Review: Solarforce Masterpiece Pro-2

Masterpiece Pro-2: A very different flashlight than the MPP-1.

However similar both Masterpiece Pro lights from Solarforce are in length, head design and price, the two in fact, couldn't be more different. As outstanding as I feel the MPP-2 is, I came away from this examination with even more respect for the MPP-1. When I finally find a worthy location, you will be shocked by how far away the MPP-1 can put an ennormous dollop of light. And, even thought the MPP-2 can throw, that's not its raison d'etre.

Bottom line: The best way to describe the Masterpiece Pro-2 is that it would be a great warehouse light. Any place where you need a lot of illumination over 10-20 feet away and up to about 50 yards. Because it draws 1.15 amps on two 18650 batteries, run-time should be good, there are no issues with heat and it puts out a lot of lumens. What you end up with is a resilient camp-site light that can seemingly do it all. A flashlight that can do all that with the Hollywood good looks of the Masterpiece Pro-2 is alright by me.


What I like:

- bright, bright, bright

- build quality

- quiet switch

- runs cool

- knock-out good looks

What I do not like:

- might be a tad short for some 18700 batteries (Xtars fit and work fine but it's a little tight)

- 7.4 regulated minimum voltage so, no legoing the shorter L2X tube, light will not turn on with a single 18650

- tail cap switch threaded hold-down ring loosens when cap is unscrewed after cap is screwed down too tight

- possible bad specs/information on

Solarforce Masterpiece Pro-2 MC-E Spotlight from


emitter: single Cree MC-E

regulated 7.4 - 12 volts

single mode

batteries: 2 x 18650 or (according to Solarforce) 4 x CR123 or 2 x CR123 (with short tube)

tail standing S5 forward clickie "defense" tail cap with 4 lanyard holes

T6061 aluminum alloy

(no IPX rating listed)

what comes in the box:

No box; carelessly bubble-wrapped and put in an envelope with giant holes in it. You get the flashlight head, tube and tail cap with no retail packaging.

(not saying it's a bad thing, I'm just sayin')

amps at the tail:

unprotected Panasonic 2350 x 2 - 1.16 amps (approx. 2.32 to the emitter)

Eveready CR123 x 2 - .33 amps (.66 to the emitter)

When given the choice, Ted prefers the smell of a Masterpiece Pro-2 over an L2P even when the former is equipped with an S9 switch.

No doubt about it; the MPP2 is a looker and I thought it used the same head as the MPP1 . . .

. . . I was wrong; they both have the same 57mm outside diameter head but the MPP-1 is deeper. Same quality, however with typical Solarforce machine work.

How many square thingys, checkered, crenelwhatevers? 522 and I think this is the same tube used with the extended version L2X but without "Solarforce" or "L2X" printed on it.

I think it was budgeteer who asked about how quiet a switch was when I did the tail capalooza. Now I know what he means; this thing is almost completely silent - and is killer good looking.

The Masterpiece Pro-2 is a whole lotta flashlight, certainly not an EDC but it would definitely be the go-to light at a camp site. It has a lot more throw than a P60 and more overall lumens than the MPP-1.

I did say this was a hot looking flashlight, right? Has great eyeball from any angle.

Here's another shot showing relative size with an L2P. The Masterpiece Pro-2 is a rocket but it's not a pocket rocket.

For today, let's call this bezel "scalloped." It's the same scalloped bezel used on the MPP-1.

It's a fairly strong OP reflector that is flat around the emitter. Solarforce calls it a "spotlight" but I think it's more of a spotfloodlight.

I didn't break it down any further than this because . . . well, I just didn't feel like tearing it apart.

Threads feel pretty good but they are quite sharp so, thread your head on carefully and use lube for long thread life. Ted, feigning disinterest in the background.

It's the same Golden Milspec whatever as the L2P/L2X.

Same dual o-ring design as the L2X. (same Ted)

You have to admit, the MC-E is much more interesting to look at than an XM-L.

The Masterpiece Pro-2 is a solid tail stander.

Solarforce says a 6P fits perfectly and in this, they speak the truth. Albeit not very bright but it does indeed work. On the site it says the MPP-2 can be used with three 18650 batteries. I've ruined at least one Solarforce drop-in by just barely going over max voltage and while 3.7 x 3 equals 11.1, 4.2 x 3 equals 12.6 as well. Three 18650 batteries fresh off the charger might not be a good idea and it is pretty stupid to recommend such use with so little margin for error.

These beam shots were all taken at 1/4 second shutter speed @ f2.8.

This is the Masterpiece Pro-1 with 2 x Panasonic 2350.

Here's the Masterpiece Pro-2 with 2 x Panasonic 2350.

Here they are side by side and although the difference is dramatic, if you look close you'll see the brighter hot spot with the MPP-1 and how substantial the disc is at what is probably about 25 yards.

These are lousy throw shots but here's the MPP-1 . . .

. . . and the MPP-2.

Side by side with the MPP-1 on the left and the MPP-2 on the left. You can see that the MPP-1 reaches the wall further out but the MPP-2 lights the bushes better at about halfway in between.

After repeatedly declining to answer when asked which light he prefers, Ted finally yells "SHUTUP".

The Masterpiece Pro-2 gets a hearty Foyapproved recommendation. It's not something you'll use every day but it will be the best light in the cave on your next spelunking expedition.



excellent photos and review....

awsome work Foy

Wow, that's a big light. Looks like it really pumps out the lumens though. Interesting to see something different than the XM-L. Would an MC-E be approximately as bright as an XM-L given the same current?

Great job on the review, and superb pics. Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

GREAT job Foy!!!

Great read! Superb pictures.

Nice mace/flashlight

Great review!

Solarforce Foy does it again, nice job!

Nice review with the usual great pics!

Great review - very brave of you to put it on those rough bricks. I know it is anodised but even so...

Agreed, great job Foy!

My brightest MC-E dropin is around as bright as the KD XM-L dropin. My brightest MC-E light runs around 550-650 lumens. There really is little point in the MC-E any more, the XM-L beats it in just about every respect i can think of. The nice thing is that almost all MC-E designs will actually work better with an XM-L transplant.

Sure sounds like the XM-L is almost ideal then doesn't it. And the price/value is almost unbeatable.

nice foy..I have the 3 mode masterpiece and it's a great light for power outages, camping, bump in the night..just about great for everything other than edc lol

Thanks for yet another great review , Foy .

That is one mean lookin' cat .

Thank you Foy (and Ted)

The body is indeed a sterile version of the L2X extended, right down to the 522 checkers.

That's it, Chicago; from here on out, they're "checkers."

Was it johnnymac or jacktheclipper that first used it . . .



Awesome review Foy.

Very good review Foy! Thnx