Review - ThorFire VG10 ( 1 x 18650 XM-L )

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First impressions :

I must admit I was not expecting a light that was quite as nicely built . My first impressions were of a light that is extremely well made , that worked without issue and was very easy to live with . The clicky switch was very firm so no accidental activations here . The beam is excellent and looks to throw well for such a small XM-L host .

Performance :

Dont expect current figures to match output measured ( light box ) as the contact area for the positive is the very outside rim where it contacts the inside of the tailcap . So with such a small contact area for the Multi Meter .

High - 1.9A - 835 to 880 Lumen

Medium - 0.725A - 391 Lumen

Low - 0.066A - 37 Lumen

Moon Mode - 0.001A - ? Lumen ( to low to measure )

My Jetbeam PA40 was used to calibrate the light box , and the figures given are an approximation . Measured current may not match measure light output doe to the variables involved .

VG-10 :

What I got was a 4 mode light that is equal in size to your average P60 host . Modes are High , medium , low and moon ( i know on the box it says H-M-L-and strobe ) . The build quality on this light is excellent , its very bright and does not seem to get overly hot in use . The way the light was assembled looks to be some what unique , and Im not sure how easy pill removal will be ? I tried to remove this one and it was no go , so pictured is as far as I was able to disassemble the body . ( I didn't bother to try disassembling the tailcap ) .

As can be seen in the pictures the light comes with a battery and charger ( usb ) as well a nice lanyard and a bag of extras ( Lens , O ring , clicky switch ) . I will see about doing separate reviews for the charger and battery as time permits . So a rather feature packed box . The clip on the light is very strong and firm , Im talking very firm . Perhaps a little on the firm side for a child or woman .

This is a forward clicky light , so a half press of the tail switch will give you momentary on . There is mode memory and it takes about 5 seconds to activate ( if the light is on for 5 seconds the mode is remembered ) . Mood mode is low , I'm talking seriously low . You could shove the light right up to your eye ball in moon mode and look at the LED . ( That's how low on this one ) I love the Medium mode on this one , its just right for night time photography .

Here is a photo I took using the VG-10 to highlight this Orb Weaver Spider .


What we have here is another XM-L flashlight that I cant find anything to fault about . We consumers simply have more and more choices these days , and the VG-10 deserves to be on your shopping list ( if this example is anything to go bye ) .. Im impressed .. And I very much like the VG-10 .. Again nothing to complain about !

Thanks for the review old4570. The four modes sound just about perfect. The web page linked suggests it comes with a battery charger and battery. Did you receive these also?

It’s a swell light but my arachnophobia kicked in.

4th picture shows contents :

Yes I got the battery and charger .. Will do a separate test for those ..

Thanks. I did see that originally and forgot by the time I got home from work.

banggood has a code… :wink:

and we now have 4 reviews of that light here on blf :beer:

Thanks for the lengthy reviews + pics!

And now a 5th!

Very nice outdoor photos! The review was ok too, thanks :wink:

Shadow is the original creator of the VG10. It IS a beautiful light and this one is just as beautiful and more affordable :slight_smile: Thanks for the review and the updated review of the newer thorfire version.