Review - Thorfire VG-10 (2017 version)

A few days ago I was discussing with @Lightbringer the modes on this model and there seemed to be no consensus.

So I got this light as a loaner to check out all the details. It’s almost new so assume this is the most updated review.

As I mentioned there have been a few versions of this light over the years, and no one seems to have reviewed this particular version for 2017.

The VG-10 is being marketed by Thorfire as a Tactical light. I don’t think I ever owned any forward clicky lights so couldn’t figure out the “tactical” part but this is where the manual comes really handy:
Half press when OFF (slightly push on the tail switch), engages the tactical switch, and I think it’s called next mode memory, so next time you will half or full press the switch you get to the next mode.

Packaging is nice and on par with the best in the current price range of $1x- $15 and that seems an excellent deal for so many features in this light.

What’s in the box? Surprisingly a lot!!!. I didn’t believe that all the spare parts stuff came in the original box: You get a bubble wrapped VG-10 in a nice box, with a lanyard, holster, spare lense!!!, spare switch, rubber boot and O-rings. That’t not all actually the manual is extremely usefull at least for a newbie like me. And the warranty card mentiones 40 days money back guarantee and 18-month worry-free warranty service.

I really like the moonlight mode on this light listed at 0.2 Lumen:

Personally, I like pretty lights and the silver bezel makes it looks very elegant. I think few members here suggested Thorfire could put an O-ring to make it more waterproof.

The manual is very usefull and for the record the modes are as follows (2017 version):


The VG-10 feels and looks durable, nicely machined details and pretty comfortable to hold:


Threads on the tube

I wasn’t sure what’s the ring for but someone pointed out as a ring for a “cigar grip”. Lanyard is pretty decent althougt the clip will prevent the light from tailstanding:

Forward clicky Tailswitch I really like the grip and the click is nice and firm:

VG-10 (Left) next to cousin C8S (Right)

Comparison of the Moonlights:

More beam shots and Video review to follow