plus because some other flashlights can only using 2 x primary CR123 (non rechargeable) and unable to accept 2 x RCR123 (16340).

Rated output is maximum 1200 lumens with beam distance up to 100-150 meters.

Headlamp or Flashlight?

You’re given the choice to use this flashlight as either flashlight or headlamp. Attach the Skilhunt H03 into its headband and it become a headlamp.

Or detach it from its headband and put a pocket clip on it and voila… it becomes a flashlight.

Unfortunately, the clip position can’be reversed because it looks ugly and I doubt it will be functional.

Anyhow, you can also attach the clip on your chest as an angle light just like what I did.

Flashlight Operation

Skilhunt H03 has four main modes and all four main modes have their own submodes which is accessible by double clicking the switch at any mode.

Click the switch to turn on the light at the last memorized brightness level. Another click will cycle into its four modes. Long-press the switch to turn off the light.

From off, long-press the switch to access low mode. Or, from off, double click the switch to access turbo mode. Or triple click from off mode to access disco mode then double click to switch from three special disco modes.


As mentioned before, the TIR optic used on this headlamp resulting a flooding light with no visible hotspot.

Here’s wall shot taken from 2 meters away, nice flooding light!

Now let’s take a look at the outdoor shot.

Distance between camera (and flashlight) to the banana tree is about 15 meters. All pictures are taken with manual exposure: 0.6 sec, f/1.9, ISO 400.

Control shot:

Low mode, submode 1:

Low mode, submode 2:

Medium mode, submode 1:

Medium mode, submode 2:

High mode, submode 1:

High mode, submode 2:

Turbo mode, submode 1:

Turbo mode, submode 2:

And here’s the animated version of those pictures above:

Pretty impressive, isn’t it?


Skilhunt H03 is an impressive headlamp (1200 lumens) that can be used as flashlight. It has many modes but the access is easy. Shortcut to low, turbo, and disco is an advantage. Working voltage range is 2.7 - 8.4 volts so we can use 2 x 16340 batteries as well.


  • Lightweight.

  • 1200 lumens is impressive.

  • Accept 1 x 18650, or 2 x CR123, or 2 x RCR123 (16340).

  • Available in 3 models (TIR, reflector, or flippable diffuser).

  • Super flood light, illuminate wide area.

  • Available in both cool white or neutral one.


  • Clip position not reversible

  • Turned on by single click, turned off by long press. Not ideal interface IMO.

the tint is look too white in the picture or it is just me?

Yes, it looks too white on picture but actually it’s more neutral than pictured.
I believe it because I forgot to calibrate white balance on my camera. My bad.

Here’s wall shot compared to On The Road M900 and Olight H05S for reference:

do you have any other headlamp to compare with skilhunt?
i got skilhunt H02R CW and want to buy skilhunt H03 TIR lens NW for more flood

I compared my SH H03 with my Zebralight F600Fd and they are very similar in both lumens, flood and tint, and the H03 is half the price.

My other headlamps are Zebralight SC51, Fenix HL23, and Olight H05S.
I’m afraid they’re not really comparable to Skilhunt H03 because they’re completely different animals.

Great review! One of the favorite headlamps. I have the H02R, the output is almost exact same as the ZL H600 XM-L2, and is brighter than other headlamps in this price range: Xtar H3 and Nitecore HC30. Skilhunt claims 820 lumens but it surpasses many “1,000lm” lights I have.

I want to get the H03R for the smaller size and heatsink on the back (the H02 has a hollow room behind the shelf), but my eyes are all over the ZL H600MK3.

Very nice review LZ! Thank you!

Those beamshots are really well done, mate. Nice review too.

Can the lamp be used in the headlamp holder with the pocket clip on it (i.e., without removing it)?

Updated OP with discount code.

Thanks, man.

It’s possible to insert the torch into the holder without removing the clip but it won’t be easy to operate though.

i think i’ll buy it, thank for coupon

For the price vs quality and performance, which one would you guys recommend between H02 new (820-380-110-5) and H03?

One con I have found with H03 is that when the light is on you have no direct acces to turbo. Not a big deal but when using my NC MH20 sometimes it’s nice to be able to go to turbo without having to click 3 times. Another thing is the memory within the modes. I’d like to see it come on always in the lowest setting with a long press. Now if you are in the highest setting of low and turn off the light, a long press will take you back into the highest setting of low. Not a big deal but sometimes it’s annoying. And the silicone holder for light could be made a little less bulky like the zebra lights ones. With the skillhunt ones it doesn’t make sense to remove the top strap unles you cut the holder.
One more thing: I think if you have direct access from off to moon and turbo these two should be excluded from memory, it would make for a more versatile UI I believe. So long press for moon, double click for turbo and normal click for mid or high.
Like I say I’m just nitpicking here cause I really love this light, it’s my EDC. Specially with the TIR, such a nice beam and color.

Is it better then nitcore hc30? I saw that H03 has better runtime, and I think this should be why I’ll buy this one…

Hi! what is your recommended 18650 battery for skilhunt H03? :slight_smile:

Because H03 is shorter than H02, I will prefer H03.

I tried some batteries (flat top) and all are fine.

thank you lumenzilla! :+1:

is the coupon expired?

Just checked, I think yes, sorry.
I’ll ask them if they have another coupon.