Review: Sofirn SC21 Pro w LH351D 5000K

Any output graph? I think a driver is just FET based.

Charging works great, tapers down as voltage rises.

Charger shuts off above 4.1v… perfect!

here is what can happen if a battery is left on some chargers for too long

Charge only under Adult supervision.

The SC21 Pro is easily moddable. The bezel on mine was not glued.



the Ramping UI works perfectly with the Red LED… from super low, to super bright, and all points inbetween… :+1:

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Mine was glued, but that did not stop me :sunglasses:
I used some silicone jar opener gloves :smiling_imp:

Sofirn SC21 Pro w 660nm Red LED

more pics here Sofirn SC21 Pro mod to 660nm Red - Album on Imgur

Im quite fond of this little host… and enjoying the button leds on my nightstand

making plans to go car camping so I can use the tailmagnet on my tailgate… LOL

SC21 Pro w 520nm Green LED


Xmas Party :wink:

jon_slider, congrats on your lights :wink:
Seems like you have a nice collection there !! :partying_face:

Sorry to ask, but:

- does the SC21 goes as low as the SP10 in terms of brightness?

  • are the bezels of the 2 lights intrechangeable?

This may be written somewhere already but I’m not finding it :person_facepalming:

Thank you in advance :wink:

No and No

SC21 Pro has a low of 0.2 lumens
SP10 Pro has a low of 0.01 lumens

SC21 Pro bezel and reflector are wider than SP10 Pro, the parts are not interchangeable.

SC21 Pro reflector is throwy, has a nice tight hotspot with a clean transition to spill
SP10 Pro reflector is more floody

SC21 Pro has a tailmagnet
SP10 Pro tailmagnet is a separate purchase

SC21 Pro has built in charging, and the switch button has two green LEDs
SP10 Pro has neither

SC21 Pro has Anduril 1
SP10 Pro has Anduril 2

Thank you very much for the several replies and clarification :wink:
I was thinking about getting a SC21 but I guess I really won’t go that way.
The lower levels of the SP10 are better and even not having built-in charging, I can solve that with the Olight charger in case I want to use Li-Ion only.

Thanks once again my friend :wink: :beer:

I always enjoy sharing info w you MascaratumB :beer:

Both SC21 Pro and SP10 Pro have great features, I hope you enjoy whichever you choose ;-)’

As you know, Both is Best… LOL

I do not like looking for the button, in the dark, on sideswitch lights such as the SP10 Pro.

I like the lighted button on the SC21 Pro much better. I dont use the built in charging, but it is a good feature for a newbie’s first LiIon light.

finally figured out how to flash Anduril 2 onto SC21 Pro
details here:

How is pwm on this light? I read a zeroair review which said the pwm was horrible. I know jonslider is not a fan of pwm , so I was surprised to not see a mention of it here.

> I read a zeroair review

unfortunately, zeroair does not post the frequency of the PWM, so I dont know how to use his data

fwiw, all anduril lights use PWM, but mostly at a very high speed that is not visible to human eyes

I do not see flicker in actual use. I dont think it would be any different than your experience w other anduril lights…

just checked a stock SP10 Pro (dont have an SC21 Pro on hand) on the lowest mode, in a dark room waving the light held in my hand… I do not see any PWM dots, my iPhone does not either:

imo the SC21 Pro is a great little light, I dont hesitate to recommend it.
I like that I can locate the straight sided button by feel, plus I like the leds in the button, makes it easy to find the light on my nightstand.

if you like tailmagnets, it has that too, and if you want a total one stop shop package, the SC21 Pro comes complete with USB C charging built in… and the clip is nice and deep carry. The only downside is the clip is too tight to fit a baseball cap, but the Longer Olight S Bend clips fit the light too.

Thanks for the prompt response, I imagined it wouldn’t take long to hear from you on this topic. I found all of your response helpful, as was the original review.

I’m currently traveling and can’t see all the pwm pictures easily. but the couple I did look at have a period of roughly 50 microseconds. This translates to a pwm frequency of 20 kHz. For some reason I was thinking that in general anduril lights didn’t use pwm. But as I pondered this more I realized the controller chips generally only have digital output, so pwm would be the result. Glad in this case it’s not visible.

