[Review] Sofirn SC31 Pro 5000K (Luminus SST40) Kit

It's here! The 5000K Luminus SST40 version of a popular series of EDCs from Sofirn.

Everything needed from a great battery to reliable charging for basic to advanced (and entertaining) flashlight use is included.

Let's take a look and compare the sample I received. The business end (5000K on left):


I've had the 6500K version since September and the finish has handled deep pocket carry in jeans very well.

The USB-C charging port is correctly aligned and depending on clip position, the cover stays in place when removing from pocket.

What many have been asking for. A CCT comparison. It is rosy but not as much as it appears in this photo and no greenish hue.

I compared output of the two tint versions (5000K on left) in my light box and there's only a 360-370 lumen difference. Here are my raw lux values (the factor is 0.45 for lumen calculation):

This following graph may need a little explanation. I haven't calibrated the 5000K but I've done so with my 6500K. With all the flexibility of Anduril for safety, it's probably better that these are shipped to the masses with less heat production from turbo, leaving a more experienced user to up the performance to their liking. It's not shown but my calibrated light ramped back up and flattened at >800 lumens.

I like the SST40 so much that I upgraded my previous EDC with one. Here's a comparison of the Sofirn SC31 Pro 5000K (left) and one from another source, a 5000K SST40 in an SP32A v.1:

I never noticed the yellowish tint to my SP32A until I put it side-by-side with this rosier SC31 Pro. That brighter spill is from the SP32A.

For those of us who have bought the previous SC31 versions, this Pro version just about provides everything wanted in an EDC including ToyKeepers' Anduril firmware along with high quality materials and fabrication.

Sofirn has provided a 25% off discount code on AmazonUS for the kit: HNQBV2MU

Thank you to Sofirn for providing the flashlight for this review!

I'm not sure how much it gets used by purchasers but the manual that's provided is small but perfectly legible and useful.

Thanks for your professional review!