Review: Small Sun ZY-C10-S Flood-to-Throw

I would like to use mainly on a hunting rifle. Maximum 100m is the ethical distance especially at nigt, but you know, the farther the better. So i don’t need those spill, and ringy light, just a game size spot at 100m or more. Btw, i saw a Small Sun T13 aspheric mod 200k+ which impressed me a lot, not too expensive(24.2$ at manaf) so i think it would be the perfect choice

Ohhh, for a rifle mount. The T13 will certainly have a spill area though, compared to a tighter beam of an aspheric, or even the Jacob A60.

But which will have a bigger range either factory or modded? Doesn’t the tighter beam. means more range?

Well stock, if you get a good ZY-C10 (big if), it's probably better than a stock T13 (63 kcd vs maybe 35 kcd?), I posted above in post #92. Well the T13 is a fairly big reflector light, and again, aspherics aren't that efficient in the small size, budget range. I have a T13 that does 155 kcd - XM-L2 de-domed, resistor mod, still conservative amps of about 3.2 if I recall. I'd love to have a small pocket size aspheric that can do 200 kcd, but I haven't seen one - best I've seen/heard is my T20 that does 135 kcd.

Ok, thanks for the advice. Then i may order the t13, and mod it i like. I have no experience with throwers, so i’ll see, maybe not tje tightest beamer is the best.
Again, thanks.
Maybe i have to get both B)

Yeah, guys, he's not talking about a stock T13 but an aspheric modded versiin which should really kick butt compared to a ZY-C10. ;)

Ohh, that's right - seem to recall a T13 mod'ed with an aspheric head someone did to get 200 kcd. If you can get the amps up, a T13 should do 200 kcd with a de-domed XM-L2 U2 - I've done that with a SS T08 and basically the same/similar reflector.

Yesyes, but turning a custom head for custom lens would be cheaper than that crelant head, and also could be made for bigger lens.
Time will telll, see you soon.

Aspherical lights are mean for throw… A UF T20 cannot outthrow SS T08 or T13 (assume all are heavily modded) simply because of the lens diameter of UF T20 is so much smaller than T08/T13 reflector diameter. If diameter are the same the aspherical lens could focus more light towards front.

And which one would you prefer, the t13, or i saw an uniquefire x6, both are 24$, and there can be more great flashlights for this price

Hmm… it’s really depends on your need or preference. The aspherical lights when in zoomed they have almost no any spills to speak of, and output lumens loss by a lot in zoomed due to lesser light from the LED can ‘hit’ the lens. while for reflector lights they do have quite some spills, always.

So both aspherical and reflectored lights have their own characteristics, it is an apple-n-orange question, which I can’t really say which one is better than the other, at the end it will come down to your choice and application. :slight_smile: However for budget range lights (I exclude Crelant, Tiablo, and Dereelight) I am yet to see a flashlight that comes with big aspherical lens.

Thanks man, then i’ll go with reflector now, maybe an aspheric next time.
Then i came across some new facts, that i haven’t been aware of: I can see two alternatives, the T13 and the UniqueFire x6s. Both are same price, but both have advantages and cons:
The t13 has one or two mm bigger reflector(both around 50mm), but it is not quite a deep type, while it may be a pro if you upgrade it to aspheric, i don’t know if it is unhealthy to the upgrade leds with reflector, especially dedomed, which if i know well have already smaller radiation angle(?? rendering the reflector useless??). Also if i fry the driver, it is almost impossible to get matching with side mode switch.But, it has nice resistor modz, crelant compat. On the other hand the Uniquefire has kinda crap switch, which is hard to replace, and the pill is not so thick, but it has deeper reflector to the diameter, and omits that secondary switch. Also it comes in nice grey.

According to this topic: Taking a look at the UniqueFire UF-X6S - Update, now modded, 5Amps, NW XM-L 80+ CRI thrower!

I am to choose between this two, but i can’t by myself.

Well, dedoming the LED doesn’t affect the light emiting angle AFAIK. Yes, I used to believe this wrong theory as well, thinking that dedoming a LED would not help in reflectored type flashlights but only with aspherical lights, but I was wrong… dedoming a LED will increase the “surface brightness” of the LED, which would help in both aspherical and reflectored type flashlights. You should check out Dr. Jone’s further explanation here :slight_smile: .

I do not own neither T13 nor the UF X6, but how about this Skyray STL-V2 , which throws very good. Some members here measured reading of around 45kcd (424 meter throw according to ANSI standard).

That’s a cool flashlight, i wish i’d own one one day, but a bit high for my budget, read a review, and i don’t prefer the twist head mode. Just another thing to go brown. While it is a great flashlight, i dont think that plus 4-5mm is reflector size(which is also not so deep) would worh 1.5times price.
Please excuse me, son’t think that nothing is good for me whatever you say, it is simply out of the desired budget(which started at 13:money_mouth_face: and that mode switching is especially not appeal to me.

Hello, I know I’m unearthing this thread from a watery grave. I just purchased one of these lights and am looking for a tape switch. I saw someone posted a link to one, but I don’t understand how it connects because I don’t see any threads.

Any help would be appreciated.


OK it looks like you need to gut out your Tail Cap of the RC Switch and replace with the Remote Switch.

Yeah I really don’t want to do that. Or maybe I will just buy a spare tail cap and gut it.

Ooooh! I think I found one! zy-c10-s pressure switch

Here are some photos from the Small Sun that I purchased from OSTS.