Review : Thorfire S70S (2x26650 xhp70 flashlight)

Welcome to my Thorfire S70S review !

A few words for the flashlight :

Overview :

First Look :

Flashlight in it’s box . Box is pretty big , i was surprised … :

Package Contains :

  • Flashlight
  • User manual
  • Shoulder strap
  • 3x O-rings
  • 2x extra rubber boots
  • Extra glass lens
  • 2x keyrings

A closer look :

Flashlight is big enough as you probably guessed , due to it’s 2*26650 configuration and the nice big reflector :

Head has an interesting design with lot’s of cooling fins :

Notice the side switch too …

Notice the hole over the switch to mount the shoulder strap :

Logo :

Look how deep the cooling fins near the led are :

The bezel :

Flashlight has an OP reflector and AR coated glass :

Led close-up of the led , the XHP70 :

And a bonus cool shot of the led :

Tube is a little different , no knurling at all :

It is grippy with this design as well …

The tactical ring , anti-roll design :

Tail switch (on/off function) :

It’s spring is a gold plated one , stiff but it gets compressed nicely .

In the opposite side , in the head , driver is probably a 30mm one , held with a retaining ring . Driver’s spring is strong :

Nice , “square” & anodized threads on the tube (tailcap side) :

E-switch’s nice locator / battery indicator :

Shoulder strap :

In order to use the sholder strap , you need to add 2 split rings :

And the adjustable shoulder strap :

Image courtesy of Thorfire


How it works (&modes) :

Flashlight uses the switch at the taicap for main power on/off function .

E-switch navigates easilly through modes , but is also used to temporary turn off the light , get in standby mode .
For example , if you turn on the switch at the tailcap , flashlight will be still in standby mode until you press the e-switch .

From standby mode :

  • Single (short) click goes into last used mode , and with another click switch to the next mode (Low-Mid-High-Turbo). If you wish , with a long click you enter standby mode and with double click strobe .
  • Long click (press and hold) enters moonlight mode . One more short click to switch to the normal modes .

When power (tailcap switch) is on , switch’s led is on and functions as locator / battery indicator .

Moonlight mode is very low , awesome.


Measurements :

Basen IMR26650 4500mAh were used in all measurements

Lumens :

  • Moonlight : ~0,7 lumens
  • Low : 192 lumens
  • Mid : 640 lumens
  • High : 1532 lumens
  • Turbo : 3220 lumens , after 5 minutes steps down to high mode

Tailcap measurements (amperage draw) :

  • Standby mode : 4,39mA
  • Firefly : 5.65 mA
  • Low : 0.2 A
  • Mid : 0.7 A
  • High : 1.96 A
  • Turbo : 5.09 A

Intensity : 58,8 kcd


Beamshots :

Control shot :

Low :

Medium :

High :

Turbo :

Conclusion :

Well designed light , with pretty well spaced modes , from less than 1 lumen to 3k+ lumens . It’s size and weight might bot be ideal for anyone , but having a light that can be so bright without draining the batteries quickly or getting hot in seconds . The shoulder strap is a big plus for me , i find it very useful !
Overall a high quality light , and really bright .


Comment if you want me to check something on the flashlight , or tell your opinion . Thanks !

Flashlight was provided for review by Banggood .
Be sure to check the flashlight here , and get it for 30% off with coupon code 02da68 : ThorFire S70S XHP70 3960LM 26650 6Modes Tactical Search LED Taschenlampe Sale - Banggood Deutschland sold out-arrival notice-arrival notice

Reserved !

Still have some things to add …

Eagerly await the completion of the review.

Let me know if it is regulated after the step-down—and if I can click it back up to turbo immediately following. I know the Convoy L6 diminishes gradually in output. That’s a no-go for me.

If you can compare it to the Convoy L6 would be nice :student:


Also, can you use Keeppower 26650s Protected?

mea culpa.

I use Keeppower ICR26650 5200mAh 3.7v Protected with S70S, works great for me.

NW or WW version?

do you have a picture of the led shelf?

as far as i know, there is only nw 5000k version from banggood.

Yes , i believe it’s 5000K , a xhp70 n4 3a .

Will answer every question , but i will have to check them on the light first .

Thanks !

I have not tested if it goes immediately back into Turbo, from the user manual, Intelligent circuit memory – To save battery power and protect the flashlight from overheating, the flashlight will drop down into High mode after working about 5 minutes in Turbo mode. Therefor, the runtime of Turbo output is an accumulated time.

With a code you will still get it under $39 on Banggood No doubt its a very good deal.


Steps down to high after 5 min, you can click back into turbo right after, light still wasn’t even hot for me.

Just did the test .

Steps down every 5 mins (4m 55s) from turbo to high , and as BeardedRaleigh mentioned you can enter Turbo right after that , again and again .

Review updated

This is a mystery: you measure it to only 3220 lumens, while Thorfire says 3960 and that “it is brighter” than the old one. The old S70 got these reviews: “the Thorfire has under-rated this one at 3000 lumens.” JohnnyMac measured it: “4,545 OTF lumens and 9.22A being pulled at the tail (2*4.61A). No mods performed and running KK 26650 cells.” - I have s70 and it is brighter than a headlight…. PD68 Review: Thorfire S70 - XHP70 Monster

Let’s start with this : On your example , amps at the tail are still 4.61 (same current goes though both batteries), but voltage is double (so it doesn’t draw 9.22 amps as you stated).

For N4 bin , Cree claims 3390 lumens at 4.8 amps , so i think 3220 otf lumens at 5.1amps isn’t wrong . I will have to take a deeper look…

Nice review...

I've tested mine with 30q's only so far, my lumen count was a bit higher.

I've got a couple of purple Efest 26650 high drain that should arrive today. (Actually should have got them yesterday it USPS didn't bring them)

I'm very curious of I get a higher tail cap reading or a higher lumen count.

We are trying to work a precise way to measure the distance.

I know half a mile worked out pretty well.