[Review] Sofirn SP31 V2.0 - dual-switch XP-L HI tube light

Sofirn SP31 V2.0

I was kindly offered this light for review by Sofirn. I have made my best attempt at keeping all remarks honest, fair, and impartial. I thought this must be a brand-new Sofirn, but for some reason I see a handful of posts about from several months ago. Not sure how I missed this one until now :FACEPALM:

In the Box: the SP31 arrived in a nice sturdy retail box a 3000 mAh Sofirn-branded battery, a basic charger, and a micro USB cable.

Overview: the SP31 V2.0 is a throwy-ish tube-style light. It has both a forward-clicky tail switch and a side e-switch with embedded battery indicator light. The tail switch has on-off duties while the e-switch iterates through the 5 modes.

What I Like:

  • As usual for Sofirn, it has nice quality: lubed square-cut threads, good anodizing, and a solid feel to it
  • Decent CCT: also typical of Sofirn, it’s just on the cool solid of neutral
  • XP-L HI with a smooth reflector helps give the SP31 V2.0 a reasonable amount of throw for it’s size and plenty of lumens
  • While I haven’t disassembled it (yet), I’m guessing it has a buck driver. The runtime graph seems too flat for it to be using a FET or linear driver.
  • Good compact size

What Could be Improved:

  • Honestly, it’s difficult to complain about anything here, but if I had to pick something… I might recommend temperature regulation vs a timed step down.
  • The mode spacing could also be improved a little. I feel like the first 4 modes could all be reduced a bit.

|Flashlight|Measure Lumens|Measured Lux|Meters|
|Sofirn SP32 V2.0|1162 lm|8,050 cd|179m|
|Sofirn SP31 V2.0|1163 lm|17,900 cd|268m|
|Nitecore P12GT|1077 lm|20,150 cd|284m|

Lumens and Runtime:
|Measured Lumens|3|58|178|575|1163|
|Spec Lumens|5|50|160|500|1200|
|Spec Runtime|291 hr|26 hr 49 m|9 hr 45 m|3 hr 41 m|2 hr 37 m|

Runtime Measurements:
The runtime graph is nice and flat. There’s a hard step-down at 3 minutes. I took a few temperatures readings (still room, no wind or other cooling) and it never got above 51°C.

Conclusion: This seems like a great throwy tube light. Nice and pocketable, and won’t break the bank (poor man’s P12GT, anyone?)
And at the time of this writing, the SP31 V2.0 kit can be found on Amazon (non-aff link) for $36.99. Considering you get a well-built light, a battery, and a charger, that seems like a pretty good deal.

And now for some comparison shots:

Left to right: Sofirn SC31, ThorFire TK15, Sofirn SP32A V2.0, Sofirn SP31 V2.0, and Nitecore P12GT

Does it tailstand well? The v1 I purchased some time ago could tailstand, but was somewhat unstable. I ended exchanging the tailcap with a UV Convoy (I don’t really need momentary ON). I’m not sure if Sofirn fixed that.

I got the v2 not that long ago, and I think it’s basically still the same situation - when off, it really can’t tailstand at all, but when switched on, the button will be depressed just enough that it can tailstand (though probably not in the stablest of ways).

So basic throw and output compared to the P12GT would be?

Just double checked… mine tailstands flawlessly. The tailcap doesn’t even touch (though it’s very close).

Did you see the table under the “Throw” heading?

D'oh. No

:smiley: don’t sweat it

As far as the nice flat runtime graphs, I think it has a buck or buck-boost converter, especially if it can take a pair of ’123s like the SP32Av2 can.

I think it’s not really as popular as it should be because it got overshadowed a bit by the ’32.

Did the ’31 ever get made in silver or “pale gold”? That’s what made the ’32 a big(ger) star.

LB, you can have whatever color you want… as long as it’s black. :wink:

I wish it were offered in the silver or pale gold options like the ’32 :frowning:

Yeah, the ’31 got short shrift. Kinda sad.

Very similar to Fenix PD35 V 2.0.

Other than Fenix feeling a little more solidly built, not much difference. Sofirn beam a bit floodier than the Fenix. Nice in my book.

Sofirn 1/2 the price.