Review: Tank007 TK-566

For review today , the Tank007 TK-566 ,

1xAA [ + extension tube for 2xAA ] 14500 , 5 mode [ Hi-Med-Lo-Strobe -SOS ] with memory .

Some pictures first to entertain you :

First impressions :

When I first saw the light , I have to admit it looked a little better than expected , it feels like a quality product [ something you dont always get with AA lights ] , and putting in a fresh Ni-mh , I thought the output was very nice ..

Glass Lens

O rings where they need to be

Nice even anodizing

good machining

fits well together

nice smooth threads

no issues with clicky [ feels good ]

no battery slop

Beam is a little ringy due to smooth reflector [ I can live with it as its only minor ]

Wrist strap

Wont tail stand

Run's AA through to 14500 [ Tank007 web site say's so ]

Nothing was lose [ pill - lens - reflector ]

Threads even appear to be lubed

True SOS

Memory is not affected by how quickly you turn the light on , just off [ Turn it on for 5 seconds or more to engage memory ] Turn the light on and off before 5 seconds has elapsed , and it will start in the next mode .

Lets move onto performance as I have nothing negative to report at this time , apart from the slightly ring'y beam ...

Performance :

Nimh :

1.35v - 94L - Duracell 2650

1.32v - 85L - Eveready

1.38v - 92L - INCA

1.36v - 92L - Sony

Duracell High = 94Lumen - 1.83A / Medium = 25L - 0.43A / Low = 3L - 0.06A

2xAA Alkaline

Varta High Energy High = 168L - 1.6A / Medium = 44L - 0.42A / Low = 6L - 0.06A

2xAA Nimh

Ni-mh High = 163L - 2.2A / Medium = 44L - 0.62A / Low = 6L - 0.07A


14500 @ 4.15v High = 192L - 0.86A / Medium = 49L - 0.22A / Low = 6L - 0.04A

Now I didnt bother with the dry cells as they tested very poorly , they just sagged something awful in this light , yes in 2x configuration . Started @ something like 146L , and just kept on sagging at a steady rate , and when the light sagged past 70L I called it quits , thats 50% sag from running dry cells , and it was still sagging , so this little battery vampire is not dry cell friendly , it really needs juice on high .

Conclusion :

Overall a very nice light with no quality issues [ at time of testing ] , its a bit of a battery vampire on everything but the 14500 , but so are most AA lights , its almost impossible to avoid , which is why its so nice to have modes . And the modes on this one are very nicely set out [ spaced ] and offer , possibly just the right amount of light for a persons needs . I really like the extension tube allowing for 2xAA , it offers the average person a lot more power without having to resort to Li-ion cells , which for the careless could spell disaster [ Li-ion requires some knowledgeable use ] .

The Tank007 TK-556 is perhaps trying to be all things to all people , and I think it has succeeded , it is certainly not the most powerful light in the single AA class but it offers far more options in the power source , which one has to like . The only downside from going from one AA cell to 2 , as there is not an increase in run time , but rather an increase in output , and if you dont need the output , your probably better off just running a single AA at a time and getting twice as much run time . But there is the rub , you have the option , AA's or even a Li-ion 14500 ..

The only thing that could possibly improve this light even more , would be one more AA extension to make it 3xAA , then you would see some increased run time , in fact , I will have to see about that , I think 3xAA would really make this light something special .

Beamshots Tonight !

1xAA on High /\

1xAA Medium /\

1xAA Low /\

2xAA High /\

2xAA Medium /\

2xAA Low /\

Wall shot

Very interested in seeing what the beam looks like out of this light now - my Quark Mini AA2 seems to have disappeared somewhere in the mail, and I'm looking for something in this format. The low mode is very appealing.

Thanks Matt for another very interesting review! Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

Interesting that yours has good mode memory. Mine definitely has very slow mode memory, although I bought the 1xAA sku without an extender from DX.

This light really does have very high quality machining, it's probably the most expensive feeling light I have. The threads are the smoothest thing I've ever felt. And it survived a nasty hard fall with barely a scratch.

This certainly is a bright light, even without 14500 batteries (by my standards), and from your beamshots you can't see the rings on a long shot. By any chance could I convince you to post a close-up whitewall beamshot?

Thanks again Matt for the review!

White wall shot on the way ...

good review Matt

i got one of these last week it came from price-angels

i orderd the 3 mode thay sent the 5-mode it workes fine with a 14500 tried it along side my FENIX LD10 also on 14500 the FENIX has a green tint to it the TANK is white but not very much diffrence in light out put

i have orderd another and 2 extension tubes as i like the fact i can get the light out put of a 14500 from 3x standerd NI-MH rechargebles with a lot more runtime

i dont find 3xAA to big to carry in a jacket pocket when taking my dogs a walk the second one is for my good lady see likes it also only time will tell how well thay last From here?

Wow, another one. Are they any good? Could you tell us what the name of the company was on the PayPal charge? I wonder if this is another front for, or if they are new. Thanks!

payment was made to

i dont see any other merchants name on the invoice

the TK-566 arrived in 7 days of ordering i was very pleased the other light i ordered at the same time was sent out the following day i have not received this yet i E-mailed to confirm it was sent i got no reply i will give it a few more day


7 days?? Not bad. Looks like we need to add another one to the Sellers listing page.

I ordered 2 skyray 1jc8 form them the 26 of this month. 5 days of packaging... and still packaging... i wonder if get it in one of those:

Thanks for the nice review. The driver seems to be well regulating and the mode spacing is very good IMO.

Do you see any PWM flicker moving the light? How far from the wall are the outdoor beamshots?

OT: reg priceangels: This seems to be a good offer if you're looking for this kind of light.

Its there on low and medium ..

Not the lowest frequency I have seen , but I really dont notice such things ..

Recently I have as I take a flashlight out after the kitten [ late night potty stop outside ] , and I notice the strobe as the cat runs along

But it bothers me not .. Some folks seem very sensitive to it ..

Outdoor beams are about 5 meters ...

+ I ordered another extension , to make it 3xAA .. Should make it more efficient

Finally got one of these in from Dealextreme. The memory mode on mine is as stated - keep the light on for 2 seconds and the mode is set for turn-on. I didn't get the extension tube though, so I'm ordering that seperately.

If you press down the switch very slowly, does it flicker when the light turns on or is it 100% stable?

No flicker , nice and stable ...

Just bought one, thanks for the review.

Hi. Does the light come with the battery extender?
edit: I see it does on the dx website.

Is it current regulated? (constant output)
Any linkies to buy it on DD?

I got mine from here but since sold it.

Also as in the first post, this one here also comes with the extension.

I think both dino direct and manafont carried the extention tube seperately for about 3$

Your review is very detailed. I have a Tank007 flashlight as well. But not UV flashlight. It seems their flashlights are not popular here for there are few people talked about their flashlights.

What’s the pill, emitter and driver look like, and how do you get them out?