Review Thrunite Catapult PRO

Hello good.

I leave you the link of the complete review of this beast with a throw of more than 1 km of distance:

REVIEW: Chinese Knives: Review Thrunite Catapult PRO


I’d like to see matchbox illuminated by this flashlight at 1km :smiley:
Any chance for the picture?

Thanks for the review.

Put in an SBT 90.2 and you will gain almost 2,000 more lumens,the same beam distance and the peripheral light that you’re looking for.

I have that in my NI40 which is probably slightly smaller, and it’s 4,500 lumens, 250 kcd with plenty of peripheral light.

That is by far my favorite LED I have It in five different lights. It can’t be matched in the combination of throw and flood and total lumens

Man, I don’t know if a matchbox illuminates it at 1 km, but the specifications indicate that it illuminates at just over 1 kilometer.
And at night it looks like a lightsaber when you put it face up you see the light shoot

Yes, it may seem “not many lumens” but then I have verified that it is enough to illuminate an entire room several meters away, at night and crossing an interior patio until reaching that room.

Let’s say that the lumens make good use of them. Of course if it had 4000 then better, but you know what usually happens when there are many lumens, that the flashlight does not support it and after 2 minutes or so the power drops because it cannot withstand the heat. With what in the end you have 2000 or 1400 lumens or so equally. But hey, we all like the more lumens the better even if they are not usable later, or usable for 60 seconds or so.

Thank you.

I just recently bought 3 new lights and waiting for them to arrive,so maybe this one is one I ‘need’ to add to the already pile I hardly use now! HB

I understand what you’re saying but that’s not the case with several of my lights. They’re modified and they don’t have a step down. Obviously it’s going to lose lumens Once you turn on. But the loss is gradual and unnoticeable until about 8 to 10 minutes.

My NI40 and K1 can get about 10 good minutes combined max Before the lumen reduction is noticeable. You can only get 12 to 14 minutes of Max output until battery depletion.

Now in the summer, I can only run in about two, two and a half minutes and I have to turn it down cuz it gets too hot. But this time of the year I can run it 10 minutes straight until battery depletion.

It’s been very cold here the last few days. 11 below zero fahrenheit yesterday morning and last night three below zero. I don’t have my Celsius chart to compare that with.

I could tell you this my most powerful light my x65 mini which is 10,000 lumens and 550 kcd. It was so windy (30 plus mph gusts up to 50) and cold Friday night it was a natural fan. it’s the first time that light never got hot and I didn’t have to turn it down! Ran it 15 minutes straight. That’s how powerful that light is, 4 X VTC5D batteries drained in 15 minutes!

Personally I’d rather have those lights that have that power than one that’s only half the power. Because I can enjoy full power for several minutes up to 10 minutes depending on the outdoor temperature.

Merry Christmas.