Review : ThruNite TC10 V3 tactical flashlight

A few words for ThruNite TC12 V2 :

TC10 is designed with a wild outline, thick body structure and smooth reflector and heavy duty stainless steel bezel for use in etxreme situations.
Equipped with ThruNite ITC technology, and virtually unbreakable aircraft grade aluminum body , TC10 V3 is the last tactical flashlight that you will ever buy.

Overview/Specifications :

  • LED: CREE XP-L V6 with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.
  • Runs on: 1 x 18650 (ThruNite 18650 3400mAh).
  • Working Voltage: 2.7V-9V.
  • Charging Current: 5V-1A.
  • Output mode/Runtime:

-Strobe (1050 lumens/3.6 hrs)
-Turbo (1050 lumens/2.2 hrs)
-High (440 lumens/3.4 hrs)
-Medium (180 lumens/9 hrs )
-Low (14 lumens/3 days)
-Firefly (0.5 lumens/49 days)

  • Peak Beam Intensity: 27232cd.
  • Max beam distance: 330m.
  • Impact resistant: 1 meters.
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (2 meters).
  • Working Temperature: –20℃-80℃.
  • WEIGHT: 168g (without batteries).
  • Dimensions: 159 mm in length x 41 mm in head diameter x 25.5 mm in body diameter.
  • Power interface: 1 * micro USB charging port.
  • Accessories: Holster x1, Spare O ring x1, Lanyard x1, Pocket Clip x1
  • USB Charging Cord x1, ThruNite 18650 3400mAh x 1.

First Look :

Flashlight in it’s box , classic brown Thrunite box :

Package Contains :

  • Flashlight
  • Holster
  • User manual
  • “Thank you” card
  • Lanyard
  • 2x o-rings
  • Pocket Clip
  • Extra rubber boot
  • E-switch rubber “sealing”
  • 2x extra charging port rubber sealing
  • Thrunite 18650 3400mAh battery

A closer look :

Flashlight is designed like a tactical flashight should be ! Robust design , head and tube is made from thick aluminum , with primary objective the durabillity :

As you can already tell , tc10 uses a dual switch system . Tailcap switch works as an on/off switch and changes modes through the e-switch .

on the head , we can see the e-switch . Nice metal button :

Notice the little led in the center of the switch , which works as a battery indicator :

Back side , with the USB charging port :

Time to see the interesting side :wink: . Flashlight has a SMO reflector and AR coated lens :

The LED is Cree XP-L V6 (hd) :

The bezel is crenelated , and it is pretty thick , with the glass quite deep , for maximum protection of the lens :

Head has some cooling fins too :

The tactical ring :

Tube & tailcap have knurling , to provide grip when holfing it , and on the tailcap is helpful when you remove the tailcap :

Tail switch (on/off function) :

Clip (removable) :

Head / tube / tailcap :

Head has a spring that makes contact with the positive terminal of the battery , allowing flat top and button top batteries to work :

At the tailcap we see a spring too , for the tailswitch :

Nice , “square” & anodized threads :

Lanyard :

It can be attached in the tactical ring , but in the tailcap too :

Flashlight’s Holster :

Holster is made especially for tc10 , it has a good fit :

Battery :

This is the battery that comes with the light :

It is button top , protected . The cell under the wrap is a LG LGABF1L1865 (INR18650F1L) 3350mAh .

When intalled it has enough space for the springs :

Actual capacity tested : 3422 mAh

How it works (&modes) :

TC10 has 5 normal modes , Firefly - Low - Medium - High - Turbo , and a hidden strobe .

Flashlight uses the switch at the tailcap for on/off function .

E-switch changes through modes (in a cycle) , with a short press . Long press activates Strobe . Also flashlight has mode memory .

If the flashlight is on for more than 4-5 seconds in one mode , if you attempt to change mode it will enter Firefly , and not the next mode of the regular modes .

In other words (aka read this if you didn’t understand already) :

  • Turn On/Off :
    Press the tail switch halfway to momentarily activate the light. Click the tail switch to turn the light on and off.
  • Change Modes :
    With the light turns on, press the side switch to circle through five different mode outputs from Firefly, Low, Medium, High, and Turbo.
  • One Key to Strobe :
    With the light on, press and hold the side switch for about 1 second to enter into Strobe mode (12.5HZ),
    and a single press the side switch will return to the last mode before Strobe.

Note : Firefly mode is great :slight_smile: ! It is really low , i like it!

Battery Indicator :

In all modes except firefly , the led in the e-switch indicates the % battery capacity :

When Blue light is on : Battery capacity: >20%
When Red light is flashing : Battery capacity: 10–20 (battary at around 3.4 Volts)
When Red light is on , means battery needs charging : Battery capacity: <10%

When voltage of the battery is less than 2.8V it shuts down automatically .

Usb Charging :

When you plug the Micro-USB charge cable into the power adapter , LED indicator will flash purple. It means that you need to click the tail switch .

When the flashlight is being charged , RED led is on. Now the light should be ON . This happens because you can even access firefly and low mode while flashlight is charging . Short e-switch press changes though the 2 modes and long press turns the light off .

After being fully charged, Blue Led will be on. It takes around 4 hours to fully charge the 3400mAh battery.

Charging Current : 1.00 A
Termination Voltage : 4.19 V

Measurements :

Thrunite 3400mAh battery was used in all measurements

Lumens :

  • Firefly - 1 lumen
  • Low - 15 lm
  • Medium - 183 lm
  • High - 444 lm
  • Turbo - 1043 lumens

Intensity : Coming soon…

My runtime test :

High mode :

Steady output for 2 hours (440 lumens) .

Turbo mode :

Beamshots :

Wall @ 12m

Low :

Mid :

High :

Turbo :

As you can probably see , TC10 has a tight beam , with an intense hotspot .

Extra beamshot at 25m :


Conclusion :

A true tactical flashlight ! Robust design , built to have the best durabillity , able to take a lot of abuse . Good output on all (nicely spaced) modes , without stepdown on any of them , and pretty good runtimes . Comes with a quality 18650 cell , and internal charging works as promised , with a very good charging current . Impressed once again from Thrunite .

Comment if you want me to check something on the flashlight , or tell your opinion . Thanks !


TC10 V3 : or
ThruNite official store: (5% OFF with Coupon Code: THRUNITE , limited time!)

Reserved for updates !

More beamshots tomorrow night :wink:

Thanks for the review. Looks like a good light, and glad to see a (increasingly rare) single frequency strobe.

How does the ThruNite TC10 V3 compare to the ThruNite TC12 V2?

The price is almost the same. They seem very similar, except for the large head on the TC10.


Nice review. Thanks.
Unfortunately Thrunite does not ship to Europe.