Review ThruNite C2 mini Charger / Powerbank

This is the ThruNite C2 mini Powerbank/Charger sent for review from ThruNite and NO other compensation received.
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ThruNite site……… ThruNite C2 3400 mAh Compact Portable Charger - ThruNite Official Store

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Price $19.95 at the time of this review.
orrrrrrrrr if you looking for anything else they have a 20% off coupon through December 23rd 2016…(link is external)
20% OFF for all the products at ThruNite Website
November 24th – December 23rd (Coupon code: Xmas)

I really cant say much that was not covered in the video about this little Charger/Powerbank , although I don’t think I mentioned it DOES have reverse polarity protection.
I have used the C2 for a few days now and with it being not only a powerbank but also capable of charging all of the 18650 cells I have tried in it so far (from my longest protected to my shortest unprotected 18650’s) it makes this a very versatile little tool to have. Also it would make a great gift for someone who is needing a nice powerbank or just getting into the flashlights and does not have a battery charger yet or something of that nature , as you can take the cell out of your light and charge it from the C2. (as mentioned most 18650 cells will charge in this device)
Everything else should be covered in the video.

Video followed by the listed features / specs…………
(the video seemed to take a few seconds to show up on my computer)

Product Description

•The C2 is designed to be the fastest charging and discharging solution on the market.
•Buy ONE you will get a THREE in one solution: a fastest charger, a fastest portable mobile power bank and a high capacity rechargeable battery.

•The fastest charger with 2.4A input
•The fastest portable mobile power bank with 3A output
•The high capacity rechargeable battery which is applicable for various lighting devices
•Reversed polarity protection system prevents damage to the device

•Input: DC 5V, Max 2.4A
•Output: DC 5V, Max 3A
•Material: AL T6061 aircraft aluminum body
•Applicable Battery: ThruNite 3400mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
•Working Temperature: –20℃-40℃.
•Size: 92.8mm(Length)*25mm(Width)
•Weight: only 38g (excluding the battery)
•Accessories: 1 * USB cable, 1 * 18650 3400mAh battery, 1 * mesh bag

Thanks for the review. I’ll probably get one.

Glad to do the review.
These really are some handy little gadgets.

Testing one right now
Love it, works fine, good 18650 cell and it looks good. Excellent finish
It pumped my completely depleted 4000mAh smartphone battery from 0% to 70%.
Ordered a good high amp adapter so I can test it better but still waiting on that.

TM glad to hear confirmation with the little C2 doing so well.

There are a lot of small powerbanks out there , but this is the only one I have seen that also charges the 18650 cells as well as being a powerbank for charging devices , and that was what got my attention about it , as well as the overall quality.

BTW, I love your accent. I’m from Long Island, NY. Been to Dallas and Fort Worth a few times. The people were incredibly friendly. I can see myself moving down there in the near future. New York is getting too expensive to live here. My house on a small 50’ x125’ plot is paid off, and yet I pay almost 10 grand a year in property tax and just about the highest electric rates in the USA!

Haha thanks , just an ol country boy from Deep East Texas though.

Hmmmm property tax 10K ???
I pay just under $500 (yes that is Five-Hundred) with the place homesteaded , a year. On 1 acre with house , detached 3 car carport and 3 out buildings , between the property AND school taxes. They killin you guys up there.

As long as they don’t start taxing all these flashlights I think the taxes will be OK. :smiley:

$500 a year??? Holy crap! I have to start thinking about getting out of here, and soon! I think I can easily adapt to the country boy lifestyle! BTW, I’m a conservative. I think I’d fit right in.

I meant to pick one of these up when Thrunite was having their Black Friday discount.

Then completely forgot.

DOH……I knew there was something I didn’t add in the OP………here is a coupon for 20% off through December 23rd.…
20% OFF for all the products at ThruNite Website
November 24th - December 23rd (Coupon code: Xmas)

That is the same discount. I picked up a few things from them last week. I meant to add the bank too.

So now I’m annoyed that I’d have to pay for shipping again.

ahhhhh ok

With the 20% off coupon the T10T is less than 20$, that’s a nice titanium light! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ordered one and got the 20% off discount. Thanks!!

Edit: It shipped from Middletown DE. I should have it in 2 days.

Got it today! Now that’s what I call fast shipping! I have it charging now. BTW, the build quality is excellent!

I also have one but I have a small problem with it.

If I connect a small USB light (something like that and press the switch it only stays on for around 15 seconds then shuts itself down.

I tried two different lights and two different batteries and same problem.

robo819, can you please confirm this behavior. Or someone else who owns this device?

I cant say for sure , as I do not have any little lights like that.

Does the C2 work right with everything else?

If so it could be that the little light is not pulling enough voltage or amperage (or both) for the C2 to read it correctly?
Just guessing at it here and not really sure.

You sure got a lot of switches supplied with that one………lol

I just tried it with my phone and the USB lights so far.

The first USB light draws 20mAh and the other one I have draws 6mAh. So at least the one with 20mAh should stay lit.

I also discovered another quirk. If I have my USB Powermeter ( this one ) connected and try to charge my phone it also shuts down after 15 seconds although it shows nearly 1A is drawn.

I also contacted Thrunite directly, to see what they say about this issue.

I have the same problem with mine. It charges my Moto X no problem, but it shuts off if I plug in my Xtar UL1 USB light and try using the lowest setting after 10 seconds. Also, it won't fully charge my Nitecore Tip. Tried a USB detector with a 1 amp load and it shuts off within 10 seconds.

Edit: I tried a 1 and 2 amp load again and it stays on. But if I disconnect the load, the USB Detector shuts down in 15 seconds

I sent Thrunite a message as well

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LOL! Those are spare switches for my Convoy L6. Simon sells them this way for less than $4 for 10