“REVIEW”: Skilhunt M200 [2019] - 1x18650/2xCR123a – 5000K High CRI – 1100 Lumens – Configurable UI [PIC HEAVY]

There’s a version V3 out now for the M200. 1Lumens did a review of it. The UI has been changed… AGAIN. It’s now 3 groups (low, med/high, strobe), and they’ve removed the customization capability. It looked intriguing to me at first, until I spotted one glaring flaw. Once you’re in a brightness group, you’re in it until you turn off the light. You cannot move between them (e.g. Low group to Med/High group and back). So basically if you’re on low and need high, you have to turn the light off and back on again! That’s a pretty notable design flaw. No other lights do this.

Frankly, I found the UI v2 version to be pretty decent and it seems there’s a lot of sentiment for it. I really don’t understand why Skilhunt got rid of it.

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Nice review man, thanks !

I recently got the M150 V3 with that UI and it’s not bad really. I never had a V2 to compare with, though.

I think of it more like LMH in the main group, with two not-moonlight moonlight modes from off (the L1 and L2), then the two turbo settings. It works pretty well, probably not so well for people that really want low-low modes/real moonlight or firefly, and/or that are switching from low-low to higher modes frequently. They were on here pretty recently discussing a way to keep the L modes in the main rotation and seemed very receptive to it (I think they came up with 2C from L modes to enter the main group, sounds ok).

The M150 with the 519A 4500K is really nice. One of very few lights now that will take a true flat top 14500 like the old Sony and Sanyo versions.

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Yes V3 519A I like a lot. I am noticing though that it terminates charging right about at 4.08 V. Would like to see it fill up a little further at least.