[Review] Sofirn SP32A V2.0 (with runtime graph)

Sofirn SP32A V2.0

Update: Sofirn has provided a 20% off coupon code for the new SP32A V2.0 for Amazon: RFQ9UA5J

I was kindly offered this light for review by Tracy at Sofirn. I have made my best attempt at keeping all remarks honest, fair, and impartial.

Packaging: the SP32A V2.0 arrived in a nice sturdy retail box with the usual suspects - an instructions card, o-ring, and a lanyard. The instructions were for the original SP32A, but the operation is pretty similar.

LED Tint: the LED is listed as an XP-L2 with 5350-5700K tint which looks about right to my eyes. Like most XP-L2 lights there is a bit of tint shift that is evident, but I didn’t find it overly bothersome, even indoors.

Modes: the SP32A V2.0 has a pretty unique UI compared to the rest of my flashlights, providing the option of traditional stepped modes and a ramping mode. It’s pretty easy to switch back and forth between them. In ramping mode, I counted about 5 seconds of ramp time between the low and high ends. In traditional mode, there are 4 modes plus turbo (and strobe).

Low Med1 Med2 High Turbo
Measured Lumens 5 56 169 537 1262
Spec Lumens 5 50 160 500 1300
Spec Runtime 260hr 26hr30min 9hr30min 3hr35min 2hr30min

UI: in stepped mode, the order goes L > M1 > M2 > H with memory. Click to turn on, hold to turn off. From any mode (including off), a double click goes to turbo and triple click goes to strobe. Ramping has the same double/triple click option. Hold the button to ramp up and down. In ramping mode, a click turns the light on and off. Overall, a pretty flexible and nice UI.

Styling & Build Quality: I really like the styling of the Sofirn SP32A V2.0. The compact size is great. Everything feels nice and solid. I like that they skipped the “attack bezel” and went with a smooth one. The button protrudes slightly, making it easier to find, and is firm to press. The threads on both ends of the battery tube are anodized and beautifly square and smooth. While the clip isn’t reversible, the battery tube is, so in effect you can reverse the clip. The glass appears to have AR coating. The anodizing is typical of Sofirn lights, a nice smooth black and very even. While my model is the black one, they’re also offering the SP32A V2.0 in silver and pale gold; which according to pictures, look amazing.

Runtime: I’ll say that Sofirn’s measurements matched mine really well. I put the flashlight in my lumen tube on Turbo and walked away. When I came back nearly 7 hours later, the SP32A V2.0 was still chugging along with 4 lumens. The battery indicator was blinking. I took the cell out and it measure 2.95V, a good safe voltage.

Notes: turbo ran for 3 minutes at around 1200 lumens, then stepped down to high (500 lm). After 3 hours on high, it stepped down to med2, then med1, and eventually to low. It ran in low for a few more hours before I stopped the test.

Conclusion: I really like the size and quality of this light. This light will definitely see some use. Good job, Sofirn!

Here’s a lineup with some brothers and cousins (left to right): TF TK01, TF TK05, Sofirn SF14, Sofirn SP32A V2.0, TF TK15, TF TK15S, Sofirn C8 (from host)

Edit: here’s some additional pics

Nicely centered LED, AR lens

Smooth, square-cut threads

Typical XP-L2 beam pattern. If you’re staring at a plain white wall, it’s annoying. In practice though, it’s not too bad.


Edit 2: amp measurements, taken with a Sanyo GA at 4.13V:

  • Standby: 0.01 mA
  • Low: 0.008 A (8 mA)
  • Med1: 0.083 A (83 mA)
  • Med2: 0.242 A
  • High: 0.920 A
  • Turbo: 2.86 A

Thanks. Nice regulated output.

I just got the one I ordered today. It had the proper instructions. I noticed that the input voltage range is ~3-6.6v —It works with 2xcr132 — which means it uses a buck converter.

Now they just need to get it on Amazon in the colors.
Have 2 of the ver. 1 and like them, ver. 2.0 looks even better!

Thanks for the relevant review.


Yeah, I was shocked how flat the graph is. I assume that’s thanks to the buck converter?

Sofirn got some very impressive driver. The only thing I dont like is the hold to turn off. Great review.

I was told that Amazon stock would be black only, so those who want the other colors must order from AX, at least for now.

Looking forward to mine.

Update… I just added more pics to the OP

Sofirn has provided a 20% off coupon code for the new SP32A V2.0 for Amazon: RFQ9UA5J

They also mentioned that they have sent the gold and silver versions to Amazon; they should be available in 7-10 days. :partying_face:

That’s Cool hopefully the code works after they arrive and they don’t set a limit on how many you can order I just got the Black one this week and really like it and would definitely get a couple more.

Any idea if this new 2.0v will work on turbo with a protected NCR18650B cell? I see from your specs you say turbo is pulling 2.86A and I think that may be the absolute max a protected NCR can do?

Ok, I just tried with a protected NCR18650B that was at 4.07 volts (resting) and got 2.83 amps. So yup, it’ll work! Oh, and the cell seemed to fit ok too.

Thanks for taking the time to do that gchart, I was hoping it would work on the newer version Last week I ordered the pale gold version.

Since it uses a buck driver, the current draw will rise as battery voltage drops.

That said, the NCR18650B is safe for at least 3.5A continuous discharge. The discharge limit on a protected cell is going to depend on the protection circuit, which will vary depending on whoever added the protection circuit.

I have a some NCR's with the seiko pcb and other NCR's with what is probably a no name board, so will try them both and see how it goes.

Nice review! The coupon does not seems to be working anymore. Anyone got a new coupon? :money_mouth_face:

I got 30% off using M2AQQJ9Q last night. If that code doesn’t work let me know

I got a pale gold SP32a v2.0 last week and I really like it. Solid little thing and no problem using my protected ncr18650b in it.

Does this light need protected or unprotected batteries?

I use unprotected batteries in mine. Double check the “runtime” section of the review. It has a low voltage indicator, steps down, and I saw no danger of getting the battery too low.

Is the battery it comes with protected? Also does this flashlight shutdown before it runs down the battery enough to cause danger?