Review : ThruNite Archer 1A V3 (XP-L V6 & AA/14500) EDC Flashlight (Updated)

Thrunite Archer 1A V3 Review

Overview :

  • LED: CREE XP-L V6 LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.

Modes & Run-time:
-Firefly: 0.1lumen(17days);
-Low: 17lumen(22hours);
-Medium: 75lumen(5hours)
-High: 200lumen(115minutes);
-Strobe: 200lumen(3.5hours).

  • Max output: 200lumens using one Ni-Mh AA battery.
  • Max run time: 17days (Firefly mode)
  • Working voltage: 0.9v to 5.0v.
  • Battery: 1 AA
  • Max beam distance: 66 meters.
  • Peak beam intensity: 1088cd.
  • Impact resistant: 1.5 meters.
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (1.5meters)
  • Weight: 42g without battery
  • Dimensions: 110mm in length, 23mm bezel diameter.
  • Accessories: Pocket clip x1, Spare O-ring x1, Lanyard x1.

First Look :

Flashlight comes in a nice little box :

Package Contains :

  • Flashlight
  • User manual
  • "Thank you" card
  • Lanyard
  • 2x O-rings
  • Pocket Clip
  • Extra rubber boot
  • E-switch rubber "sealing"

Let's take a closer look :

Flashlight is slightly longer compared to classic AA/14500 lights (110mm) due to the tail switch and e-switch (takes some space between driver and led board) :

Flashlight has a nice OP reflector and AR coated lens :

Note: Led used is Xp-l V6

It has e-switch for mode change (and tailcap switch works as an on/off switch) :

Flashlight and tailcap :

Notes :

  • Tail switch is FORWARD clicky .

Square threads , anodized , allowing taicap lock-out :

How it works (&modes) :

Flashlight uses the switch at the taicap for on/off function . E-switch navigates easilly through modes , with a short press(Firefly - Low - Medium - High) . Long press activates Strobe Also flashlight has mode memory .

Measurements :

Lumens on highest setting (high mode) :

  • Using AA : 195Lm
  • Using 14500 : 440Lm

Tailcap measurements (amp draw) :

  • Using AA : Firefly (6.17mA) , Low (95.5mA) , Medium (400mA) , High (1.57A)
  • Using 14500 : Firefly (3,49mA) , Low (55.8mA) , Medium (160.9mA) , High (1.25A)

Runtimes :

Factory Runtimes using AA :

  • Firefly: 0.1lumen(17days)
  • Low: 17lumen(22hours)
  • Medium: 75lumen(5hours)
  • High: 200lumen(115minutes)
  • Strobe: 200lumen(3.5hours)

My test , with thermal data :

AA (battery removed @ 0.93V) :

Notes :

  • Low Voltage protection activates at 0.90V .

14500 (battery removed @ 1.57V) :

Notes :

  • At the 3-4 minute mark , there is a visible stepdown .
  • It doesn't have Low Voltage Protection , use ONLY protected cells.


Led in lower modes is PWM controlled , but the frequency is so high that it is nevertheless flicker-free for the eye.

Intensity :

AA : 988cd (56 Lux @ 4.2m)

14500 : 2,328cd (132 Lux @ 4.2m)

Beamshots :

Here are 2 beamshots to show the difference between AA and 14500 , with the same setting on the camera (Iso 250 , Shutter Speed 1/15s). Wall @ 12m) :

Using AA :

Using 14500 :

Notes :

(!!) Flashlight (using AA) is slightly brighter than captured above , but the goal of these Beamshots is to show the difference between using AA and 14500 .

Conclusion :

High quality Edc AA/14500 flashlight from ThruNite , with long runtimes for a good amount of light (using AA baterry) , and shorter runtimes for twice the output (using 14500 battery) . Due to the OP reflector the beam is smooth , without big differences between hotspot and spill . On the plus side ,working temperature is fairly low using AA .

Thanks for reading ! Leave a comment with your question (if any) .

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Thanks for the review giorg……….

Have you tried to see if the tail switch acts as a momentary on also , with a half press instead of a full click?
I ask this because the Archer 2A V3 does have this function and I thought maybe the 1A V3 does also.

It doesn’t change mode from the tailswitch ,neither for long or short time pressed.

Review updated , completed .

Thanks for the review!

Nice and comprehensive review. :+1:

I am planing to buy one.
Can you make beamshots against white wall to see if there is some green rings in corona?
Thank you for review.

110mm length is huge IMHO

My EagTac D25A clicky is only 92 I think

This is the flashlight I wish the Fenix LD12 would be. I have owned a couple LD 12’s. They both had terrible green tints. I told everyone I liked the green tint but I could not convince myself. The first Archer A1 I owned I took the pocket clip off and could not reassemble it correctly. So I sold it. The BLF member who purchased it had it fixed in a matter of a few minutes. It was the brightest single AA flashlight I had ever owned. All this means is that the Archer A1 V3 is my current favorite flashlight. Thank you Giorgoskok for the review.

Thanks for your kind words :+1: Indeed it is a great light , still using it as an edc some times (have some lights on rotation)