Review: *SOG* folding knife tanto shaped with glass breaker and "rope" cutter

"SOG" folding knife

Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★★★★


Size: small, EDC capable
Lock: liner lock
Modes: open/closed with a switch that looks axis lock but it is not
Color: silver/grey with black anodized blade
Handle: Aluminum?
Tailstands: Nay the glass breaking tip is interfering
Price Payed: under 7usd! delivered (coupon ocde floating the net)


Date Ordered: 12th april 2011


  • Well made but not awesomely well
  • Inexpensive
  • convenient button to operate with the inner liner lock mechanism
  • Has a rope cutter in handle (actually it is a seat belt cutter)
  • Features a glass breaker tip and the end of the handle
  • Tanto shaped (if you like the looks)


  • The finsih isn't awesome but good
  • The liner lock button was a surprise i thought it had an axis lock mechansim
  • The button is a bit flimsy but works
  • The blade came pre-dulled

Features / Value / Design / Build Quality : ★★★★

A clone of SOG knives or original? That i do not know but it seems to me that SOG branded tools are highly appreciated and on is nowhere to be found. Ergo... it's a fake as we call it but it's not necessarily a bad thing.

The knife features a a few things which appealed to me enough to order one. I like the tanto shaped blade and i wanted one. How usefull that kind of shape might be is debatable i just like the looks. The cord/rope cutter in the back of the hadle is a nice feature to me. I'll probably use it as wire cutter for tiny ones. The tought to be axis lock "button" on the handle which is just a convenient way to operate the liner lock mechansim. This was a disappointment, not a great one but i grew on axis lock like Foy did on solarforces L2P. The blade came quite dull as i'm used to recieve my knives stock. The blade shape is nice for beginners to sharpen properly. It's a quick job for those who have some "miles" on proper sharpening. The knife itself is about the size of a SRM 704 but thicker and wider. The glass breaking back tip is non intrusive and might come handy. If i could chose i would rather not have it but it is so unnoticeable that i don't care. Might be a pocket perforator deluxe however... if that's the case the only way of removing it is by grinding it down. The locking mechansim works well and the blade engages firmly with no wobbling or any side play. The liner lock button is a bit flimsy and adds some bitter taste to the knife which is otherwise rather good. In closed postion the blade is held in the handle rather well but the force needed to open it is very minimal. It does not look to be a pocket backstabber bas***d but that will only be known with time if the knife loosens up with use.

A few pictures...

Summary: ★★★★

It's not the best knife i own but i do not regret the purchase. At the price point it does offer a few features others do not. I like the tanto shape blade, i would liked it better if it was nicely poished SS color not anodized. I tried cutting some postal rope with the built-in cutter and it worked as expected.

I would like to thank the soul who got me into knives but i do not know who that is. %&@##$$! I'm already building a collection of knives i really do not need along with spares! :)

Probably a clone, but a good knife to keep in the car in case youever need to cut your seatbelt loose and break out your window to get out of the vehicle. It's been know to happen now that everything is power-locked.

I just noticed that was meant for cutting seat belts... :S It surely looks like made for something resembling a rope or similar. Duct tape anyone? :D

i have one of this and one which is a upsize of this (22-23cm in full lenght)

both are my fav, i use the belt cutter to cut ropes too.

i cant seems to find the upsize of this knife anymore, anyone have any idea where to get them?

This thing?

There seem to be a few knives around that look that they might be attempts at an axis lock. But the web sites tell us so little about them that it is always a gamble. I like the axis lock too, and have been tempted by a few. But I've resisted thus far, at least until I have all the SRMs with that style of lock.

Thanks for the nice review. I would like to see more knife reviews here.

Expect the 962 review when it comes from DB. I always wanted one even if it's too big.

I like mine so much that I ordered a second from DB. Size is all relative. I wouldn't wear it out to dinner, but it's nice when working in the yard or helping a friend unpack after moving.

I think you will like it. I look forward to your review.

mine is the same design as the small SOG knife. but this will do

I noticed today the manafont has some (clearly fake) Benchmade knives, as well as Gerber and SOG

Nice review as usual Budgeteer!

Nice review Budgeteer! Sorry I missed this one until now. It's marked as Sticky now.

Thanks for the review and great pics, especially those size comparison pics!I have that Boker and SOG , nice, well working knife but just a bit too large for my taste.Had to order this. Edit: took 2, just in case. Gift the other one away perhaps.