Review Thorfire S1

This is a review on the Thorfire S1 Diving / Search light. This light was sent for review from Thorfire in return for my review.
As with any light I review , I try to give my honest opinion of each light , purchased or free.
This light is intended for diving but also is useful on land as a search light or for everyday use. It puts out a lot of light and is easy to use with only Low , Medium and High modes , so nothing to confuse even the new users that are not familiar with a lot of modes and switching. The triple emitter head gives off a more floody beam , but also lights a good distance at the same time.
The light came really well padded and packaged as the Thorfire lights I receive usually do.
I did do beamshots as well as live footage outside shining with the light. There are some comparison shots in there also with the Thorfire S70 for those familiar with it. I also put the light in the pond near my house to test the water proofing on it and it passed that easily , after about 7 1/2 hours in the water. I did tear down the light immediately when I got it back in the house from the pond and there was ZERO signs of any water or moisture penetration and the light still functions perfectly. There is also still photos in the video of the teardown and the parts , other than the bezels coming loose , as they are glued or sealed too tightly. (I broke the end of my needle nose trying to open one)
Overall I would say Thorfire has another nice light to add to their growing list. The rest is covered in the video I believe.
Link to light………

Video and specs following that……….

Material: durable aircraft Aluminum
Modes: High/Mid/Low, 3 modes
Bulb: 3x Cree XP-L LED with a lifespan of 100,000 hours
Battery: 4x 18650 3.7v batteries(Not Included)
Size: approx 155mm (Length) * 56mm(Body Diameter) * 73mm(Head Diameter)
Weight: 685-gram weight (Excluding the battery)

NOTE: The light was tightened for diving test. Please find a helper if you find it difficult to unscrew the light.

Best Diving flashlight
This Diving Flashlight is an extremely versatile, Super Bright. The max diving depth is 70m under water. It is fit for diving and scuba. Designed for the professional divers or under water Photographer.

NOTE: Every flashlight passed our test under the same pressure of 100m underwater.

Easy to Operate
The middle rotary switch controls all the functions, rotate switch in anti clockwise direction, the light starts from High, keep rotating it goes to medium and low. Rotate in clockwise direction to go back and turn off. Easy to be controlled by operation of user.

Comfortable Appearance Design
It is make out of durable aircraft-grade aluminum body. The handle is wide enough to hold on, very comfortable and convenient.

Intend Use
It is mainly used for diving works, Underwater fishing operations, Salvage operations Underwater archaeological work, Teaching Scuba diving. Also it is an ideal choice for outdoor activities, Such as fishing, diving, swimming, hiking, sailing, caving, hunting and seeking survival without fear of rainy days.

Package includes
1 * ThorFire S1 diving flashlight
1 * User Manual
2 * O-rings

Good review. Looks a very useful general purpose torch. Like the rotating dial for modes. Price?

Be very interesting with three dedomed U4s in it… :slight_smile:

Thanks MG, The listed price on Amazon is $99 for this one.
Yea if you can get the bezels off of it a dedomed emitter would give more throw. As mentioned they are TIGHT.

Nice light and review. Would you say this one compares to the x30? I know the x30 costs a LOT more. I’m sure it wouldn’t be worth it to spend the big dollars on the x30, but would this s1 hold its own up to it?

Thanks Aspire,
This light is a totally different beast than the LuxStone X30 that I did the review on. I had planned to do some comparisons with the 2 lights , but after receiving the S1 they have Much different features and one is a single emitter where the other is a triple.
I don’t think I would personally ever spend over $100 on a light , but then again I don’t dive so I really don’t have to depend on a single light to possibly be a life saver for me either.
From what I have seen with the testing on the S1 though I would say it is a good quality light for underwater use as well as on land but I would always carry a backup if I was a diver no matter how good a light was…….lol

Ahaha, no doubt. Definitely wouldn’t wanna be caught under water without a light. Could you imagine? I think I’d have a panic attack!

Hello robo819,

Thanks for your great review :+1: .

Heat isn’t an issue underwater, so why aren’t dive lights overdriven?