[review] Sofirn SC31Pro kit

[CCed from my Amazon review of the critter, still waiting for pix to be “published” so I can link them here]

Nice extension of the SC31 family!

As the happy owner of a few original SC31s and a SC31B, I was eager to see what was new about the “Pro” version.

I had to go check the history books, but the original used a XP-G3, the ’B used a SST-20 for more throw, and now the ’Pro uses a SST-40 for sheer power, up to 2000 lemons. :))

Some differences are the black clip vs the older typische chrome clip (neither one a deep-carry clip, sadly), and the head (due to the different reflector, I bet) is a bit shorter. All could “lego” battery tubes and tails from other models such as the FC11 and SP40, and the shorty tube fits as well, letting you use an 18350 cell instead of an 18650, if you want an even shorter and more “pocketable” light. Even the parts from a gold SP32Av2 lego together, for an “interesting” looking light!!

The kit includes a 3000mAH cell and cable, which lets the light itself charge the cell via usb-C. Also included are the clip as mentioned, a lanyard, and extra O-rings as well. In short, everything you need. :))

One significant difference is the inclusion of the Anduril user-interface (UI), which gives you a stoopit-high number of options and configurations to let you customise the light like you wouldn’t believe. You don’t need to do it, as it works nicely out of the box, but it’s all there. It’s definitely worth investing the time to get into it and configure it as you want, and you’ll definitely get the most out of the light.

I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of a 6500K light (the only color-temperature in stock at the time) but it turned out to be quite nice, not Angry Blue at all. While there’s a hint of green in the beam, it’s not objectionable at all. In fact, the all-around color and tint is pretty decent. Color me surprised. :stuck_out_tongue:

The included cell clocked in at about 3000mAH on the button, which is a good sign. I didn’t have time to run multiple capacity tests on it, so only one sufficed.

The light is very well put together and “aligned”. The button, Sofirn branding, and bacon-in-a-triangle symbol were all perfectly aligned, as is the CE/ROHS mark exactly opposite, by the charging port.

Operation is pretty simple: click on, click off, press’n’hold to adjust the brightness. There’s a stepped setting of 7 discrete steps, and ramping which lets you adjust brightness up/down continuously. 3 clicks from on lets you toggle between discrete steps and ramping.

3 clicks from off blinks out the battery voltage, eg, 4 blinks, pause, 1 blink, longer pause, repeated over and over, “spells out” 4.1V. Clicking again turns if off. Handy to see how much juice it has left. Of course, the side button lights green or red to let you know when the voltage dips too low.

Charging is simple, just plug the cable into the light and into a usb source (laptop, adapter, powerbank, etc.), and it’ll light red when charging, green when done. As I said, simple!

You can adjust the button to glow (when the light’s off) either bright, dim, off completely, or “animated”, with 7 blinks when off.

To really get a feel of how the light can be programmed, just read up on Anduril, as it’s waaaaaaaaay too much to go into. And that would be reviewing the UI, not the light.

Fit and finish on the light were perfect, with no dings or scratches anywhere. Elsewhere it was mentioned that the edges of the cooling fins on the head were a bit sharp, and I had to go looking for that to see, Rubbing a finger around the circumference, they felt perfectly smooth, but if you ran a finger longitudinally along them, on the “corners” you can feel them being a bit “grabby”. If I had to go looking for that, I doubt it would’ve bothered me in practice, but…

Knurling on the body and tailcap is fine-pitched, enough to feel rough for some grip, but not coarse enough to “bite” when holding it. If you let the light get wet or oily, you might prefer a coarser knurling, but for me this was fine. I even like smooth lights without knurling at all (eg, the SD series of dive-lights).

Plus, if you have an SP40 or FC11, etc., you can mix’n’match tubes and tailcaps from any of those to create the light of your dreams. :love:

Me, I like the design quite a bit, as it’s reminiscent of a larger version of the Lumintop Tool or Wuben E01, despite being a side-clicky vs tail-clicky. It’s a “classic” design, nothing odd or unusual about it.

So that should have touched on almost everything, I hope. It’s a great extension to the SC31 family, and I’d definitely recommend it, even if you already have the original or the ’B versions. I’m set to get another one as a spare. :))

As usual… a thorough and entertaining review with good info re. lego’ing!


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the link to the critter is


with a clickable 5buk-off coupon, and Sofirn code SFSC31OROT to knock another 8bux off the price!

What’s your thoughts on running this on 18350?

SST 40 nearly always has a green tint somewhere in the beam

I wanted to try it, but can’t find the f’n shorty tubes. Forgot if I got any lights that came with one, and I know I ordered a tupac of shorties from Amazon, but fiik where they are.

With a decent cell that can supply the current, it’d be a kick-ass compact little light.

The sp40 comes with one if you have that.

Tupac loved the shorties

I run EFEST 700mah 10.5a and the SP40 short tube and the flat tailcap. Will go for a couple weeks of occasional house use before it hits 3.6v and seems capable of max output as well.
Still have to order a different clip and its perfect small edc, only slightly thicker than AA powered edc the m150

Thank you for the nice review! :smiley:

The SP40’s the only one with included shorty tube? Guess I don’t have (another) one, then, just the 2 from amazon. No right-angle lights at all ’cept for T-type headlamps.

Someone once asked if anyone has a shorty tube for something that wasn’t being used, and I knew I had one and wasn’t using it but fiik where it was buried. A Lumintop, maybe? GTmini/-micro?

Ooooh, that’d be interesting, if the tube for an 18 (ie, the ’mini) and the threads, etc., would fit….

You’re welcome! Still waiting for the pix, though… :neutral_face:

Yeh, the 1buk S2+ deep-carry clip would be ideal but the band is too narrow for the groove on the light, so it’d flop around at a weird angle.

S2+ clip works with the 18350 tube. Registers well on the smaller groove of the tube.

Hmm, may have to get me some 18350s. Have SP40 with the shorty tube and it works fine on the SC31 Pro as well. Clip that came with both of them works just like shown with the picture only with the tube going in the other direction. Wonder what the effect on the thermal throttling is with the shorty? Also wonder if the smaller size would really make that much difference in the pocket. Really don’t mind the 18650 and I thought I would.

I think the SC31 pro is great. I looked to see if the side button light would indicate low voltage and ran the light down to 3.0 volts. The side button light remained green. Is it possible to with Anduril to configure the side button light to turn red at a set voltage, say 3.5 volts?

I Love this torch and really want to buy an 18350 tube for it
Where can I find just the tube that will fit?

You’d have to ask TK if that’s possible, as I have no idea.

I’d love to have LVP kick in at 3.xV, not the usual on-death’s-door 2.whateverV.

Sofirn probably has them on their website, ’though I got mine (no longer available) on amazon.