Review: The mighty Quarrow Fisherman's Fingertip Spotlight

Quarrow Fisherman's Fingertip Spotlight

Reviewer's Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆


Battery: AA
Switch: Top clickie
Modes: 1
LED Type: generic
Lens: glass
Tailstands: yes, magnetic base
Price Payed: $13 US
From: Ace hardware, locally
Date Ordered: 11/11


  • Strong magnetic base
  • pocket clip
  • nice finish
  • gitd clickie
  • cheap alternative to a UF-H2
  • available locally for some


  • not the nicest beam
  • generic LED
  • one mode

Features / Value: ★★★★

A quick review on a pretty basic light. The QFF is a one mode, AA's only light...I emailed the manufacturer (Nebo) and they said not to use rechargeables (Li-ion). Strong magnetic's a little stronger than the base in my UF-H2. Simple on-off operation. One of the nicest features is that some can get it locally. I stumbled onto this at my local Ace hardware store and had to try it out.

Quarrow on the left, UF-H2 on the right

Design / Build Quality: ★★★

This light is very similar in appearance to the UF-H2...somewhat a clone of a clone. The build quality is pretty nice for the money...the finish is very similar in feel to the UF-H2, though the glass lens is just a flat piece of glass. The top clickie is bluish in color and glows in the dark. Threads are a little on the short side but adequate, and thread quality is pretty average.

Battery Life: ★★★★

I haven't done a run-time test, but the manufacturer claims 8 hours on an alkaline cell.

Light Output: ★★

Nebo claims a 35 lumen output, and I'd say that's fairly accurate. The beam quality isn't that's completely floody beam, which is what you'd expect, but there is a fairly strong yellow and purple ring at the edge of the beam. In contrast, the UF-H2 has a wider, cleaner, smoother beam. This light isn't designed to light up a barn 200 meters downrange of course, and does what it's supposed to do well enough. It gets warm after 5 minutes or so, but not too hot to handle.

The mighty Quarrow (it doesn't appear that

colored to the eye - my wall is beige) The UF-H2:

Summary: ★★★

This light is a decent value at $13. It fills a niche in the angle head flashlight category, being a very budget option where there aren't too many. This is a utility light, not a showpiece, and is priced accordingly. If you don't want to risk your Zebralight but need this type of light, you can't go very wrong with this one for $13. If you have an emergency need for an angle head light, run over to your Ace and grab one!

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Also, Ace has a 50% off any one item in the store coupon for Saturday - at $6.50, it's a no-brainer if you have that option.

Swap the led out and it would be interesting.

Looks interesting to be modded to me, Anywere I could get it with international shipping?

damn, too late for 50% off

oh well, i'd probably trash it trying to mod

bass pro shops has it for $10. looks like 'nebo' had a BF special that might be on again for cyber monday

Rather interesting light, anything esle like this out there besides ZL's and UF's?

I wonder if any of retailers ship this world wide, its darn cheap and I would love to test out a couple of these!

Basspro wants 40$ for shipping 2 of these to Europe, that makes ZebraLight look like a bargain :D!

Edit: Nevermind, looks like its impossible to find this particular light anywhere with reasonable shipping accross the pond, would interesting to grab a couple, but with shipping its nearing UF-H2 which is IMO far better light for the money(with coupon and free shipping hitting 20$ for UF-H2).

Still, anyone has some other lights of this type in mind?

What happened to the pics?

Oh, yeah, forgot to ask the same, beamshots would be lovely just for comparison :)!

Lets hope OP posts some feedback regarding his long term experience with this light, that would be awesome!

I think Budgeteer has a few of these. (6?) I know because I ordered them for him and forwarded them to Slovenia buried in 3 pounds of candy.

You still have those, budget?



funnystufffoy! Ok, my impressions...I've kept this light clipped to the visor in my car all winter, and though we had a very warm winter (for us) it still got to -10f. The light has worked fine, though has needed to have the tailcap loosened/tightened a few times. It does have some parasitic drain, though I haven't measured how much...just loosen the tailcap a bit. Other than that, nothing terribly exciting or dramatic to's been a good light and done what I've needed it to do...light up my kid's coloring books at night when driving. I'd buy it again for $12...but for $20 I'd take the Z1 without hesitation. This was more of a novelty, buying an unusual flashlight at a local store...that wasn't a Mag or Rayovac.


There are 2 models, one is this as OP has, the other one is made of plastic. Funny thing is, you can get this really cheap at Amazon, less than 10$ even, so if some of you hesitate, dont, get them while they last and hope you get the metallic one and not the plastic one :)!

Yeah, Im pretty excited about this light, but I do realise that unless its 10$ or cheaper WITH shipping, its not worth it, TrustFire and UltraFire and perhaps Fenix MC clone has it covered IMO.