Review - Thorfire C8s Upgraded version

Full disclosure: The reviewed flashlight was provided by Thorfire.
It can be purchased online at

For those that haven’t been introduced to the C8 flashlight, it is probably the most popular 18650 design.

The Flashlight wiki describes a C8 as follows:

“1x18650 light with a large head for better throw. The pill screws into the throat of the light for better heat management.”

There are many, many C8 flashlight being sold.

There is a lot of competition for a single cell thrower because it is probably an allround flashlight that people recommend to everyone who asks “I really don’t know what flashlight should I buy?”

It’s light weight and relatively small so it fits just right, and performs like a much bigger and heavier light.
It will fit in a really large and loose pocket but it throws like a 4D Mag…light

Don’t want to sound like an infomercial on QVC but the one reviewed here Thorfire C8s is a really nice one and much better than many flashlights I have seen in this price range, not that I have seen everything. The quality of machining and anodizing is excellent, with smooth body, Reflector is impecable, and beam is clean and bright.

This C8s is the upgraded version. As far as I know the tail was redesigned and now the rubber boot switch is easier to access, with gloves, fat fingers, etc.

I love the reverse clicky, also love the fact that the strobe is hidden. Two fast clicks from ON or OFF and you get the hidden strobe. But it’s hidden so it won’t come on when you don’t need it :THUMBS-UP:

The heat management is excellent as described by Flashlight Wiki.

Current price is $17 and that seems an excellent deal for so many features in this light.
So if you are looking for an excellent thrower in a compact size there is just nothing that can beat a C8s.

I always thought tinted car windows give you excellent privacy but not if someone is using a C8s. It penetrated even the darkest tint that lets only 2.5% of visible light in and I could still clearly see what’s going on inside.

Sounds like an interesting project to test a bunch of flashlights how well they stack when dealing with tinted windows. :slight_smile:

My C8s came without a holster but that’s no biggie. There are plenty of affordable holsters available.
I think Simon used to sell a generic holster for just $2 that will fit this C8S just perfectly.

Overall, the C8s feels really good and I still have to find something better to recommend for someone new like me and I am also looking forward comparing the XM-L2 version to the XPL-HI version sometimes soon.

I hope to finish the video review soon as well.

What’s in the box? Flashlight is very well packaged in a bubble wrap pouch and comes with spare O-rings, lanyard and very useful manual

As I mentioned before, The manual is very usefull:

A look at the redesigned tailcap. It feels very comfortable and I had no problem using the switch with fat or greasy fingers, gloves etc.

Top notch anodizing and really smooth but grippy body , haven’t had any issue with my pockets getting ripped or hands getting scaffed when using it.

A quality Switch:

A look at the Pill, very well cooled:

C8s (Right) next to cousin VG-10 (Left):

  • Beam Shots:*

Moonlight (I appologize for the camera trying to compensate the light. The brightness is about the same as VG-10 so around 0.2-0.5 Lumen

This picture justifies the moonlight better
and shows a decent Comparison of Moonlights:




More beam shots and Video review to follow :THUMBs up: