Review: SunLike 14D SOL COB E27 LED bulb (3200K) (CRI 98)


  • Power consumption: 14.4W
  • Heatsink temp after 1 hour: 70 Celsius
  • LED temp after 1 hour: 92 Celsius
  • Ambient temp: 25 Celsius
  • Dimensions: width 78mm /// height 93mm (without diffuser)
  • Weight: 117g
  • 100% flicker free
  • Easily removable diffuser (you can screw it off)


+ Looks and feels like a good quality bulb

  • Perfect tint and color rendering (source)
  • This bulb can work with a dimmer but I don’t have one so I can’t test it
  • Perfect bulb for my small living room. I’m bouncing the light off my ceiling so it creates a very pleasant soft lighting. SunLike 16D could be also a great option since it’s a little bit brighter.

- I ordered this lamp with a black heatsink but I received a silver heatsink…

Overall I give this bulb a 10/10 rating.

LEDs @ full power

Product page

I have those COBs in 2700, 3200 and 4000K and they are fantastic, the best LED light I ever looked at.

I don’t think those wires are really an issue, it’s low current and not subject to mechanical wear.

I agree. I removed my opinion about the wires.

That’s my baby =)

About body color. Sorry, I changed this option (on web-site) and now I send photo of the order before sending it. I have no much colors of all bodies in my storage =( And frome China some parcels with parts can go for loooong time (like was with SOL LEDs)

Thanks for review!

It is 14w (adjusted power). For 2pcs 6w (middle power) COB LEDs I use 12w model (70mm diameter). But here is 80mm (78mm) diameter.

With my program “free lamp for review” (bulb4review) I must give free lamp (bulb) to you or do discount in the next order :face_with_monocle:

It is completely upgraded QIHAN led driver inside