BTW, I have a SC21 pro incoming and am looking forward to comparing it to my S1R. Still waiting also for the RRT-01, maybe it will be there when I return home

safe travels
from my limited reading, over 3kHz is not considered to be “biologically active”

malkoff uses PWM of 312Hz and told me “most people dont notice it”. Hds has PWM about 450Hz, again, almost no one mentions seeing it….

so though I remain skeptical about the effect of LED lights circuit frequency, used for long term ambient lighting… (I say the same about zebralights btw), it seems that Oscillators are part of the package, if I want to play in the LED lighting pool… :wink:

fwiw, my beloved RRT-01 can also flicker visibly at lowest modes, and still not show PWM dots when waving… Ive come to accept fluctuations as unavoidable in LED lighting.

a couple of considerations about SC21 Pro

  1. it comes w Anduril 1, not Anduril 2, it can be reflashed, which I find challenging, but effective

2. I like the Wurkkos TS10 better than the SC21 Pro and SP10 Pro. For my personal urban EDC preferences.

3. SC21 Pro has a more throwy, focused hotspot and smooth transition in the spill than the SP10 Pro. The TS10 is more floody, as is expected from a triple.

4. Only the TS10 has choice of Aux light color. On SC21 Pro, the button LEDs are only available in green. (changes to red while charging, very effective). No aux, no button light on SP10 Pro, button is hard to find by touch.

Thanks, home safely.

Interesting, and good to know, thanks.

Yeah, I realized that, I have parts and pieces to reflash the Attiny chip (16, or 25, or?) in the D4 and LT1, hoping with some mechanical tweaks it would work with the SC21 as well. Or for starters might just go with Anduril 1.

Hmm, I’ve not been paying much attention to flashlights for awhile, didn’t know about the TS10. Don’t really need in light charging, like aux LEDs, but probably will hold off for now, or at least until I see how things on the way work out.

Thanks for the detailed response!

Always good to share info w you sbslider
enjoy your return home

I just got my SC21 and I am simply loving it.

The only issue I found is the switch, which feels a bit mushy and has no tactile feedback. The SC31 button has a nice tactile feedback when pressed.

@jon_slider Can you tell me if this is a issue with my unit or it is by design?

Different slider here.

I’m with you on this one. I returned my first SC21 because the switch seemed “not right”. I have had a similar experiences with the SC21 I have presently. I’ve chalked it up to being trained to use the light/switch as its been built. For the most part it is functional, and I love everything else about it.

You are not wrong, but I have gotten used to the button feel.

I tell myself that since the button is just a plunger, that presses against the actual switch button internally, I think of it as “normal”.

I have had maybe half a dozen SC21 Pro, and they all have had a similar feel. I can agree you could call it a bit “mushy”, in the beginning of the button travel. I just make a point of pressing deeply and deliberately, when using the switch.

This early travel being not active against the internal switch button, actually makes me feel safer carrying unlocked. There is very little chance of the external button being pressed deeply and deliberately enough to actually trigger the internal switch, unintentionally.

Another reason I dont worry about lockout is that I disable Turbo, and only use ceiling, of 120/150. This means there is much less chance of burning a hole in my pocket IF it was possible to create an unintended button press in pocket.

Bottom line, I have gotten used to the SC21 Pro button “personality”, and it is not something I expect to be different, on a replacement light.

Thanks for sharing your impressions of the button “feel”. I have no doubt that you have experience with other button types on other lights, that make the SC21 feel “different”. (softer, and without a “clic”)

I do agree it is a tiny button and takes some getting used to. It does have some “takeup slack” as the plunger is first pressed. The SC21 Pro button definitely feels different than the short stroke button on my TS25, which has almost zero travel before it trips the internal switch button. And the TS25 button actually feels like it is clicking. Otoh, the TS25 button does not have an indicator LED, and I would feel more concern about it being pressed too easily, by accident, when in pocket…

Not all buttons are created equal… LOL

I hope you both adapt and find the SC21 Pro button functional, and predictable, when pressed deeply enough.

I actually prefer the tailswitch on the TS10, over any sideswitch button. However, the SC21 Pro has a tailmagnet and a lighted indicator switch button, so I tolerate the sideswich, for the other features of the light.