Review: Spyderco Endura 4 Flat Ground (FRN, VG-10)

What’s up BLF. I’ve been making videos for knives and lights for a while now, but this one is for a knife I’ve owned for years. The Spyderco Endura 4 FRN Flat Ground. I love this knife and it’s been a great all purpose blade that I’ve taken everywhere with me. Hiking, camping, or just my work knife- it’s been reliable and I’ve never had a single problem with it. Just recently I had to tighten the pocket clip after years of carry, so maybe that’s a thing I can say? Anyway… Hope you like the video. This is a tried and true blade, that has yet to be replaced as my perfect EDC. Also watch out for some NSFW language.

Best knife ever. For over twenty years I get a new one every year on my birthday. Utter perfection. Dare I say it? it’s is for me and ought to be for the rest of y’all, a Grail knife.

Oh, and, great vid as always.

Not for nothing, but you should treat yourself to a deep carry Ti clip. I prefer those made by Casey Lynch.

I’m thinking about getting one, but I’m torn between the regular and the wave feature. It looks weird, but the one hand out of pocket deployment is nice.

P.s. Nice review as always!

Those are nice clips! Yeah man, this is my favorite knife ever for sure. I should really try the zip tie hack, although I don’t know how friendly it would be to my interior suit pocket, which is where this blade lives most of the time. I cut up my burritos with it today in the lunch cafeteria.! I love it!

Alright I'll go buy one, like I need another knife as much as I need another!

Where's the best place to pick one up?

Oh, well if it cuts burritos than I really do need one!

I’ve bought both of mine at Amazon. I think they have the best prices, as far as I know. Oh I don’t need another knife, but I have several on the way. That’s the way it goes!

I can’t really speak to that, as my work life “uniform” consists of Carhartts. The locking portion of the zip ties I use has soft edges and pocket wear has never been a problem. I personally think the top of the pocket is is far more danger of premature wear from the scale/clip pressure point from repeated deployments, but that’s not something I can prove.

Functionally, they perform exactly the same. If you can live with the saber grind and know you’ll always want the wave feature, then there is nothing wrong with the factory waved Endura. On the other hand, if you prefer the FFG Endura, want more color choices, or unsure if you’ll even like the wave feature long term, than the zip tie can always be added to a regular knife for a trial run. If you like it great, if not, it is easily reversible.

FYI, I have found it best to run the zip tie’s lock on the same side as the pocket clip so it snags as much of the outer pocket as possible.

Got it. Thanks! I wish my uniform consisted of jeans or something less formal… considering I have to life and crawl around on the ground all the time. Oh well.

Fantastic knife, fantastic brand. Thanks for the review.